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    We are continuing to work in small groups during our Reading Group time each day.  The children are participating in a variety of literacy based activities in these centers.  The activities include writing, art, computers, stamps, whisper phones, magnetic letters, wikki stix, and more.
     This week in reading groups we will be reviewing first, next, then, and last. Your child will be writing about what they would do if they caught a leprechaun!  We will also be reviewing syllables.
     In writing we will be writing sensory poems on a four leaf clover and writing about where we would hide a pot of gold if we had one. Your child's writing will be displayed in the hall, so stop by and check it out!
    In Letterland this week we will be introducing ending blends (sk,lk,st,lp,ft).  Remember to study spelling words, sight words and sentences with your child each night!
   *Please remember to read with your child each night and sign their reading log.*
   Our new science topic is matter..solids, liquids, and gases!  Going along with our Dr. Seuss theme, we read the book, "Oobleck," and made our own in class!  The students really enjoyed making the Oobleck, as they aren't sure whether or not it is a solid or a liquid! 
   We classified objects in the classroom as solids or liquids.  For example: our shoes are solids, but Mrs. Mull's tea is a liquid!
   We will be doing more fun experiments with matter, such as making jello, and doing a webquest!!!
  Math has kept us busy as well!  Each day, in addition to the Venn Diagram, your child will be putting an "X" on the line plot as  part of their morning work.       We are continuing to add and subtract, especially through word problems.  The following words are terms that your child should recognize in a world problem and know whether to add or subtract: add, minus, plus, subtract, how many more, all together, in all, how many, and.
      We are also continuing to learn about money!!!  We have been practicing with pennies, nickels, and dimes.  The quarter will be introduced this week!!
      Other skills that we have been learning include: probability, ordinal numbers, time, and grouping.
      On Monday (3/10) your child will take a practice math test.  We will use their scores to see what we need to review in class.
      Please make it a priority to review all of these math skills with your child.  Their 3rd quarter assessment will be on April 2nd.
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Special Units
Our special units for the month of March are:

March 3-7: Dr. Seuss

March 10-14:  

March 17-21 Peter Rabbit

Please look in your childs Friday folders for activites that we have done regarding these speical units!!!
Dates to Remember!!!
3/24-2/28 Spring Break!!!!
4/2-Catawba Science Center

*Our Charlotte's Web Field Trip was excellent!  We had a great time at the park too!*

Monday and Tuesday: Spelling sort with
word cards
Tuesday: Math sheet due!
Thursday: Study for Spelling Test!!!

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