Want to find a book on caring for your donkey?  History of Mules? What can a Mule do?  Where do I find out about Miniature Donkeys?

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For additional FREE information about Donkeys, Mules, Hinnies, Miniature Donkeys, Mammoth Jackstock, Zebras and Zebra Hybrids, be sure to visit the site for the AMERICAN DONKEY AND MULE SOCIETY.  The ADMS is a non-profit organization, and is the world's Largest Single Source of Information and Services for Longeared Equines.

The Site Address can be reached at
www.lovelongears.  (yes we had a site at fortune city (www.admsdonkeyandmule.com or www.fortunecity.com/business/gonda/118/ - same addy) but we had a problem with the updating!

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Dapple red roan Mammoth Jack.  (ADMS File photo. )
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Please note our correct address! We moved on October 25th, 2001 !!!  If you have forms with the old Denton Address on them, please update or discard!!! The forwarding order for the old Denton address (2901 N. Elm) has expired - we will happily send you new forms or address labels with our new address to use on older forms.

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