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On the left side of the screen you see the main menu. Just click on the subject of your choice to display that topic. Some of the topics contain subtopics which will be displayed on the top of the screen. Make your choice and the contents will appear.

On the first line in the content window you see the Guimard doorknobs which you can use to go back to the previous page Previous page, the next page Next page, the previous subject Previous subject or the next subject Next subject.

"Next" and "Previous" do not refer to the sequence in which you have viewed the pages, but they refer to the sequence of the topics and subtopics as defined in this site.

Not all doorknobs are present on all pages. If, for example, there is no previous subject, the Previous subject will not be displayed.

When you select an external link on the "links & books" page, the referenced page will be displayed in a new browser window. To return to this site, just close or minimize the new window.

This site was designed for a screen resolution of at least 1024 by 768 pixels. That doesn't mean you can't see it when you are using a lower resolution, but it does mean you're going to see more scroll bars.

About the Contact page

In the main menu you see a status indicator which shows (offline) or (online). When I'm online, you can send me an immediate message on the Contact page. When I'm offline, you can still send me a message. I will read it the next time I'm online.
After sending a message you are presented a page of the ICQ-website. I can't help that. Just ignore it and push your browser's "back"-button.
Note that the status indicator can be somewhat slow at times. So it could still show "online" when actually I already left the Net.
The status indicator may even show which doesn't mean I disabled my indicator. What it does mean is that they messed things up at ICQ.
When you're done viewing or signing the guestbook and have submitted your message, just close the guestbook window to return to this site.

An apology to les visiteurs francophones: I left out all of the accents to make sure the pages will be more or less legible in most code pages.

If you experience any difficulties navigating this site just let me know at