Welcome to DeRidder Equestrion Academy.Where Horse Training and learning to
ride go together.Due to the increasing demand of
Classic Equestrian Sports here in
Louisiana and surrounding areas we are proud to announce that we will now be offering our services of training and teaching The Equestrian Sport to the public.
        First, let me introduce myself; my name is Heike Reber-Cooley.I am originally from Germany were I began to ride English when I was 6 years old.I had a very tuff instructor.He would not let me skate by,he made sure I learned everything properly.
I guess I needed to,or he thought I did, because I was the one he asked to accompany him to show events to help. Later on, during my early career I also showed his Dressage Horses for him. He was a great mentor to me, and I will never forget the things I learned from him.
     I arrived in the United States 13 years ago and was faced with not finding trained
English going Horses in the area. I bought a Thoroughbred gelding and trained him for Dressage and Hunter Under Saddle. I sold the Horse and bought another one, trained
it, sold it and so on.
      Recently several people in the nearby area have approached me wanting to learn and enjoy the Classic Equastrion Sport and are asking me to teach and train for them and/or their Horses.
      We are a small combination riding academy. Your Horse will have a 10X12 stall with fresh shavings cleaned daily, fresh clean water, and we believe to feed the best in
feed; alicia bermuda Hey twice daily and Purina Strategy, a 14% complete pellet feed.
If you want your horse and/or yourself trained using The German Principal give us a call, we will be happy to answer all of your questions.
     I am also available to come to your place to give riding instructions with your own Horse. I teach Basic Horsemanship, Basic English, Dressage, Hunter under Saddle, Hunter/Jumping.
     I know there are a lot of " just horsy" Folks out there wanting there Horses started with something other than the "cowboy methods".
     If your ready for a change, and want to have fun, give us a call.
Horse Training-$350 a months full board and training.
Private Lesson-$ 20 per hour.*I do charge an additional $5 for residences out of the local area.