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Guimard Books

1. Guimard, L'Art Nouveau by Philippe Thiebaut, curator of the Musee D'Orsay in Paris, published in 1992 by Decouvertes Gallimard.
ISBN: 2.07.053194.5.
Although it's a small book, it's packed with information and photographs about Guimard's buildings, metro entrances and furniture.

2. Hector Guimard et L'Art Nouveau by Georges Vigne, curator of the Musees de France, published by Hachette.
ISBN: 2.01.015610.2
This is a small booklet that served as a guide to the Guimard exhibition in the Musee d'Orsay in 1992.

3. Guimard, by the same Philippe Thiebaut as above, published in 1992 by Editions de la Reunion des musees nationaux. 49, rue Etienne-Marcel, 75001 Paris This is the official catalogue of the exhibition about Hector Guimard in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris in 1992.
ISBN: 2.7118.2329.6
In addition to photographs, this book contains lots of drawings and blueprints of buildings. Included as well are some great old photographs of buildings that no longer exist.

4. Hector Guimard, by Felipe Ferre (photographs), Maurice Rheims (text) and Georges Vigne (biography), published in 1988.
ISBN: 0.8109.0973.1
There's a Dutch translation of the book also, published by Meulenhoff/Landshoff in Amsterdam. The ISBN is: 90.290.8358.1.
This is definitely the best book about Hector Guimard i've ever seen, but unfortunately it's out of print. It might still be available in antiquarian bookstores, but you'll have to be prepared to pay 4 times the original price.

5. Hector Guimard, by Felipe Ferre and Georges Vigne. Beautiful pictures of Guimard's work in chronological order. Published by Editions Charles Moreau in 2003.
ISBN: 2.909458.12.1

Other books of interest

Transforming Paris, The life and labors of Baron Haussmann, by David P. Jordan. Published by The Free Press (New York, 1995).
ISBN: 0.02.916531.8
A book about Paris as it was just before Hector Guimard.

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