Health and Environmental Education Association (HEEA)


The Health and Environmental Education Association (HEEA) is a non-governmental organization. It aims at Development for a better quality of life.

The HEEA is a training, awareness raising, documentation and research association concerned with health and environmental behavior of women, children, families and communities.

It is concerned with:

  1. training and information on health & environmental issues as well as community development
  2. fieldwork in health and environmental education as entry point for community development
  3. documentation on its research and activities
  4. research in health and environmental issues and behaviors



  • The HEEA participated in field research and studies in different health domains pertaining to health education, primary health care (PHC), immunization, water & sanitation, indoor & outdoor environment as well as substance use of female and male workers.
  • Health education of children by female medical students is going on since 1992 in over 10 villages of the Delta and Upper Egypt. The guidelines for this work was published.
  • It has started a documentation on health and environmental education material.
  • The HEEA members organize with others workshops on women, health, communication in health education, planning, and do TOT.
  • It has published pamphlets and booklets dealing with health & environmental education of children.

The HEEA consists of medical professionals, behavioral scientists, teachers, interested persons from all domains like agriculture, informatic, as well as students.

Click here to read the text of "Medical Students as Health and Environmental Promoters," a study written by Dr. Galal for the World Health Organization about the SHE-Group.

Contact person: Dr. Salma Galal
23, Sharia Abdel Kader El-Maghrebi
Tel (and Fax): 00202- 2433326
E-mail: heea_egypt@yahoo.com