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August 9, 2003

Currently everything but 1 weapon in my mod is working.  I have yet to think of a name for this mod, but besides that, it is almost done.  I still need to make a loading screen for it, and edit the AI, not to mention add a few buildings and possibly 2 more units, but besides that it is over.  I may not have it done in the pre determined 2 weeks like I thought, but in about a month it should be done.  Editing the AI will take a bit longer to do then Ithought.  I currently have added 2 buildings, and 1 base defense.  I also have added quite a few units.  I figure 35 to 40.  be prepared for this mod being completed in a very short while. As for Heero's Revenge, I have not had time to work on it because of this mod.  When this is done, I will work on it.  Until then, peace
August 25, 2003

I apologize for the lack of updates.  I have been swamped lately trying to get SOMETHING working for Heero's Revenge.  The other mod (named Final Conflict) is nearly done, but I have to admit I have not put much time into it lately. I have worked hard on trying to get Heero and Wing Gundam finished, and Heero is in view of the finish line.  However it is Wing that is a masterpiece.  I have posted a gif of it's first couple frames  in the forum.  From now on, any new pics will be put in the forum instead of the site.  It is just easier for me and I'm lazy.  Wing is taking a long time to finish, and is begining to confuse me with all the lines.  However, I plan to do some cool things with it, Epyon, and Zero.  Anyone who knows the show should be able to see what they have in common right away.  Anyhow I'm off to work again.  Peace.
November 2, 2003

Now I really apologize for the lack of updates.  I have recieved a number of emails asking where this mod can be downloaded, leading me to believe that it IS wanted.  For a while there I had no support and had put this mod on the backburner.  I have however been working on a different anime mod.  It is based on the 1985 anime called Robotech.  I am alot farther into that mod then this one.  So I re3gret to say that that mod will take priority.  I apologize, but this mod will NOT be done anytime soon.  we'll have to see what happens.  Sorry
March 26, 2004


Due the overwhelming time it takes to mod, and the fact that I don't have that time any longer I am shutting this mod down.  It may just be temperoray, but I highly doubt it.  If there is anyone out there who would like to take this mod up please contact me.  I will be willing to part with the few things I have done.  I apologize to any of you who were looking forward to this mod.  I was also looking forward to it so I hope that someone will complete it.  Until the next time... So long friends.