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Thanks for your attention, Tricker
(also known as LtSummon).
Special thanks to all Russian people I'v met in game

P.S. I'v played 30+ hours a week before,
now it will be much more irregulary,
also updates to the site will be quite accidential
P.P.S. I think I'v did only 2 things related to this game:
this site and my 100% fisher


Now lets start:


Known bugs in 2.196 version, Abaddon server

  1. Reported Drachnyen (I'v met this too): With the shield on I start hitting away on some monster, i quickly press f3 (this unequipps shield and axe) to get my hammer and I start doing critical attacks right away. and... Poof! I get disconnected! I am able to reproduce this many times.
  2. Appently when you go to change servers (maps) the game seems to lock up and get stuck in a permanent counting screen... When you press ESC and attempt to relogin it logs you in within 2 seconds
  3. When summoning frequently can't see what I'v summoned until it will move or get hit by other players
  4. Level showing bug: whe you are level 1 and have 0 exp when you put mouse over "Beginner zone" it shows you need 100/100 to next level (while it's 150 actually) this continues until you will get 100 exp.
  5. "invisible self" bug when after collision you can't see self (or other character which you collided with - minor bug) and have to press Tab twice to be able to see yourself.
  6. Ctrl-R or many other keyboard shortcuts does not work when message typing mode is on. Due to this glitch you can't Ctrl-T on someone if you missed on the first attempt.
  7. Disorder in things after death or some map changes: E.g. I had 3 piles of pots: big red, big blue and big green. After such shuffling I'm finding red pots in the big pots pile etc.
  8. Summons keeps lying on the ground after death (very frequently) if you order them to /hold and they die by "Critical!"
  9. Summons number bug still not fixed: When you login, for example in dungeon, you don't know how many summons you can make, usually it's not 5 with 100% magic. Caused by the previous bug.
  10. In shop you can sell 54000 gold for 1 gold
  11. Endurance bug: E.g. someone casts armor break on you ... Changes appears not right after the hit, also items with 700
    endurance can break in 10 seconds because you see out-of dated information on endurance.
  12. Can't stand up after pretend corpse with "You are using another skill" or "You can't use skill while moving" messages when you try to stand up or move BEFORE "Critical!" message appears over you, happends mostly when lag/ping higher than 750ms
  13. "Item not available" after some map changes when using shortcut it was previously assigned to.
  14. Screen sometimes (around every 5 seconds but quite random) flickers: for 1 animation frame screen gets screwed image of previous frame (This bug was tuned a bit - before it was a gray screen flickering)
  15. You can't see yourself after: you "pretended corpsed" then when monster was staying on you, you are trying to stand up
  16. Almost always getting disconnected if trying to stand up after pretend corpse when someone staying on you
  17. Travellers can be caused to get autorecalled FROM Beginners land Into Beginners land (have a screenshot :) ) Happened to me after I'v entered into ares SD as traveller and tried to get back up...
  18. Here's still trade hacks in Xmas version - confirmed by at least 5 different people. Better don't buy anything from people which can't wear hood/wizard hat or winged/horned helm.
  19. I was just starving to death as a traveller on apocalypse server...

Hard to fix bugs:

  1. A top fighter in full heavy armour running towards a little slime and ... Slime stops fighter (more like with a kick) so fighter could not move for a second after that.
  2. Also such slimes on the way very like to appear from nowhere - yes, thats due to lag, but I'm on 2mbit connection and this is USUAL not to see something that you are running into because space you can see is very small and can be ran through for within 1.5 seconds (if monster running towards you - here's some cases when you will notice it only after hitting it with your head.
  3. Frequent crashes mostly due to memory leak and memory corruption (e.g. sprites gets corrupted and instead of man i see garbage of pixels or sound becomes garbage).


  1. Servers are not monitored on holidays. Quite often you can watch 5 servers to be down for the whole weekends.
  2. Can't change recovery questions. You think it's ok? :) Just, please, put a simple vote on your site: "Do you remember your recovery answer?" (again, this is page for offline usage, not putting voting in it for a while) In other games less than half people can remember answers to questions on their first account. If you know the password then you should be able to change recovery questions, for example this system: Set password recovery questions, if in 2 weeks noone who knows the password will cancel them - recovery questions gets reset with new values. Everyone who's account is not yet stolen is happy :) All answers are stored on server-side in hashed form so hackers can't get them (that's why it's advised to have more than 1 question to recover password - to make bruteforce non reliable)
  3. Delay before entering game will be quite useful for slow-computer owners. When connected client starts caching all visible objects while he's in game - he can't move anywhere while loading sometimes takes about 10 seconds to complete. Better will be to a delay for precaching all items/players, buffering landscape etc just after connection to the game server when you will not be able to see players or move. Also when server is lagging you appear in game when you still have window counting seconds to login (delay up to 5 seconds).
  4. Doubleclick on rod erases message that I'm typing now, therefore chatting while getting small fish is really hard and boring
  5. Collisions system gives unfair advantage to players with good pings: If low ping player runs into the monster he gets send back 2 squares and can continue running if he will get hit and the same time while high ping players been sent back 3-4 squares and enemy can start consecutive attack during that time and therefore totaly stop player.
  6. Also here is some other bugs that totaly prevents player killing with pings over 500ms: spell casting interruption - player hit you 2 seconds ago and therefore you he stops you from casting right now and from THIS moment interruption time will count (means, you will not be able to cast for "lag time"+"interruption time");
  7. Casting before client gets collision notification - the worst thing ... If you start to cast just after running and in the middle of this cast collision happends (e.g. slime appeared from nowhere in front of you) - then will not be able to move nor cast for 3 seconds because client still thinks you are casting and will not let you move during this...
  8. You should save these settings about character: sound state, music state, run/walk mode, visibility, minimap position (in which corner it is now), peace mode, safe attack mode, bindings ... Is it so hard ? All these settings takes only about 20 additional bytes to transfer per character.
  9. Important messages (not a chat) scrolls too fast: E.g. I killed 3 people at once ... But can't read their levels, also killed a traveller/citizen - can't see his name.
  10. Not obvious portal system e.g. exit from cityhall sometimes sends you back inside

History of bugs

Bugs which I havn't met again yet

Version 1.68

  1. Invulnerability bug (player not reachable with usual weapons, only targeted summons can hit him a bit, usual summons just does not pay attention to him, you can't summon on him and if you try to summon on someone nearby - summon tries to appear ... Under that cheater!)
  2. Traveller hacker - since your status is pure client-side citizens could change their status to traveller. You can kill such travellers and get EK, they behaves just like any other ENEMY citizen with a few exceptions: They have traveller status displayed on them and they can recall into your farm. Got some EKs on them :)
  3. Criminal "ARROW" made 5 guards attacking me IN JAIL 12:54 GMT 8 sep 2002.
  4. Spellhack - someone just cast 5 ice strikes in 5 seconds on me ...
  5. Swing hack - player who uses it can: in a short time move 1 square and swing (exactly in that sequence) while other players in the same time can only move 1 square OR swing (e.g. DamHwaLin, korea][Ace).
  6. Unclickable region on screen in dungeons in right top corner of the screen (because map exists there but not shown) - should be turned off if not available instead of just hiding
  7. "Network problem or traffic lag ... please wait a moment" happends even on perfect connection if client gets character coordinates from server which conflicts with any other object (e.g. client thinks that point where server tells to teleport your character to is taken by the guy which actually moved on server but this packet havn't reached client yet)
  8. For some items (wands) lines in exchange window overlaps so you can't see parameters of this wand, also sometimes CP is shown far beyond window edges
  9. Ogre shadow bug: When ogre hits someone at the left edge of screen you can see it's shadow at the right side of screen
  10. Tells: "can't recall in enemy town" while trying to recall from your city jail in first 3 minutes.
  11. In cityhall menu: "Change the part of POTal war". Erm, pots throwing war? Btw, whats that?
  12. When giving gold it writes "You gave 365 365 gold to Yamo." while I gave only 365.
  13. You can stay in wall on 119,167 in elvine dungeon
  14. When just killed enemy it writes "Exp has been decreased by 0 points"
  15. When selecting player to join a party during "Click the character which you want to join ..." if you will do something you will still have this "Click ..." windows but clicking will have no effect.
  16. Some things does not seem to work: confuse language and confuse
  17. Farm pits frequently stops working after laggy days ... Yup no or almost no monsters on them. Once I'v waited 20 minutes for first monster to appear ...
  18. With such word filter it's even worse than without it (EVERYONE can bypass but you can't type normally even "creators expect" or "mass chill wind" "mass spawn" etc, ever tried to look at other games chat filters? Also here should be choice of languages to control: E.g. english and russian only, if I don't know spanish rude words in spanish are meanless.
  19. Howcome I can't find out how long left till DEADLY helbreath dawn on the current server (yes, dawntime differs from server to server) which can crash the game...
  20. Movement: if I'm ordering to move with single clicks, I can't change direction until I'll reach destination
  21. Howcome on safe heal, stamina recovery, invisibility etc takes more while I can still heal or stamina recover enemy by mistake on safe
  22. When you are near full weight because ores, if you manufacture a iron coal (weight 5) from 3 coals (weight 6), it drops to floor and cannot pick it again.

Hopeless advises to fix unfairness:

  1. Players collisions can be avoided in 40% cases by the simple fix (in 80% with a few other fixes).
      Here will be collision  Player running west
    Player running north-east  "THIS"  
    The simpliest for server is to think that player which runs horizontaly will have less priority and will change his way a bit to the square marked with "THIS", it will not increase length of his path so here should be no problem programming this (yes, no need to notify client that his path changed if his destination square is not taken). In case when both "THIS" squares are blocked client yes, must collide (running at full speed into the wall ... auch).
    Tthis will not help in such collisions (but they are quite rare btw):
        Player running south-west
      Here will be collision  
    Player running north-east    
    When such collision happends, 1 player takes central spot but I think BOTH must be affected with collision :) (You know 3rd newton law, right?)

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) about Helbreath

If you don't find answer to your question here, try other sections or even you can try searching the sites under "Links".


