Go here to see my links page full of cool interesting links to check out. =)
Go here to go to my web site pages I've spent hard work on makeing. =:^
Soon I will have a new web sight up for you all to go to.
I'm working on it right now. And I'm looking forward to also my new programing web sight I will have for you. It will have prgrams I have made from Visual Basic Programing and also other cool programs I have found very cool and interesting.
Hope to see you come back soon. = ^-^=
Just a brief update:
I have been spending alot of time on makeing my new web sight.
I have made over 5 e-mail accounts to make it so I have enough space for all I have to upload. Still I need more space.
I haven't decided yet If I want to put my new link to my new sight on this sight yet.
My new web sight is like this one but has alot more stuff to see and download.
I have decided to put my link to my new site on here. My new site is not finished and I have lost my isp connection. I have no phone and I will try to work on my site when I can find the time and when I'm not with my women and not at school or work. :)
View my old guessbook below. :)
Click Here. To Go To My New Site.