My Angel
I led her into death
when it was time for her to leave me.
As we spent our last moment together,
I searched her all too knowing eyes,
still so brillaintly beautiful, but tired.
And when those eyes twinkled into my heart one last time,
she said to me,
"I must go find my wings Mom."
In that one final unforgettable moment,
she gave me her most precious gift,
an eternal part of herself to be kept safe deep within me,
an open door through which I can always see
and through which I can always feel.
She showed me with such simplicity
that I had earned all of her love and trust
because I love and trust her.
I know that she hovers invisibly above me and within me,
and that I will never be alone,
because she is my friend,
as I will always be hers.
For my Little Bear   Feb. 27, 1987 to Sept. 4, 1998   See you soon Heinie Girl