  1. What is Helbreath?
  2. Where can I get it?
  3. How good it is, comparing to Ultima Online?
  4. Who is GM?
  5. What are Events in Helbreath?
  6. How can we kill HelClaw?
  7. What does "You can now use a special ability" means? How can I use it?
  8. How do I repair an item?
  9. What is a zemstone?
  10. Why my magic skill is stuck at XX%?
  11. Why my [insert any weapon skill here] is stuck at XX%?
  12. Where can I learn new weapon skills?
  13. Where can I learn alchemy or manufacturing?
  14. Why can't I use special attack?
  15. How do I use special attack?
  16. What is the number over combat state icon?
  17. How do I exchange items with other players?
  18. What does (w) and (m) markings mean?
  19. How do I leave a guild?
  20. My guild master is never on! Can I still leave the guild?
  21. How can I become a guild master?
  22. How can I join a guild?
  23. How do I become a citizen?
  24. I lost my map! Where can I get a new one?
  25. Warehouse won't accept my items, why?
  26. I mined at least 20 ore but when I picked them up, there were only 12, why?
  27. How do I unequip a weapon or a piece of armor?
  28. How do I use Pretend Corpse?
  29. Why can't I cast at...? What is "safe zone"?
  30. What is the best way to make money?
  31. What's the best way to get skill%?
  32. What's the best way to get EXP?
  33. How can I switch sides?
  34. Helbreath update I've logged in and ... can't move. Why?
  35. I want to contact GM how can I do that?
  36. How can I marry someone in Helbreath?
  37. What is the wizard's tower, is there anything I can do or learn there?
  38. How can I get into the city?
  39. What are cheats? Where can I get them?
  40. Who's better to join, Elvine or Aresden?
  41. How can I transfer items from one my character to another?
  42. What are upgrade points?
  43. What is P2P? What do you know about P2P?
  44. What is occupation flag? How can you do that quest?
  45. What's contribution points are for?
  46. Why I'm getting recalled from enemy city? What is a raiding day?
  47. What is reputation? How can I check my reputation?
  48. What is bleeding island ticket? I'm stuck on bleeding island. How do I get out?
  49. What is a quest? How can I get one?
  50. How can I get back to the beginners zone?
  51. OK, I know the rules, but how do I macro?
  52. I've killed an enemy, but haven't got EK, why?
  53. How can I force summons to attack someone?
  54. How do I kill someone without becoming a criminal?
  55. What is MR party?
  56. How do I get away from the jail without losing anything?
  57. How do I create an account? (not fully answered)
  58. Why is it that my inventory shows 195/509 and when i try to pick up stuff it keeps telling me that my bag is full?
  59. What happends if I will not eat? Can I starve to the death?
  1. What is Helbreath?
    Helbreath is a Korean Windows DX7.0a fixed-resolution full screen mass-multiplayer online game (beta testing so far means free, but soon will be P2P - this "soon" lasts 2nd year). Works on Windows 9x-ME, 2000, XP with DX 7.0a or higher installed. Because of memory leaks optimal size of RAM for this game is 500+ MB (I'm frequently having moments when it takes 400MB of RAM and starts lots of swapping which is DEADLY in this game). Hardly playable at 500Mhz, smooth but sometimes slow at 1Ghz and totaly fast and smooth with 2+Ghz

    To check if your connection meets requirements - run "ping". If you have values over 500 - you can forget about any player killing in Helbreath and better don't waste time and find a better game.
  2. Where can I get it? or, if it's not working, it's a 110Mb download, also if you don't find 110Mb download there - check download links in links section.

  3. How good it is, comparing to Ultima Online?
    Bigger visual objects, 2 cities at war, less spells, less skills (therefore no druids, clerics, bards etc), better (but slower) graphics, smaller world (splitted into maps), no server emulators so you can't build own worlds ... You can easily shoot through walls, can't see people behind buildings (without manual tweaking), servers are down 20-30% of all the time the only advantage in this game - mass monster spawns.

    BTW, it has many engine faults (means that can't be fixed by any updates, only by totaly rewriting whole game):
    1. You think 1.5 seconds delay before monster appears equals to 1500ms lag ? Nope. It will appear after 1.5 seconds if you have 0.75 seconds lag (which is quite usual for nonkorean players). Why? Because its not just client -server game, you can do some actions on client and they will be BUFFERED to server, means your client takes some basic functions of the server, sadly, none of these functions are related with the lag.
    2. Totaly no attention to lag problems
      (max what they did is rebooted or configured server a bit, while they should start hosting servers in different countries which is quite easy and cheap, fixing player collision problems etc, without this Koreans will ALWAYS have unfair advantage and the game will not be playable for others who don't have top fighters; also 1 second lag difference in this game equals to 20 levels difference in levels which is VERY unfair)
    3. They made 2 servers? Nope, they made 2 worlds (advantages - items, wasted time etc on one server can't be transered to another as your know). My own opinion is quite simple: massive multiplayer game must have as many players as possible in one place at the same time. Creation of mirror worlds (shards in UO, servers in Runescape etc) caused only by the leak of optimization and attention to system architecture. But splitting game into 2 servers completely makes game ... massive multiplayer / 2 :) Imagine 4, 10 such servers - it's multiplayer but not a massive muliplayer game after that. I understand why Q3, UT, CS, other shooters have such - there's main the ping, not the bandwidth, which can't be offered by massive multiplayer games now, also servers have to deal with 3d models interaction where is much harder to resolve collisions (imagine Helbreath where you will be able to cast levitation spell ... place under player taken, someone above him unable to land, someone falling when ran out of mana etc and interaction of these events with existing collisions resolving system will be just unplayable).
  4. Who is GM?
    GM is Game Master - one of assigned administrators of the game. Their goal is to track down, warn and ban speed hackers, bug users, macroers who leaves their macro turned on for a whole night or just an abusive players. Players likes them for only one reason: Events.

    They are invisible (can't be affected by detect invisibility spell) all the time but still occupy a spot - so the only way to find where he is standing is just to find out a place where you can't move and you see nothing there. Unlike usual invisibility you can't just try to walk through spot taken with invisible man (if there's normal invisible man - you just getting sent to previous spot but you still can try to walk there). GMs invisibility does not let you do so - you walk around them like they are an invisible lamppost :)

    Note, not everyone who has [GM] in their name is game master, here was time when you could create character with ANY name means even characters that can't be typed or reserved. Now these people are trying to scam quite often and to ask for your password - just report them to official Simentech GM on every password request in any form, for example "fill the form to become a GM" (which has password account as one of fields), "give back your password or get banned" etc. This will get impersonating people banned.

    Real GM can prove that he is GM these ways:
    • Post global chat message which is displayed as green in chat history
    • Have GM shield (rainbow letters on them)
    • Teleport you anytime

      Known real GMs:

      Here's also game creator's characters (names unconfirmed) with additional summoning and server restarting abilities:

      From official forum: They always carry GM shields to indicate GMs. If they don't wear GM shields on them, do not trust them even though they have the GMs names above.
  5. What are Events in Helbreath?
    Admins can do all kinds of events (like turning off server :P) but people likes mass spawn ones.
    1. Mass spawn events
      Everywhere on map monsters can spawn in unusually large groups, but if in same location appears more than 2 such groups at a time - that's an event. Lately, you can get event schedule on the official site. So far all event I've seen took their place near the shop. Scenario of one of such events: 1. Mass slime spawn 2. Mass orc spawn (once I got 1500 EXP in 15 seconds on such spawn) 3. Skeleton spawn (good EXP for 40+ mages) 4. Beholders spawn (from that point - newbies, go home and don't come out) 5. Liches spawn 6. Demons spawn 7. Helclaw spawn :) (Look "How to kill Helclaw" question) 8. Elvine god hand's knight spawn (if event in Aresden - it will be Aresden Knight there) for the city to kill Helclaw 9. Demons spawn.
    2. War events
      GM tells place and time of war, like to take control over the MiddleLand island (where entrance to ML dungeon is) for 1 hour, side that holds island for more time wins.
    3. Messenger quest events
      GM assignes a guy and gives him a goal - get into the enemy city hall. Other side puts defence around city hall and their goal is to kill missenger once.
    4. Total war events
      War event with using catapults, war towers etc.

  6. How can we kill HelClaw?
    2 common ways to kill helclaw: call a group (4+) of high level fighters (110+ level) and some mages to heal & berserk them..
    Or a way for low-level players:
    1. First of all, cast Protection from N-M on Helclaw. You know why? To stop someone from casting Protection From Magic (PFM) on it. Because if you get PFMed Helclaw - even all mages of a whole city will not be able to kill it.
    2. Here we go, we have PFNM on Helclaw, now to kill it (It has 5000 hit points and regenerates by 500 every 20 seconds) we need to deal 1000 damage every 20 seconds during next 200 seconds (4 minutes). Lets calculate what we need to do here: You can cast every 3 seconds, so within 20 seconds you can cast about 6 times, energy strike (80+ can cast LS if they wish, 100+ - MS) usually hits HC for 25 but takes about 60 mana on safe. We need to cast 40 times in 20 seconds. 6 (60+ lvl) mages can do this, while 6 others are eating their mana potions.
    3. Dear fighters (lower than 90 level), do not try to use NONcritical attacks on HC - it's a very short way to the farm
    4. 3 summoning 100% mages with lots of mana potions can summon enough creatures to stop Helclaw from hunting other people, also they must cast PFNM on Helclaw

      So here's what we need: 15 100% 60+ mages who knows how to do their job and about 300 big mana potions. (Each mage gets 450 EXP after kill if they are in party).
      Good calculations isn't it? Anyway its only for a case when no top players around... It's usual when HC walks through the city during like 5 days...

  7. What does "You can now use a special ability" means? How can I use it?
    You can now yell so the whole map will hear you. Also you may want to know about another special ability: PageUp (in game) allows to use item special ability ... Check unique items lists.
  8. How do I repair an item?
    Drag it (click and hold mouse button and move the item) over blacksmith or shopkeeper and release the mouse button.
  9. What is a zemstone?
    If you have a zemstone with you when you die, it will be the only item that you drop, therefore it saves your other items. Since zemstones are relatively rare (and costs around 10-15k), it might be a good idea to save them for trips to more difficult hunting places.
  10. Why my magic skill is stuck at XX%?
    Your maximum skill % in magic is determined from your MAG attribute, max magic% = MAG*2. So you need at least 50 MAG to get your magic skill up to 100%

  11. Why my [insert any weapon skill here] is stuck at XX%?
    Weapon skills are based on your DEX. Maximum % in combat skill is DEX*2. You need at least 50 DEX to get a combat skill up to 100%. Check also skills section for detailed explanation.

  12. Where can I learn new weapon skills?
    You can buy manuals for combat skills from blacksmith, for example "Long Sword Manual". When you read a manual your skill is set to 20%.

  13. Where can I learn alchemy or manufacturing?
    You can buy manuals for those skills from shopkeeper.

  14. Why can't I use special attack?
    You need 100% skill to use special (also known as critical) attacks.

  15. How do I use special attack?
    When you get 100% skill just press ALT while attacking (See "Hotkeys" for more keyboard commands).

  16. What is the number over combat state icon?
    That is the number of special attacks you have available. The number is white if you can use special attacks. Recharge rate for special attacks is 1 per 40 seconds. Maximum number of special attacks is your level divided by 10. Note: To have special attacks you need to have 100% in this weapon's skill.

  17. How do I exchange items with other players?
    Target player have to be in peace-mode, then you drag the item you want to exchange over the other player, click "Exchange", and then the other player drags his item to the exchange window.

  18. What does (w) and (m) markings mean?
    Items marked with (w) are for female only and items with (m) are male only items. Note: Sometimes for high grade armors it's cheaper to change sex instead of trying to get better item that is for your gender ...

  19. How do I leave a guild?
    Buy a Guild Secession ticket from Guild Hall and give it to your guild master.

  20. My guild master is never on! Can I still leave the guild?
    Yes, you can give the ticket to the NPC in Guild Hall.

  21. How can I become a guild master?
    You need to be at least level 20, and your charisma needs to be 20 or more. Go to the Guild Hall to create your guild.

