A SSBBW looking for Love..or something like that
Link to my old site
Here are some links to websites I enjoy visiting, you will find me there often
Online Journal-Link to all the left wing opinions you can handle
Link to all the right wing news you can handle
I often play Yahoo literati, I enjoy all sorts a word games
I am a spermophile..don't get excited..it is someone who enjoys trivia..LOL
Here is a list of books I have read recently
The Beauty series by Anne Rice
very intriguing..
In beauty's world would you be a master or slave?
You are Sick!
Rendevouze with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke-I am a huge SCI-FI Fan
Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock-I'm convinced!
Here are a few of my favorite movies
The Postman: I love Kevin Costner
Waterworld: More Post apocalyptic fun with Kevin Costner
Gladiator: One of my all time favorite movies