Biography of Hector Guimard

Hector Germain Guimard was born on march 10, 1867 in Lyon (France).
From 1882 to 1885 he visits the Ecole des Art Decoratifs in Paris and continues his study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, where he graduates in 1889.
In 1894 Guimard designs the Castel Beranger for Mme Fournier. After the building is completed, he uses part of the ground floor as his studio.
In 1909 he marries the American paintress Adeline Oppenheim and they are going to live in Hotel Guimard.
Hotel Mezzara was built in 1910 for the industrial designer and friend of Hector Guimard, Paul Mezzara. Although the Art Nouveau was actually over by then, the house was still built in that style.
In 1938 Hector Guimard moves to New York, where he dies in 1942 on may 20.