  22. How can I join a guild?
    First, find a guild you want to join to. Buy a guild admission ticket from Guild Hall and give it to the guild master.

  23. How do I become a citizen?
    Visit City Hall and talk to the NPC there to request a citizenship. You need to be at least level 5 traveller to get citizen status. Note that you can only get to level 19 as a traveller. Citizens do not have level limits BUT travellers never becoming hungry, travellers zone is safest zone in game, weapons or armors on travellers never gets exhausted. So better get your 100% skill before joining a city.

  24. I lost my map! Where can I get a new one?
    You can buy a map from shopkeeper for 30 gold.

  25. Warehouse won't accept my items, why?
    Warehouse can only hold 120 items / character.

  26. I mined at least 20 ore but when I picked them up, there were only 12, why?
    That is correct. Each spot in map can only hold 12 items. You should pick up your ore more often.

  27. How do I unequip a weapon or a piece of armor?
    Open your character screen (F5) and your backpack (F6). Move your mouse over the equipment you want to unequip and drag it to your backpack. Sadly you can't assign hotkey for that.

  28. How do I use Pretend Corpse?
    Open you skill screen (F8), scroll down the list and click the skill. You need to buy and read the manual for the skill of course, Pretend Corpse is an INT based skill so your maximum skill % is INT*2. Quite useless skill - you are safe only when you pretend in safe zone with no enemy monsters around on your screen at the moment of pretend.

  29. Why can't I cast at ...? What is "safe zone"?
    Safe zone is area where you can't cast combat spells or hit in close combat. Summons can fight there, so safe zone can be conquered with summons (if you have where to make one). Safe zone usually placed near the entrance to the map. For example: Near entrance in north dungeon, in blacksmith, near MiddleLand entrance etc

  30. What is the best way to make money?
    Here I'll list all ways to make money (the best is fishing):
    Good ways:
    • Killing monsters for items/money, sell items to shops, blacksmith or players
    • Fishing (30-60% fishing for small fish, 60-100% to make money on big fish), the most profitable but 3rd hardest to train (after alchemy and manufacturing).
    • Mining (fighters only) - lots of money, but lots of player mines rocks as well, coal/iron/mithril sell ONLY to people, they can offer double shop price.
    • Alchemy (making potions and selling them) - takes long because you need lots of ingredients which are mostly hard to get
    • Manufacturing (making hauberks and other staff and selling them to people or shops) - gives money only when you reach 40%, serious money - about 80%.
    • Killing enemy citizens for items/money
    • Loot raids: Go to enemy city on a raid day with a summoning mage (100% magic) or a group of fighters and guard one of these locations: 1. Exit from Elvine into Rocky Highland, Rocky Highland side 2. Barracks entrance inside enemy barracks 3. Exit from building in enemy city. You got the idea? With summons - any location without 60+ players, with fighters - any location near map entrance without safe zone
    • Selling rep+ for 300-500 GP every hour (see chat commands)
    • Selling rep- (harder to find buyers, but possible)
    • For mages: create food then sell it to the shop
    • Selling characters for real money (really hard to do, people must know each other for a long time)

    Bad ways:

    • Causing neutral monsters to kill teammates (1 player hits unicorn while standing near teammate that will be killed, 2nd picks up loot from both)
    • Playing on the side of monster (Aresden players with Elvine char like to do that in Elvine and Elvine player with Aresden char likes to do that in Aresden ...
      • Paralyze player and berserk monster if zerked monster is stronger than player (PFM if necessary). Creators reduced magic to "legal limits" - you can't make mistake now or do this thing. Dang, can you explain me what can stop you from berserking a creature if you see it? Such stupid limitations just reduces attractiveness of the game.
      • Almost killing teammates so monster (Cyclops, helhound etc) can kill it afterwards
    • Scaming (for items, telling to do something bad, selling characters etc)
    • Team killer (hired by citizen from enemy city or just teammate that wants revenge) - mages mostly - get paralyze and poison cloud (or fire field or cloudkill) ... Can be only done against high lvl players in very rare "nonsafe" lands.
    • Trade hacking (in last moment changing item or instead 50000 gold, placing 1 gold) can't be done without external program.
    • Drop stealing (mages who casts possession and gets your drops are stealers, also invisible mages running around HelClaw etc)
    • Account hacking

  31. What's the best way to get skill%?
    First, check skills section on this site (read about skill limitation and training ways), then continue reading here.
    For combat skills: train with WEAKEST kind of WEAPON, better do that AS TRAVELLER on dummies (preferably with Agile modifier) or as citizen on someone's summons (note: not everyone likes when you kill their summons, and almost noone likes when you without asking kill strongest creatures from their summons). If you have 2 computers you can login with a char with high vitality with PA (physical-absorbtion) shield and hit it with your newbie warrior. You train both skill % and shield % this way (do that on bleeding island).
    For magic: % depends on number of ANY casts so shoot magic missiles (MS20 staff with 80 magic stat allows you to cast nonstop).
    For fishing: using advanced macro (without it ... fishing will take over month to get 100%)
    For smithing and alchemy: get lots of money and buy ingredients (coals and iron or animal parts)... it will be VERY hard to get % on ingredients you get yourself

  32. What's the best way to get EXP?
    Here's all ways to get EXP I know sorted by amount of EXP (before doing anything from here - get 100% skill in your favorite weapon or magic):
    • Party with a strong player (80+ to go to D3, D4, TOH1, TOH2, WW (Werewolf) pit, Cyclops pit), usually here is 1 mage and 1 fighter in party, can be more. Mage paralyzes monster, berserks fighter and PFMs him. Fighter just kills monsters from back.
    • Kill monsters alone in a spawn place (under 40 level - barracks, 40 to 60 - rocky highland or other land with golems and skeletons for fighters or spawns in city for mages or fighters with bow, 60 to 80 - again, scorps pit is the best for mages, 80+ - Cyclops or other pits in ML)
    • Kill enemies (yes, you get Exp for killing enemy citizen- about 8-180 exp each, the higher level, the better exp you get)
    • Fish :) you get 1 to 8 EXP each small one or about 50 EXP for big ones
    • Stay still - every few minutes you are getting EXP automatically (got 35 to 37 level in 2 days)

  33. How can I switch sides?
    You cannot switch sides on your character once you have chosen your citizenship (you still can have citizens of different cities in 1 account). But here's still thing like helping Aresden with Elvine char (and Elvine with Aresden char) for example, by killing summons, paralyzing and killing teammates ... This problem was resolved in UO by counting "aggressive actions" but in Helbreath here is still no solution... 1 top Elvine can kill whole Aresden city 1 by 1 with help of 1 or 2 Aresden citizens (or kill Aresden by making them criminals etc)

  34. Helbreath update I've logged in and ... can't move. Why?
    First lets check that you are not paralyzed (wait 60 seconds or hit self with weak magic). Now when you are sure that not an evil deeds of other players then it's most likely that map got updated.
    Sadly autoupdate frequently forgets to update some files and when map changes - you can get stuck (e.g. update on 18 may 2002 after recall). I think you will also want to check troubleshooting section

  35. I want to contact GM how can I do that?
    Good question but no easy answer. it's much easier to send e-mail to programmer (Joshung, , sadly that site is down very frequently) than to contact GM. Next, look in messages like "Your HP has been increased by ..." for a "Player GMGMGM connected to the game server" (actually here is lots of other names), then you need to ask GM somehow to whisper you (or you wisper GM by typing /to GMname). You can do that via global chat - but still hard to make him answer. Try to specify what you want from him. If it's an "Event" like spawn 500 slimes in beginner zone - forget about it, "Bug", "Macroer" - maybe he will contact you...
  36. How can I marry someone in Helbreath?
    It's possible. But the only way so far: you E-mail the GM for when you're having a wedding. He can be your priest, he can then officially make you husband and wife.
  37. What is the wizard's tower, is there anything I can do or learn there?
    Wizard's tower is a building in a city (Elvine or Aresden) where you can buy spells, use Ctrl+M in the city to find it. Go inside and click on NPC mage staying there, you will get a list of spells. To get certain spell you need gold and INT. However, some top spells can't be learned there.

  38. How can I get into the city?
    Press CTRL+M (or double-click on the map) you will see 2 portals on it in beginners zone (Blue and Red), Blue leads into Elvine, Red into Aresden Go and just stop in the center of any of these portals - you will be teleported into the city.

  39. What are cheats? Where can I get them?
    First of all legal note from official Helbreath site:
    • Cheating and Exploit using will not be tolerated. There is a NO tolerance for these actions and you will be punished and banned.
    • Unattended Macroing is not allowed. Getting caught macro unattended repeatedly will get you punished.
    So what are cheating, exploiting and macroing?

    Cheating is defined as the improper, inappropriate, and intentional misuse or abuse of bugs, design flaws, or game mechanics that is not in the spirit of the game. For example, here was following cheats:
    1. Trade hack (ask player with name "up" :) ),
      Also you may want to know how tradehack worked (modified versions exists even for Xmas version), posted by Raynezar:
      I've seen some people recently lost their items to scamers with trade hack. This is how trade hack goes. Lets say If I am a trade hacker selling my MP REC 91% Targe,I open exchange window to a guy who wants to buy it from me at 100K. He puts in 100K.

      Once traded, he do not get my MP REC Targe, instead, he gets a meat or 1 gold from me I get his 100 K. Be wary of low lvl fools trying to trade good items, especially travellers. Do not trade multiple too unless it's someone whom you know.

      All you do is, every time you are going to trade something (valuable), just make sure that your inventory is full. Then the trade will be cancelled, and you can see if the one you're trading with is a tradehacker. If he is, the titem he put in the trade window will change to another item, probably worth less. This is kind of a waste of time when the thing you're buying is worth 500 gold or so... So just do it when you're going to buy something valuable and you want to make sure that you're not getting cheated!

      NOTICE! that this will not make you 100% sure not to be scammed or a victim of tradehacking. However, it will decrease the chance...

    2. speedhack (It's working only if you add 10-20% to your speed not more after actions speed detection code was added to the server, some URLs: this and this, I will not give any tips on them - they are NOT working as is, 1st step is run HB as different user, 2nd step is ... Nah, I will not tell, without it you will not get it to work anyway but if you are not a child you will understand how to do that), still not sure about bots.
    3. Also here is currently a spellhack (speedhack that affects only spells, so you can cast 3 times faster because creator forgot to add speed checking code on the server for magic).
    4. Famous traveller-hackers - explanation here (spanish)

      Now about exploiting - it's a skill (yeah, in % :) ) to find vulnerabilities and make cheats for it. I guess you need to learn some programming and network basics (sniffing, NAT, mapping, packets editing, packets generation etc) before trying to make such.

