BERKS COUNTY

               FOUNDED  1734
         11 Tulpehocken Forge Rd.     
Robesonia, PA  19551
                  610 693 3197
               Fax 610 693 8311

                                Office Hours:    9:30 AM  to  01:30 PM  Monday Through Friday. 

                                                              Township Supervisors
David P. Randler (Chairperson)
                                                                 David Manbeck
                                                                 Randy Yoh
                                                                 Terry Wolfe
                                                                 Mark Wolfskill

                                                                Township Solicitor
Attorney Charles Fitzpatrick, Esq.                                   

           Township Treasurer;                                                               Township Secretary;

Carol Keppley                                                                         Cheryl Bowers    
   Township Police;                              Emergency  911                  Township Roadmaster; 
                                                       non-emergency   610 655 4911       
   Chief Michael Boyer                       Fax 610 693 6573                 Sam Perrotto
   Officer Joseph Brown      e-mail  htpd@heidelbergberksco.org
               Board of Supervisor Meetings;    7:30 PM  on the last Thursday of each month.

                       Township Mailing Address;   P.O. Box 241,  Robesonia, PA  19551

                                       Township  Fax Number;     610 693 8311

                                Township Engineers:   Technicon Enterprises Inc., II

   Code Enfocement Officer:

                                          Dan Hutzell (Technicon) : 610-286-1622

Plumbing Inspector Electrical Inspector
   Tax Collector
                                                  Carol Keppley  610 693 3197
Members- Planning Commission                                    Zoning Hearing Board
Ray Crespo                                                                    Glenn Seidel
                 Donald B. Duncan                                                          Cathy Price
                 Terry Wolfe                                                                   Paul Radcliffe
                 Richard Hassler                                                             Garry Zerbe
                 Harold Speicher                                                             Dennis Manbeck
         (meeting 2nd Wednesday @  7:30 PM                                    Ronald Bashore, Alt.

Emergency Management Coordinator
                                                      Public Works and Safety
                 Sam Perrotto        e-mail   sperrotto@countyofberks.com      Deputy  Ted Noble