Welcome to Mensa of Northeastern New York

Mensa of Northeastern New York covers a very broad area of land. As a result, much of the success of the group can be attributed to the Area Coordinators. These vital links to the vast regions of the group facilitate communication and event coordination that would be difficult, if not impossible without their assistance.

If you are interested in Events in your area please contact the Area Coordinator for information and encouragement.

Plattsburgh Area Coordinator: Victor O’Valle
(518) 492-7659 sabertoothO@aol.com

Malone-Saranac Lake Area Coordinator: Stephen Hopkins
(315) 328-4120 hopkins2ink@gmail.com

Glens Falls Area Coordinator: Walter Ulrich
(518) 696-2140 walterulrich@hotmail.com

Ticonderoga-Schroon Lake Area Coordinator: Chris Stroud


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