      Macroing sweet word, download links for macro programs that works in Helbreath:
      1. Download for windows 2000: (supports mouse movement, in XP it works too but weird mouse movement during first few minutes of runtime)
      2. Download for all windowses (Macro Express does NOT support mouse movement)

      By the way unattended macroing means: Don't go AFK (away from keyboard) with macro turned on - it's restricted.

      Now I have to WARN you: here's lots of fake speedhacks, for example (a fake one, steals your password, think 7 times before running it): Here.
      From author (Kerthump): I did develop the program and it does send me your username and password.. At least the one you enter. The entire thing took under an hour to write and I did it for a two main reasons; One, I am tired of cheaters in the game ruining it for everyone. Two, I was bored. I apologize for the slander, but felt it would make it more believable considering the last speedhack supposedly said overlords on it.
      I will not return the accounts which I currently have because they shouldn't have tried to speedhack anyway, and most of them are deleted. HB Team wouldn't do it, so I will.
      I will continue to distribute the program, without the overlords name from this point on, but probably not as annoyingly.. Yes, I know the spam is incredibly annoying, but it got the job done.

      I've compiled a list to the best of my ability of all the characters which have been deleted thus far. It's available at
    5. Play without account
    6. See invisible people

      Here's possible server DOS or lag increase cheats just I hope people will not make such soon.
  40. Who's better to join, Elvine or Aresden?
    Not much difference actually, walk through the each city before choosing citizenship. Experience shows that players are rarely changing alignment to the city even if they create a new char in enemy city.
    Oh yeah, here's some rummors that Elvine has more mages and Aresden has more fighters.

  41. How can I transfer items from one my character to another?
    Most popular way is drop-transfer:
    1. Move both characters into the same location, preferably behind a building or a tree in a non popular region of the map, write down coordinates (will be hard to find something behind a house ...)
    2. Make sure noone is in sight and you don't hear any footsteps
    3. Press logout
    4. When about 3-5 seconds drop item
    5. Quickly login with other character
    And the other way for those who has 2 computers at home ... I think you know it :)

  42. What are upgrade points?
    Upgrades are only for level 140 people and they allow you to upgrade your stuff. Once you reach level cap (top level you can get in free version - 140), you continue to level until you reach 141, but as soon as you hit 141 you get reduced back to 140 and getting 1 upgrade stone. Then you level again to 141 and get reduced once again to 140 and get 1 more upgrade stone etc. When you reach the highest lvl you can like lvl 140 for the English version and lvl 180 for the Korean version you can make your armor and weapons black by upgrading showing that you are lvl 140.
    Unconfirmed: You can only do this 15 times. It can only be used for item upgrades and you can only use it on blacksmith items. Ex Flam.+1 to Flam.+3, B.Axe+1 to B.Axe+3... etc This is also how you get the grandmaster armor, you upgrade knight to black armor. GM said that the upgrade feature upgrades weapons. Ex. Flam+2-->Flam+4. Only thing is that only gizon players can do it. (Gizon=level 130 players).

  43. What is P2P. What do you know about P2P?
    P2P in gaming terminology is Pay2Play (in common computer terminology it's Peer2Peer e.g. connection), Helbreath is currently free, but has some limitations so you will be able to go past them if you pay for that. E.g. level 140 cap, you can't go past 140 - instead you are getting upgrade points. Level cap will be removed ONLY in P2P.Also items like platinum rings, sapphire rings will become functional, will be increased drop rate, ability to start crusaders quest etc.

  44. What is occupation flag? How can you do that quest?
    See quests section

  45. What contribution points are for?
    See quests section about getting them. Actually Iris[GM] officialy confirmed that they are totaly unused until P2P

  46. Why I'm getting recalled from enemy city? What is a raiding day?
    Here is 2 kinds of days in Helbreath: usual and raiding :) You have about 50 minutes in enemy city and nearby lands on raiding day (usually Saturday and Sunday, Korean time, time is shown when you enter enemy city map but sometimes you have no time to read it :) ) and only about 2 minutes on usual day. After this time elapses you will get recalled into your home city. Way to recharge time is simple: visit dungeon sometimes. Another tip: SOUTH dungeon, north (MiddleLand dungeon) usually heavily guarded.

  47. What is reputation? How can I check my reputation?
    Reputation (rep) is a number that measures your loyality to the city (therefore criminals and travellers can't give rep). Unlike contribution it can be negative, however you don't lose anything for negative reputation, just righteous weapons will hit you harder (from official manual) and you will have no rep damage bonuses with righteous weapons. Sadly, here is no know way to check reputation except of trying to hit someone with righteous sword.
    You can get reputation only by asking other people to rep+ you ("/rep+ playername", without quotes), here's popular to sell/buy and trade reputations. Reputation is worth 300-700 GP, usually 400. Reputation trading:
    • Check that you can rep now (type "/rep- test" no quotes)
    • If you can rep - offer to rep trade someone, if he agrees, rep+ him (It should write that you gave a good reputation to 'playername').
    • Now, wait for his rep+. If he will not rep+ you within 2 minutes (maybe he lost connection ...), just write down his name and rep- him from other character and tell in global chat something like "Everyone rep- playername - he is scamer"
    Remember, it's always easy to take back your rep (see above). If you are too lazy - just write down the name and rep- him next hour. it's hard to get rep+ but easy to lose:
    • Killing a teammate -5 rep
    • Killing a guard from your city (or neutral) -5 rep
    • Attacking unicorn (still not sure if you get rep- for attacking or killing) -1 rep
    • Rep- from other player(s)

    Now, what bonuses reputation gives you:
    • Damage bonus with righteous weapon ONLY AGAINST PLAYERS, if you have positive rep
      Every 10 reps difference you get +1 rep damage to your current righteous weapon against enemy.
    • You get better drops when killing low-rep enemy players
    • You lose 2+ things when you die instead of 1 (even from monsters) if you have negative reputation.
    • Confirmed by Iris[GM]: You get better drops from monsters (only in P2P)
    • Unconfirmed: Better % to fish (20 reps for 1% chance to get fish)

    Here's lots of rummors on reputation since you can't check it:
    1. Hitting uni gives -1 rep, killing even more
    2. Death or criminal action resets your reputation (if positive)
  48. What is bleeding island ticket? I'm stuck on bleeding island, How do I get out?
    Bleed Island ticket (you can get one in blacksmith) can teleport you to the Bleeding Island. Bleeding Island is unique monsterless territory where you can kill anyone (even teammates) without getting any bonuses or penalties. If you die, you don't drop anything, so go there and enjoy rumble (noncriminals can rep- you so preferably, hunt criminals). Some months ago criminals from both Aresden and Elvine appeared there. It's easy to get out - just go and die :) You will not lose anything, also you can use recall if you want.

  49. What is a quest? How can I get one?
    See Quests section. Also take a look here

  50. How can I get back to the beginners zone?
    Only travellers can go back to beginners zone, you can either die or try to enter map that will auto recall you, for example, Rocky Highland in Elvine, Internal Fields in Aresden

  51. OK, I know the rules, but how do I macro?
    Macroing program just doing predefined commands without human interaction like "Press F4 then click then repeat that again".
    First, check this FAQ question - there's link to macro download and come back again.
    For windows 2000 you'd better use Macro Scheduler
    For windows 95/98/Me - Macro Express Click here for instructions
    On XP you can use Macro Express but Macro Scheduler also works (weird mouse movement stops after 2-3 mins after starting a script - just move mouse a bit yourself).


    Now when you have Macro Scheduler downloaded lets start from basic macro:
    1. First of all, create a macro (File->New Macro)
    2. On the first page (Script) press "Open in Editor" button
    3. Put a macro text e.g.:

    4. Save&close editor
    5. Now assign a hot key in macro properties (Hot Key page)
    6. Press OK
    Here's your first macro, just go to Helbreath and press keys combination which you assigned in Hot Key. This macro just "Holds" your mouse button so you don't need to press mouse buttons to e.g. hit dummies etc Here's samples of other macroses:
    This macro casts last magic magic you used last time, best for magic % training on magic missiles:
    Press F4

    1. Now some troubleshooting of this macro (if it works perfectly just go to the step 2):
      Ok, the most common problem: if you have slower computer than mine you have to increase 0.05 number to about 0.1 or 0.2, if this macro causes you to move after casting - you need to decrease this number. Also replace 0.05 in next script with value that suites you best.
      Also, on XP was noticed following bug: macro will not click or mouse will start move in random direction. No solution for this glitch so far.
    2. Find a suitable location
      For example behind the building, in unpopulated part of barracks or in MR party (avoid staying near pits ... monsters likes to interrupt casts)
    3. Bind desired spell to F4
      Simply cast spell once.
    4. Point with your mouse to the correct spot
      E.g. when I'm drinking juice in front of computer that is macroing using energy bolt in MR party ... some poisoned traveller comes ... and sometimes I'm getting too late to stop the cast ... Jail awaits
      1. Therefore - don't cast on opened space where traveller can stay
      2. Find mouse position where if you will hold left mouse button you will not start running or trying to pick up something (why? You will sometimes run out of mana :) )
    5. Activate macro using hotkey which you specified in it's properties (to stop it press Shift+Esc)

    This macro automates fishing (after the macro comes detailed explanation for children who wants to get 60 fishing in 3 nights):
    remark>Assume that first time rod is already a bit used
    remark> 8.5 usual, 10 sec if lag


    remark>Dragging used fishing rod away

    Detailed directions for the children who wants to use fishing macro:

    1. Find a spot where:
      1. You will be near water with no big fish in it
      2. When you leftclick on water you are not starting to run in any direction
    2. Open your bag
    3. Stack the fishing rods together
      • The best way to stack them is to drop fishing rod and then pick it up - this way you will get a pile of rods which looks like a single rod in standard place of bag where new items are going to.
    4. Drag your bag window near the water
      Left-upper corner will point to the point where you will use your fishing rod at
    5. Put your mouse over the rod
      1. Be sure to check that you pointed correctly - when you press left mouse button down it must select a fishing rod and fishing rod must be draggable
      2. Also preferably point to the top half of the rod, this will avoid clicking on the bag
    6. Activate macro using hotkey which you specified in it's properties (to stop it press Shift+Esc)
      Here is known problem: some computers with win2k makes delay about 5 minutes before repeating macro, still no solution for this case.

    Also you can create macroses to automate text typing e.g.:
    wait 1
    Send Character/Text>
    Buying all weapons and all potions, whisper me if you have any.

    Here is a useful apliance of this macro: You can make friendlist this way, here comes a short sample:

    Send Character/Text>/fi Playername1
    Press Enter

    Send Character/Text>/fi Playername2
    Press Enter
    And so on

    Here's other places you can use your macroses for: create food& sell to shop, smithing if you have lots of coals/irons, pretend corpse training, alchemy (it fails a lots :P), poison resistance training, magic resistance training, well, lots of other places. Enjoy your macro!
    I'v got lots of e-mails from children about macroses. Just last time I'v seen only 5 100% fishers in aresden fishing at one time while I can very frequently see 10+ in Elvine. I'v advertized my site only in Elvine - so here 's results :P


    If you don't need such macro abilities like automaticaly changing fishing rods, pretend corpse training, selling food to shop, smithing, alchemy then you can be satisfied with Macro Express. Yes, it does not support mouse movement and without mouse movement you can't start using next fishing rod automaticaly, can't put materials into manufacturing interface etc.

