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  • 2003.06.15
    welcome to the new CO! Like the new layout? ^-^! im so proud! this is my 2nd time redoing it.. so yeah.. all yall know about my com so yeah... huhu. jja! so welcome to the page~ and see if u can find n e new stuffs.. enjoy!

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  • 2003.06.15
    Wanna send heejunnie a present for christmas? Threw the leader of CO that may be possible! As most of you know Im planning a trip to visit Corea during the winter (if u want to help click {here} to help) and i am hoping to gather as many letters as i possibly can to put in a tin that says "love letters" on it ^-^! and i am hoping to give it to him MYSELF! ^-^! 1. threw support heejun or 2. my connections at inkygayo (go jihoon!) hehe. so yes!! i want this to work! so! if u want to help and send a letter or a card check out these posts for more info:
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