3/12/02 -- Exciting Heccu-Links

Dear friend and foe alike,

Whilst the "Timmy" recording continues to exist solely in it's concept, I feel that it is my duty to inform the masses of a few on goings and going onings.....

First off, I just want to thank all those hard working madman over at reversemonster.com. They were swell enough to make the first ever Heccubus Flash Movie. It's really beautiful and shit, check it out. They have also made their intentions clear to post a jazzload of Heccubus "Greatest Hit" MP3's in due time. Don't wet yourself, they ain't up yet.

This past Friday legendary former Heccubus front man Smith made his first ever appearance in Creature, it was almost too much for this spectator to handle..... their info can be found here...

I highly recommend going to silkworm's musical correctness calculator, where a few evil minded souls have finally figured out how rate a band based on pure scientific fact. And the best part is...you can rate heccubus! I suggest going here first to get a little background on how their system works.

Last but not lLeast, a highly controversial website regarding the mysterious German guitar tech. (and sometime Heccubus collaborator) Yorik has popped up. I cannot not vouch any of the info found on this site, but I'll let you draw your own 'sabbath fueled conclusions.

until next time.....

Mp3 of the Week: Our Black Song

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