    Instructions for creating macro yourself:

    1. Download macro express
    2. Install it
    3. Run it
      Everything obvious so far isn't it?
    4. In the Macro Express go to Macros menu and choose Add Macro
    5. Choose the key combination for macro to be actived with.
    6. Now click on the Scripting Editor button (or use direct editor which is useful to copy&paste macros)
    7. Add command you want to be done by your macro in the game
      The Scripting Editor is divided into two main pieces, the Commands and the Macro Script. Select from the commands what you want to insert into the Macro Script.
    8. Repeat 7 untill you'll write a macro that you think will do what you like
      I'v listed working examples bellow.
    9. Save the macro: open File menu then click Save there
    Ok, here's the basic examples:

    Autocasting macro (step by step):
    1. Let's add delay to avoid pressing F4 when you havn't yet released mouse activation keys (you hold Ctrl and Alt already and you are asking program to press F4? You know what Alt-F4 is? Close Helbreath. So let's avoid doing that.): In commands under Timing find "Wait Time Delay". Double click on it. Select "Delay in Milliseconds". Enter time delay of 2000 milliseconds (time you have to wait after pressing F4 before clicking to cast in the game) 2000 milliseconds = 2 seconds you know. Then press OK.
    2. In commands under Keyboard doubleclick on TextType
    3. You will see a dialog window that prompts you for the combination which macro will reproduce in the game. There's button with label "F4" in that dialog - press it then press OK
    4. Now we need a delay (I hope you don't want it to press F4 1000 times a second?). About 2500 milliseconds will be ok.
    5. Ok, game should be ready to cast the spell on click. So let's click: In Commands open "Mouse" commands set and there find a "Mouse Left Button". Doubleclick on it.
    6. Select "Left Button Down". (Sadly usual click won't work) then press OK
    7. Now add another delay (for about 50 milliseconds)
    8. Add Left Button Up
    9. Add delay (for about 500 ms)
      Note: Last 4 commands "press mouse button, wait and release mouse button" makes up a mouse click in the game
    10. Save & Switch to the game and check that your macro works (I hope you havn't forgot keys combination of this macro?). It should cast only once the spell which you cast right before activating the macro.
    11. If everything ok let's add the loop: Commands: under "Repeat" add "Repeat Start" Set desired number of macro repetitions (for the first runs 2-10 will be ok)
    12. Make it the 2nd line of your macro program (click on "Repeat Start' in Macro Script list then press Ctrl+ArrowUp a few times to make loop start the 2nd line)
    13. Doubleclick on "Repeat End" in commands
    14. I advise you remembering the key combination used to terminate macro express before trying to run that macro :) It's Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V by the default.
    15. Save, switch to the game and run the macro

      Oh yeah, forgot to mention ... You will not be abe to stop macro without switching back to windows anyway (then just rightclick on the macro express icon in the traybar near the clocks).

    The macro above can be written as this text via Direct Editor.
    <MSD:500><REP3:01:000001:000001:20000:0:01:> <TEXTTYPE:<F4>><MSD:2500><LDN> <MSD:50><LUP><MSD:500><ENDREP>
    Note: Casts almost initiely so you have to alt-tab then rightclick on icon in traybar to stop the macro.

    Fishing macro (automates 200 fishing attempts only since it can't change the rods):
    <MSD:2000><REP3:01:000001:000001:00200:0:01:><TEXTTYPE:<F6>> <MSD:500><LDN><MSD:50><LUP><MSD:100> <LDN><MSD:50><LUP><MSD:300><TEXTTYPE:<F6>> <MSD:300><LDN><MSD:50><LUP><MSD:10000><ENDREP>

    Just drag the bag over the water, put mouse over the rod in your bag, turn off bag, activate the macro.
  52. I've killed an enemy but haven't got EK, why?
    1. If you are less than 80 lvl (means 1 to 79 level) - You can have EK from lvl 30 and higher
    2. If you are higher or equal the lvl 80 - You can get EK by killing lvl 80 and higher
    3. If you are in enemy town you cannot get EK
    4. If you are in enemy town Barracks you can get EK from lvl 30 and higher
    5. If you are not in enemy town (even in neighborhood maps) - you can get EK normaly

  53. How can I force summons to attack someone?
    If you summon on Citizen, summon becoming citizen of that city (not sure if you summon on enemy, but still - DON'T do that unless you are summoning on enemy criminal), if you summon on traveller - creature will become neutral (however you will sometimes see it as citizen, but actually its neutral).

    If you are citizen and hit creature which is citizen of your city - it will NOT fight back (Exception: Guards).
    If you are citizen and you hit neutral creature - it WILL fight back (chance to get hit back is about 20-30% so you sometimes need to hit it multiple times)
    If you are traveller and you hit creature of a citizen - creature WILL fight back (again, probably not after first hit)
    If you are traveller and hit neutral creature - it WILL NOT fight back (exception: Guards)

    Note, creatures on hold will not hit anyone unless they get hit by magic by the enemy.

  54. How do I kill someone without becoming a criminal?
    First of all, that's a problem because Travellers can't hit citizen players or other travellers, next, for citizens you become criminal (means -5 rep and good chance to lose 1-2 items), thats why these ways are popular:
    • Travellers:
      • In beginner zone you can kill ONLY with 5th circle magic: Fire wall, Fire Field and Poison cloud, so you need stats like 49 int and 33 mag to have all of them (max casting proability will be 35% after you will get 66% magic)
      • You can't kill travellers with poison but you can let them down to 1 HP by poisoning them (mass poison is ok)
      • They can die if you ask them to attack citizen creature or
      • If you hit neutral magic orc (or magic orc of a citizen if you are traveller) then stand near traveller while creature shoots you, but here is no reason to kill them - they never drops anything.
    • Citizens (most of ways listed here are criminal-makers, anyway, criminal will 100% die):
      • If you are a traveller the only way where you can kill a citizen is bleeding island or barracks (still only using fire wall or fire field or poison cloud) Exception: You can kill criminals anywhere.
      • If you are a citizen, well, here it goes: Poison self with poison cloud, get down to 1 to 20 HP and start annoying them (only few people will not hit you back after that :P)
      • Or if you want to kill a mage that is training (not in farm - they almost always use safe mode there) - get down to 1 to 20HP and make yourself invisible, then WALK and stay near group of monsters they want to shoot. Works 100% if they don't know that you are standing there.
      • Mass Poison spell (note, spawns guard in the city) or high PD weapon (50+) (use in pits, poison will get them down to 1 HP and then monsters will kill them)
      • Paralize mages in scorpion pits and berserk scorpions (chance to kill really high if they don't have heaing pots)
      • Outside the city: Poison cloud, Fire Field, Fire Wall, Cloud kill (don't forget to paralyze after casting that spell on someone :P, casting paralyze before poison cloud releases target from paralyze)
      • Outside the city: paralize citizen and bersek enemy (it can be enemy citizen or just monster like golem, ogre, liche, demon :) )
    • GMs:
      • Just like all other players
      • But they can go invisible or just become invincible due to their GM shield
  55. What is MR party?
    You can frequently see mages standing close to each other and shooting energy bolts, magic missiles and sometimes other spells - its a MR party. Why they are doing that?
    Ok, as you can know when people are in party they can't hit self or each other with anything except for poison spells (if they are in farm or city they can't do even that). BUT they still can get MR (Magic Resistance skill)!
    First of all I'll mention here MR-hit as hit with magic that gets totaly absorbed and increases MR successful skill use count (without safe mode or parties its a hit with magic when you take no damage from magic).
    For example, 3 mages shooting energy bolts at each other, 1 of 10 level, 1 of 50 and 1 of 70. Lets see what we will get here:
    Level 10 mage shoots rarely but almost all his magic attacks goes to other's MR (almost all his hits are MR-hits for others).
    Level 50 mage can cast with frequent "out of mana", and barely 1/10 of their attack goes to MR of level 10 mage.
    Level 70 mage can cast energy bolts nonstop (MS20+high MP rec items), about 1/10 of their attacks goes to MR of level 10 mage and 1/5 to level 50 mages.
    High level mages are getting more MR-hits than anyone else. Thats why they like that so much, while newbies getting almost nothing from this (1 suicide run with empty hands into garden can be 10+ times more efficient).
    Also chance to get MR-hit grows if you have MR items (for example, hold MR shield when recharging mana).
    Little tip: to keep magic party alive - PFM everyone who does not use energy bolt.

  56. How do I get away from the jail without losing anything?
    First of all, here is 2 jails: in enemy city and in your city, if you are in enemy city jail then you will not lose anything anymore - you lost your thing already when you got killed. Safely recall after 3 minutes or wait 5 minutes and it will autorecall you to your home city.
    Next, if you are criminal in your city jail:
    1. First of all, remember how much time passed since you were sent into jail. (If you relogin, this resets time counter back to 0)
    2. After you will train pretend corpse in prison for 4 minutes start buying PFM for 100-200 gold so when it will be 5 mins you will be PFMed already
    3. Put MR items on. In 5 minutes 10 seconds (+-10 seconds) from the moment when you are appear in jail it autorecalls you INTO THE CITY (yes, where 2 guards are moving around).
    4. If you are PFMed - even mage can survive against them. Then run into the shadow of the building, make sure noone is following and ask friends to kill you or, if you are a mage - summon on self and remember coordinates where you died.
    5. Here's also way to run directly into the warehouse but note: here is 2 entrances, left usually is less guarded. Also you may want to try less popular warehouse (South in Elvine, East in Aresden)

      Note, if you recall from jail you appear in garden (or in city if you are 80+ level) where you always have chance to be killed, but sometimes just noone guarding that position and will be quite easy to get to the warehouse.
  57. How do I create an account?
    Theres 2 parts to registering your name for hb, one is it makes an account name for you on their forum and the other makes your account for the game. Sorry, no more details yet :( Looking for answers myself.
  58. Why is it that my inventory shows 195/509 and when I try to pick up stuff it keeps telling me that my bag is full?
    Your bag size is limited with 40 items (including those you are wearing). You can't put more in your bag.
  59. What happends if I will not eat? Can I starve to the death?
    After some time in game (few hours) you become "hungry" (should not apply to travellers...) then "very hungry", "starving" and finaly "starving to death"
    Hungry/very hungry/starving differs only with delay between health, mana and stamina recovers. Normal rate is 23 seconds. At Starving it grows 2 times.
    Starving to death causes you to have additional 10% chance of failing spells, you have no stamina, hit points or mana recovery (you can't die by yourself - only with someones help).


So you created Helbreath character already. First, lets find out - will your character be a mage or a fighter (no other specializations around). Mage must not have DEX (anyway fighters will have 90% chance to hit you), must have 50+ magic, average or high intelligence and a bit of vitality. Unlike mage fighters needs 50+ dexterity, strength enough for your favorite weapon and vitality so I've decided to make 2 different tips: for mages and for fighters.

