Feb, 20, 2005

The Dresden Rally:

The 60th anniversary of the Dresden bombings by allied forces on feb 13th 1945 took place on suday feb 13 2005.
There were 4000+ neo-nazi's and quite a few old germans including vetarans and civilians that were in Dresden at the time of the bombings.
Soon after the allied bombers unloaded their payloads their were firestorms throughout the city and many many dead. Statistics say 40 thousand died in the bombing but the locals say that the number was much higher than that.

Led bye Udo Voigt the people gathered at the Saxony state legislature, and then they marched proudly, waving nazi banners and flags.{even though they knew that it was illigal to} until they ran into anti-racist communists.
then the polizei got involved and as per usual, we are labled the "bad guys", just for defending ourselves.
Germany's chancellor Gerhard Schroder condemed the marches and vowed to fight and crack down on neo-nazis in Germany. {what can one expect from a quisling like that}

February 2005 had Ernst Zundel rallys across North America:

National Socialists Rallied for political prisoner Ernst Zundel in San Fransisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington Dc, and Edmonton Alberta.

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Jews blast ottawa for harbouring Nazi war criminals:

Started by the evil Simon Wisenthal center operation "Last Chance",  is underway in many countries in Europe, North America, Australia, and South America to bring " Nazi war criminals to justice" {as the kikes put it}

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