So if your character is half-mage - half fighter, I advise you to create a new character while it's not too late ... You can use this one as a fisher (get DEX to 50 and forget about getting EXP on this char) but you will not be able to fish in a safe place if you are not a traveller already. Why creating a new character? Half-fighters are good only against mages, nothing more, they can't do anything with a pure fighter of the same level.

Just a bit more about battlemages

Usually fighters needs just pfm, paralyze or zerk spells while having very low MAG stat - such combinations sometimes gives good results but that's not a true battlemage, just a fighter variation. If you have high MAG as well as some DEX and STR ... Then It's the most deadly combination ... For you. You will be always behind any mage or fighter of your level and prepare to be always weaker by 10-20 levels. So you will get EKs only againsts newbies or during sudden attacks on mages. Perfect if you reached 90 - then you have some chances to get EKs on 80th levels etc...

Currently it's not very easy for battlemages to player-kill. Imagine suddenly attacking mage: you have to PFM or you will just behave like a weak warrior - so you need to release BOTH hands from shield and wand, indeed it will take you 1 ES to do that + not obvious to cast PFM under ES fire.

Yes, you can commit sudden attacks too - but it works only against newbies who has no sound tweak. Only 2-3 fighters (or 1 low-ping cheater) can kill a mage but again, who will take kill? Unless you have high str - it will not be you in most cases.

Also think a bit about leveling ... As a mage ... forget about it, only at high level you will be able to party with another fighter as mage. As a fighter, well, maybe a good idea, but in some cases (like killing liches) you will need to PFM, heal your partner and zerk him constantly unless he's 120+ which is quite hard to do while killing liche for someone who stays near liche and who's PFM sometimes wanishes (yes, hard for you as for battlemage). I think mage can do the same much more efficiently.

Battlemages are self-sufficient, mages can't make them stronger then they are already. But party with a fighter ... It's kind of deadly thing in player killing. Battlemage+fighter against mage+fighter of the same level ... Mage+fighter party will have to retreat soon. I think that's the only advantage of battlemages (for low level players I prefer barrack raiders :P )

Tips for beginner mage

  1. Create character with 14 MAG, 14 INT and 2 STR.
    DEX is not needed for a mage - anyway fighter with 100 DEX will easily hit you, even if you will get 50 DEX, STR is waste of points too - because of low DEX you will hit too rarely in close combat to inflict enough damage. Why STR? Otherwise you will not be able to wear wizard's hood or wizard's hat in future...
  2. So you appeared in the beginner zone. First of all, set level growth to INT (+3)

    Left portal leads to the Aresden city, right leads to the Elvine city. When you put mouse over the white dot on the minimap you will read what's there. This will help you to find barracks, blacksmith, wizard tower and many other places. To turn on minimap use Ctrl+M.
    To learn magic missile and start training magic you need 18 INT
  3. Go to barracks and with dagger and hit dummies till you will get 18 INT
    Barracks are in the city. Enter the city, find a barracks there and just kill dummies till you will have 18 INT. Why dummies? You can get a bit more EXP on them than on slimes (much more if you have Hitting probability rep+7 dagger) . Also here's a macro that allows you to release your hands and just look how you kill the dummies.
  4. Now visit mages tower and buy magic missile spell (it costs 100 GP)
    You need this spell for training magic %.
  5. Go back to barracks, and set leveling to MAG (+3)
    MAG is required to get fast mana recovery
  6. While being traveller get your level to 19
    This will save you from repairing items. Don't forget to shoot with magic missiles and don't let your mana to completely recover.
  7. Become a citizen
    You can do that in the cityhall in the center of your city.
  8. Now you need to get 80 MAG
    You need 80 MAG to be able to recover mana fast for magic %. Again, train in barracks.
    Tips for barracks training:
    • Good idea will be to have MS0 wand, bind sword or dagger to F2 and wand to F3, Magic missile will be F4, so you can start casting at any time.
    • If you want to become barrack raider, at 30 level start training INT (+3) so you can get 38 INT (summon creature) and stop at 37-38, 2 levels you will get just by staying on the same place and training magic missiles. Here is possible mage barrack raiders:
      1. Summoner (38 INT and about 90 MAG with some VIT and 100% magic)
      2. Shooting mage (Mass Lightning arrows - 53 INT and about 70 MAG with some VIT)
        it's not recommended for you to use 7 or higher circle - you will have only 20% to cast in it (40 with +21 CP staff), however you still can make such.
  9. Now you have to take care about your magic % - get it to about 80% (or 100% if you can)
    Why should you do so? 1. Summoning better creatures 2. It affects casting probability 3. It affects chance to hit with magic. Some people uses a macro for that.
  10. Now when you got 100% magic - time to start training 60 INT for ice strike
    Yes, in barracks. When you will get fire ball or fire strike - you can try 2nd level of barracks. When you will get ice strike at 38 level - you will get to 41 in minutes :) Again, if you want this character to become a barracks raider you will need to stop at 38-39 level (otherwise if you will get 40 you will need to die often which is quite hard and sometimes bad for your rep)
  11. Train MR (magic resistance)
    Find or buy a wooden MR shield then get full bag of food to avoid losing it. Put on the shield. First of all remember: if you see cannibal plant - run as fast as you can. In the garden forget about killing any monsters except for usual orcs, snakes and slimes. Ok, now you are ready for the garden run. Tactic in the garden is simple: RUN :) Yes, magic orcs are the best for training MR. If you see the orc - make it to attack you. If it won't shoot magic - it's usual and you can safely kill it. If it's a magic orc - just run from them and they will start to shoot magic on you.
  12. Ok, you have graduated from barracks with perfect skill and Ice strike. Now comes the hardest part - leveling.
    All mages needs to have ES without dependence of their specialization. So get enough INT for it. Start from snakes, try scorpions pit, also a good way to get EXP is summoning something strong that ALMOST kills for example, another Cyclops and when you think you can finish enemy Cyclops /hold your creature and shoot strikes (energy or ice on target monster). 2 zerked stone golems can easily beat paralized werewolf :)
    Other way is party with good fighter (you need good MAG in this case to have good chance to paralyze monsters and you need to have berserk for your fighter).
  13. Time to choose specialization :)
    Here is 3 specializations for the pure mages, try to think what fits you better:
    1. High MAG mages
      Because of your 160-180 mag you can hit almost always and with very high damage (70-80 with ES is usual, you can also hit 60 rarely and top hit with ES is about 94-97), you have high MR, but you can forget about high level spells like MS and blizzard. Pure high MAG mages has only ES and nothing better, but some considers getting mass chill wind which is actually pretty good for long-time freezing the enemies.
    2. High INT mages
      You had Lightning strike already at 60 level but then your hitting probability against mages will be close to 50%, also damage on fighters will rarely go past 60-70, yes, and the worst - low mana recovers. But at higher level you can deal the same amount of damage as high MAG mages and even with some special effects like freeze or hit through usual PFM. But here you sacrifice mana recovery for special effects. You need a lots of MP rec items to compensate your mana recovery.
    3. Balanced
      Like most mages you can do high damage lightning strike but getting meteor strike delays for a long time. You have balanced set of magic spells and sufficient mana recovery.
  1. Ok and some common tips: Buy MP rec shield - leveling without it will take 1.5 times longer.
    This will give you enough mana to level up fast and wear robe (more chance that fighters will party you).
  2. From 55 level with high CP wand you can start killing golems
    2 golems at once is ok, if just 1 - use mass lightning arrow, you will still kill it.
  3. From 60 level go on helhounds and maybe even cyclops
  4. From 70 - good idea will be to try mass troll spawns
  5. Blanced mage can reach 169 INT (Meteor strike) and 200MAG only at 114 level.

Pure mages classification

Level Skill change Classification / prefered spell / equipent / prefered victims Stats Variations Stats for variation
Food for ants
Agile Daggers or rep+7 or hitting probability
Slimes, Dummies in barrack lvl1
14 14  
19 54
(+54 skill)
Magic % trainer
Magic missile
Nowhere :) In the corner of unpopulated 2nd room of barracks lvl 1 or in the corner of begginer zone.
18 64
Beginner zone killer
Poison cloud
Macroers, beginner zone.
49 19
40 117
(+63 skill)
Barracks ready to graduate mage
Tripple energy bolt, Ice strike (only if 100% magic skill already)
Usual MS10 wand or MS0 special wand, nude (maybe with MP rec shield).
Scorpions, snakes, later skeletons, zombies in pits.
60 85  
79 234
(+117 skill)
North dungeon raider (balanced)
Lighning strike, Mass chill wind (against players)
MS20 wand, MP 49 rec shield.
Golems, Frogs, Helhounds, Cyclops, Trolls. Only in groups. Good to party with a fighter in DV/SW/D3
123 139
North dungeon raider (high MAG)
Energy strike, mass chill wind (against players)
MS20 wand, , MP 49 rec shield.
Golems, Frogs, Helhounds, Cyclops, Trolls. Only in groups. VERY Good to party with a fighter in DV/SW/D3
93 169
North dungeon raider (high INT)
Meteor strike, Mass chill wind (against players)
Any CP30+ wand (usually MS10 without it you will have 70% in meteor strike), MP rec shield, MP rec armor prefered.
169 93
90 267
(+ 33 skill)
Robin with hood (balanced)
Lighning strike, Mass chill wind (against players)
Special MS20 wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk (or usual wizard hauberk)
145 145
Robin with hood (high MAG)
Lighning strike, Mass chill wind (against players)
Special MS20 wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk (or usual wizard hauberk)
123 167
also here you may want to waste 5 str for wizards hood (values in table here and bellow have 5 substracted already)
Robin with hood (high INT)
Any CP30+ wand (without it you will have about 70% in blizzard), MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk (or usual wizard hauberk)
195 95
100 297
(+30 skill)
Hidden death (balanced)
Meteor strike
Usual MS20 wizard wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk (or usual wizard hauberk)
169 151
Hidden death (high MAG)
Lighning strike, Mass ice strike (against players)
Usual MS20 wizard wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk (or usual wizard hauberk)
140 180
Hidden death (high INT)
Usual MS20 wizard wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk (or usual wizard hauberk)
195 125
110 327
(+30 skill)
110 level (balanced)
Meteor strike
Usual MS20 wizard wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk,
179 171
110 level (high MAG)
Meteor strike
Usual MS20 wizard wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk
169 181
110 level (high INT)
Usual MS20 wizard wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk
195 155
120 357
(+30 skill)
120 level
Special MS20 wand, MP rec shield, PA or MP rec hauberk, MS necklace
195 185  

If you do not obey the table above then you will have either low casting probability in your top spells (what's good in having blizzard with 30% casting probability with the best wand?) or slower rate of training.

Tips for beginner fighter

  1. Create char with 14 STR 14 DEX and 12 VIT

  2. So you appeared in the beginner zone. First of all, set level growth to DEX (+3)

    Left portal leads to the Aresden city, right leads to the Elvine city. When you put mouse over the white dot on the minimap you will read what's there. This will help you to find barracks, blacksmith, wizard tower and many other places. To turn on minimap use Ctrl+M.
    To learn magic missile and start training magic you need 18 INT
  3. Get 6 or so level and go to blacksmith
    Blacksmith is in the city. Enter the city of your choice (either Elvine or Aresden).
  4. Buy weapons of your choice
    In the blacksmith buy yourself usual long sword and long sword manual. Don't think you will want a short sword against fighters or big creatures so it's better to start training long sword skill % as soon as possible.
    For barrack raiders: buy short sword (no manual needed) or esterk (fencing manual).
  5. Go to barracks and kill dummies on DEX (+3) till you will reach 50 DEX then put all on VIT (+3)
    Find the barracks in the city and just kill dummies till you will have 50 DEX. Why dummies? You can get a bit more EXP on them than on slimes (much more if you have Hitting probability rep+7 dagger) . Also here's a macro that allows you to release your hands and just look how you kill the dummies. Note, if you want barrack raider, use short sword mostly and get 14 STR (axe), 50 DEX and then train vitality, this will help you training shield.
  6. Get shield and shield manual if you will use short sword or fencing
    Just learn to use shield and stay in the middle of dummies on barracks level 2 to train it (train it as traveller on 2 dummies to avoid repairs or death problems)
  7. Get shield manual, and shield, read manual and then get 100% shield, also if you want - get archery skill higher, it will help getting EXP in future.
    It's really hard to train shield outside the barracks while it takes just 2-3 nights in barracks. Get 2 (if you have no vit) or 3 dummies on 2nd level of barracks and lead them away into the corner. Then just stay and enjoy. Do that as traveller to avoid repairs, enemies and death problems.
  8. For barrack raiders: Then keep killing dummies until you will get 100% short sword skill,
    Quite long, but if you will become a citizen ... then you will not easily get 100% skill as barrack raders (you will have to ask mages...). Why it's only for barrack raiders? For others it's just better to go level in RH after reaching 41st level - at level about 55 you will have 100% skill in any case.
  9. Become a citizen
    You can do that in the cityhall in the center of your city.
  10. Now choose future specialization of your fighter:
    1. "Dexie" very high dexterity warrior with weak agile sword or esterk
      Because of good chance to hit he is still a very good warrior, even if he got weak armor (good against people, but weak against big monsters even though big monsters will hit you rarely)
    2. Balanced - something like STR 78 (full speed long sword, in future better weapons), DEX 70, VIT 40. At higher levels try to get 104 STR (Great sword+1), about 120 DEX and 40-50 VIT.
    3. Giant sword user (156 STR)
      Maybe here is some others classes ...
  11. Train till 40 level in barracks
    Here you are - a ready barrack raider, just train MR a bit and you are totally prepared, oh yeah, you may also want to get INT for paralyze spell.
  12. Train MR (magic resistance).
    Find or buy a wooden MR shield then get full bag of food to avoid losing it. Put on the shield and one-handed long sword (or axe). First of all remember: if you see cannibal plant - run as fast as you can. In the garden forget about killing any monsters except for usual orcs, snakes and slimes. Ok, now you are ready for the garden run. Tactic in the garden is simple: RUN :) Yes, magic orcs are the best for training MR. If you see the orc - make it to attack you. If it won't shoot magic - it's usual and you can safely kill it. If it's a magic orc - just run from them and they will start to shoot magic on you.
  13. Till 50 level its a bit painful
    You will have to hunt every skeleton on the skeleton pit (in the Promise lands) when horde of other players will try to kill it too. After that you can go to the farm and start training MR and killing orcs and snakes there (you can take troll 1 on 1 only at about 60+ level), also you can hunt golems on any other map. Beware of dungeons - cyclops can easily kill you because you, probably, have no MR items yet and low MR.
  14. 60 level
    Here comes freedom - you start to be attractive for mages to party with you, go ogres, trolls (garden) etc 90 and higher levels are good for parties with a mage (it's much easier to kill paralyzed monsters, you know) Just find a mage that has 100% in circle 6 and ask him to party in garden
  15. Get 130 strength
    This will allow you to full-swing flam and pickaxe.
  16. Get 130 dex.
    Now you can level off ogres and possibly go to WereWolf (WW) pits with a good mage and clear the pit out. 100 dex is too low to fight even paralized werewolves ...
  17. If you decide to get full swing battle axe get 170 str, not just a 169
    The reason for 170 and not 169 str (the actually str for b-axe at full speed) is because you get +1% damage for every 10 points of str you have.

I don't have good fighter therefore, please, write me (see top of the page for e-mail address) what you recommend to do next. Thanks you.

Pure fighters classification

Level Skill change Classification / prefered weapon/ prefered armor / prefered victims Stats Variation #1 Stats for variation
Food for ants
Agile Daggers or rep+7 or hitting probability

14 14 12  
19 54
(+54 skill)
Shield trainer
Dummies, Barrack lvl 2

14 50 30
Skill trainer
Sabre, short swords
Dummies, Barracks lvl 2
32 50 12
40 117
(+63 skill)
Barracks ready to graduate fighter
Zombies, Skeletons
Rep+7 esterk hp+21
80 30
Barracks raider
Newbies, Enemy Barracks
Rep+7 ss
80 30
Barracks mage killer :)
Great sword with hitting probability
104 41 12
79 234
(+117 skill)
North dungeon raider (mage flier)
Golems, Helhounds, Cyclops, enemy mages
Plate Mail, Full Helm, Tower Shield (when using war axe), Plate Leggings, Hauberk (good for extra protection)
130 100 44  
90 267
(+ 33 skill)
Ogres with mage, golems pit when alone
Knight Plate Mail, Knight Full Helm, Knight Plate Leggings, Knight Hauberk
Flameberge, War Axe (preferably with stats)
130 132 45  
100 297
(+30 skill)
Winged warrior
Werewolves, liches with mage
Knight Plate Mail, Winged Helm, Knight Plate, Leggings, Knight Hauberk
Battle Hammer, Battle Axe +1, Giant Sword ( Knight Flameberge)
159 133 45
Winged warrior
Werewolves with mage, ogres
Knight Plate Mail, Winged Helm, Knight Plate, Leggings, Knight Hauberk
Knight flamberge, War Axe (preferably with stats)
130 150 57
110 327
(+30 skill)
110 level
Battle Hammer, Battle Axe +1, Giant Sword (Knight Flameberge)
Knight Plate Mail, Winged Helm, Knight Plate Leggings, Knight Hauberk
182 133 50        
120 357
(+30 skill)
Horned warrior
Knight Plate Mail, Horned Helm, Knight Plate, Leggings, Knight Hauberk
Battle Hammer, Battle Axe +1, Giant Sword (Knight Flameberge)
182 160 53        

Indeed, you can forget about following chart above but note: it will be either harder for you to train (e.g. if you sacrificed str for vit then you will not make a good party but will fight alone well) or it will be harder or even impossible for you to kill players (very low dex or very low str).

Choose balancing yourself +-15 does not mean anything e.g. you can make 115 dex instead of 130 without any sensitive change (but you will earlier start to use b-axe) etc. For players you need higher dex, for monsters - higher str. In brief, that's all about warrior.

Player killing mage tactics

Here's some tips how to get EK for a mage.

Choosing targets
Locations for player killing
Tracking players that are hiding
Tips for player killing

Lets start from basic:

  • Do not PK alone if you have slow computer or laggy connection.
  • Run (Start-> Run there enter "ping -t" without quotes. If you have values over 500 - you can forget about any player killing (HB hosts FTP and game servers on the same ISP - what a dumb idea, if someone starts downloading HB on cable you will get +100ms lag, 2 people +200ms etc and thats for about an hour - so better go and find something other to do for this hour). I'v tried pking with 550 ms lag - just wasting 2 times more potions (and therefore money) but still can kill people. It also allows people to be under fire less time. So for example if you have 500ms lag, in 2 seconds you can cross your area of sight. So you will have only 2 seconds - 500ms = 1.5 seconds to shoot and hit. One time it's ok but if it repeats then lag greatly reduces your probability to kill someone (1 wrong move and enemy escaped).
  • Close ICQ or at least disable popup PM - died 4 times because of it
  • Here is only 2 ways to kill people (if we will forget about accidents): Either hit with high damage (high mag, good spells) or stop them from running (freeze, parlize, first prefered)

Practice required:

  • Learn to paralize
    Better train on skeletons, later on cyclops they behaves just like fighters with one exception: they are much slower and quite predictable.
  • Learn to drink health potions in critical situations (Insert key)
    This will reduce frequency of death 3 times (still will not save from mass spawn, getting boxed by fighters, paralized etc). Its easy to tell "use potion in critical situation". Yeah, you must click hardly, choose correct direction and at the same time HEAL or you will not escape from fighter or a monsters group.
  • Learn to escape - the most important skill for mages:
    • Yes, whole mages tactics based on escaping if something goes wrong.
    • First of all, if you are PFMed it may be worth running and shooting Ice Strike/Mass Ice Strike/Chill wind on self (cast ES on self if you are sure you can finish this fighter)
    • Use invisibility scrolls or pots if you can't drop someone from tail after 10 seconds run
    • Never forget that you have recall spell or better, scroll - saves your things
    • Better kill self than let someone kill you (this avoids drops and enemy will not get EK)
    • How to evade from fighter?
      1. Invisibility (about 50% chance that he will forget about you)
        But still some probability that he's battlemage and will try to detect ... In this case learn to escape while you are invisible (see bellow)
      2. Cast ice strike or something freezing on him (yes, you will get hit 2 times after that but if its not a critical berserked hit with GS you will survive
      3. Paralize him (quite hard, you may run out of health while trying to do that)
    • Learn to escape while you are invisible
      So you made yourself invisible but fighter just hit you ... He's staying near you and a mage somewhere behind (or a fighter itself) starts to cast detect invisibility.
      Practice shows that most efficient way to escape is to WALK 90 degrees away from direction they are running to (left or right, its your choice) then after someone have finished casting detect you continue to RUN in that direction. If here's many people following you that will take out over half of them, only most experienced people will guess your direction (by sound or just by luck) and keep following, 2 more such invis casts (in a shadow of the building) drops all lucky players from tail. About experienced people ... Just prepare to die, recall or to use scroll.
  • Practice
    Don't think you will read this manual while running from a fighter


  • If you are broke - just staff and full bag of food.
  • Equipment for the raid if you are lower than 60-65 level:
    • Staff (MS20 prefered) but can also be a CP wand - it's your own risk.
    • Few (2-3) greater stamina potions - to run from fighters
    • Few (5-7) greater healing potions - to survive against fighters
    • Invisibility scroll
      For the worst case when you have no time to cast Invisibility spell, cast it when you are running (yes, only after 10 seconds after getting damage), probability that enemy has detect-invis scroll is VERY low, so you will win lots of time
    • As many big mana potions as you can carry
  • If you are higher than 60-65 level - same as above with one difference:
    • Take 10-15 mana pots
    • and fill the rest with healing pots (about 20-25)
  • Going with full equipment for EKs is kind of silly - you will have more risks than your enemy

Choosing targets:

  • Beware of enemy people with hero capes (cape with cross on it)- they will not give you EK without battle
    Means, never start battle with them if you are not ready. Against mages do not go without PFM, against fighters - if you don't have very strong friends and good skill in using paralize spell)
  • If you see someone high level - better just run, you will not get EK here
    You can identify top players by horned helm, plate mail, wizard hat or hood, gold weapons, giant sword, swinging with high str weapons etc. Only VERY "talented" fighters over 80 level can die from a party of mages that does not use MS, just find out how Plate Mail looks on people and avoid people with such stuff. Why ? Fighter can kill mage that drinks healing potions and does not run much (keeps shooting), within about 20 seconds, normally fighters with good items has 400+ health so 3 mages out of 4 (last is running) who shoot ES every second deal 60 damage, you think its ok? Nah ... fighter can easily run away from you (also he will drink and get 70 HP every 2 seconds and therefore no easy EK awaits you here). So only top mages (MS, LS) can kill fighters this way, forget about 70+ fighters for a while.
  • Don't start mage vs mage duel until you will reach Meteor strike spell
    Know why? First of all, mages with wizard staffs or MS30 can cast about 2 times faster than you, hit harder etc, just forget about killing high level mages. You can still try lower-level mages using sudden attack, this works pretty well. But again, if enemy mage casts PFM on self just forget about killing it - after that you can only summon or help allied fighters.
  • In newbie dungeon (the one that has level 80 limit) here is one kind of totaly invincible fighters - someone with 150 dex and 50+ magic absorbtion
    To kill such you either need 4 !!! mages that shoots lighning strike (and doing max of 30 damage each) or to box this fighter with even more fighters. If you see such which you hit with ice strike for 15, with ES - 25-30 ... Paralize/hold it and forget about killing it - summons can't hit through 150 dex. Also this kind of players is antimage only - such fighter can't kill any fighters, but is perfect for the mages.
  • Look from whom you will get EK and from whom you will not
    If you are less than 80 lvl - You can have EK by killing lvl 30 and higher
    If you are higher than lvl 80 - You can get EK by killing lvl 80 and higher
    If you are in enemy town (does not include barracks) you cannot get EK
  • Avoid fighter groups, 2 fighters can stop mage from running using critical hits while group with 3rd fighter will easily finish mage.
  • Again, note: why I don't like Korean on cables? They have lag 2 times lower than anyone else and therefore can hit while running from 2 times LARGER distance (on your screen) than any others, after some time I think you will learn how to find out the lag of other players visually. For example, such players can hit you from the edge of the screen (I have lots of such screenshots and even some where I can't see the one who's chasing me and he hits me)

Locations for player killing:

  • Simpliest: stay near newbie dungeon (name because of level 80 limit) entrance with ES ready on raiding day, I'm normally getting 10EK a day this way (with level 64 mage), you can sometimes help people down there with summons, para, pfm etc.
  • Visit enemy city :) Indeed, you can get only items in the city and normally 1 mage can't kill another mage with level 60+ (and means, with loot), so better raid with 2-4 mages in party. Surround any mage and shoot :)
  • You still can raid garden and nearby lands - when you see fighter running from a group of trolls, shoot him and enjoy EK :) Also you can help troll a bit by zerking it and paralyzing fighter. 2 mages can easily take out a single fighter of 60-70 level with the help of troll.
  • Tips for battle for YOUR city DUNGEON entrance:
    • always try to go deeper in dungeon first
      In safe zone you can only PFM yourself and allied people while enemy can easily summon, paralize etc from non-safe zone. So get out of there if enemy starts to summon or there is much more enemies than allies.
    • how to get deeper into the dungeon untouched ? Easily.
      Works even when I'm 1 agains 8 mages and 4 fightrers (note, only in case when here is no sumons at the entrance).
      First of all PFM party and prepare for a long run into the enemy back (here you will need stamina potions - noone will let you use great stamina recovery). Usually after such run, you have only 1 high level fighter on the tail (mages start to cast something which is just useless against you so they loses you from area of sight). After that just evade from fighter (see escaping tips) and either go to enemy city or just return back with summons.

Tracking players that are hiding:

  • Yes, the easiest targets are hiding from you: mages needs to recover mana and they goes to the dead end (without PFM) or just becoming invisible, fighters after stopping running puts their HP rec shield on and rests behind a group of teammates or in safe zone etc.
  • First of all, tune your client so walking mage will not be able to hide from you. Check Tuning Helbreath section.

Tips for player killing process:

  • Cast Protection From Magic (PFM) every time if you suspect enemy mages to be near
    In dungeon its usually PFM, great stamina recovery and then invisibility, this way you will be ready to meet any mage.
  • Summon little army (bersek and then invis clops, then commit sudden attack, this way you will be sure that noone will chase you for a long time around that monsters group (group with berserked clop and helhound can kill 1 level 70 fighter).
  • Variation is 2 waves strategy: First 1 or 2 PFMed players goes ahead and then retreats while 2-4 times stronger party goes invisible just after 2 players departs and attacks enemies when those comes into the trap
  • For 2 mages: drop something (2 minor mana potions or a daggers and a potion are ok) on the ground in not very populated place. One mage starts casting paralize and then waits, 2nd makes both invisible. When fighter crouches to pick up 2nd item - paralize him, note he still can't see you (summon against paralized mages), think yourself how to kill him ... team with a fighter or both starts to cast combat spells ... You can safely buy potions or daggers in enemy city, just enter to the shop invisible, buy quick and exit.
  • Top players always has a traitor characters in enemy city so if they will need to relogin they must be sure that they will not get boxed again. So after logout they brings such character. If you kill it - it will just lie and spectrate ... So you need to make him think that everything ok ... Try inventing something - otherwise you will not have the kill.

Keyboard shortcuts

Key Action
Tab Toggle attack/peace mode.
Home Safe Mode toggle. When you are in safe mode you cannot attack/harm friendly creatures or players.
End Repeat last entered chat message.
Insert Drink a big red potion (if available) / drink small red potion (heal).
Delete Drink a big blue potion (if available) / drink small blue potion (mana).
PgUp Use special ability. Certain items give you special abilities, hit PgUp to use them. If someone knows such items - please tell me.
PrintScrn Save a screenshot to Helbreath folder, HelShotXX.bmp
F1 Open Help screen.
CTRL-F2 Assign quickslot. Equip a weapon or cast a spell, when you press CTRL-F2 you set F2 to do your latest action.
CTRL-F3 Assign quickslot. Equip a weapon or cast a spell, when you press CTRL-F3 you set F3 to do your latest action.
F2 Execute quickslot action.
F3 Execute quickslot action.
F4 Cast last casted spell.
F5 Show character stats.
F6 Open inventory.
F7 Open spell screen.
F8 Open skill screen.
F9 Show chat history.
F11 Toggle transparent dialog windows.
F12 Show system options menu.
ALT+MOUSE Special attack. Once your weapon skill is at 100% you can use special attacks for that weapon.
CTRL+MOUSE Forced attack.
CTRL+T Set whisper mode with the player under your mouse cursor.
CTRL+S Sound on / off
CTRL+M Open minmap if available
CTRL+D Cycle detail levels
CTRL+1, CTRL+2 etc Magic circles page shortcuts

Troubleshooting Helbreath

Helbreath can cause lots of troubles mainly because of:

  • autoupdate system that is trying to get 88Mb of files for update ...
  • awful NProtect system that can't protect you (or anyone else) from hacks but can easily cause you lots of Helbreath startup troubles
    And some ingame issues (look in FAQ section):
  • lag
  • hacks sellers (about 80% actually offers only trojans, 15% from rest - trojaned hacks)

OK, here's starts troubleshooting section (e-mail me if you need more detailed explanation here or just you think I'm wrong):

  1. I'm having black screen after game startup (with version in bottom-left corner)
  2. Autoupdate does not work !!! How can I update manually?
  3. I've lost my character! or
    I've downloaded xxxxhack (replace xxxx with trade, speed etc) from and It won't work
  4. I've downloaded Helbreath full download but archive is broken ...
  5. I've uninstalled Helbreath, how can I get it back without downloading 220Mb again?
  6. When I'm trying to login into my char I'm getting connection lost! But other char on same account works OK
  7. It keeps counting and counting seconds when I'm trying to login ... Why can't I login?
  8. (or other official) server aren't working
  9. After opening Helbreath.exe or Helgame.exe, I receive a error "You cannot play with hacking tool 1028" What must i do?
  10. When I'm trying to login I'm getting connection lost even without reaching the character selection!


  1. I'm having black screen after game startup (with version in bottom-left corner)
    As you've seen before a program called NProtect (findhack etc) autoupdates before Helbreath startup, it can cause black screen (with version in left-bottom corner) when you start your Helbreath after some buggy updates.
    1. Stop that from happening:
      Download latest HB patch (about 5Mb or a full version - 130Mb ... Check all official download sites to find newest version), move all EXE and DLL files from your Helbreath folder somewhere else and reinstall.
      Note, if findhack starts downloading something and after update completes you see black screen again, you need to disable NProtect autoupdates (Check solution marked "avoid in future") after reinstalling Helbreath again.
      Note: latest HB installation can also have corrupted nprotect files so you can try to use nprotect files from older versions.
    2. Stop that from happening:
      Restore all files who's names are starting with NP (like npx.dll, npscan.dll etc), also a search.dll from older backup.
    3. Allows you to avoid in future:
      If you don't want to wait till new update for Nprotect (or your hack :P) will be released - just stop NProtect from updating self once and forever (you can do that using firewall or unchecked: maybe making all files in Helbreath folder read-only, system will work too, don't forget to backup all EXE and DLL files from Helbreath folder before doing this). Here's other side - you will need to update Nprotect manually in future in case of major updates (Check this Troubleshooting question)

  2. Autoupdate does not work !!! How can I update manually?
    Old solution (assumes it's because of Helbreath DNS problem):
    Add these lines to the hosts file:

    Host file location:
    NT family (2000 and XP) it is located at winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    in 9x family (95, 98, ME) it is located at windows\hosts (by default no such file, so you'd better create it, sample available in windows\hosts.sam)
    If it does not work then ...

    1. Go to and check if EngPatch2xx.exe (replace xx with number of current version) was updated lately (check it's time) - if it was, just download and run it
    2. Now go to (if this link does not work - try other from official download sites) and download all files into your Helbreath folder (maintain directory structure, please)
    3. You need to unpack these files (they are packed with GZIP, click here for GZIP download list), sadly it's a command line utility
    4. Standard GZIP usage is:
      GZIP -d -s_ mapname.amd_
      it's same as:
      GZIP --decompress --suffix_ mapname.amd_
    5. Do that for every compressed file (huge file list, isn't it?)
      Tip: Use something that can process file lists (e.g. DOS Navigator, AWK) or macro programs (FAR - file and archive manager, "Ctrl+." is macro recording there, or usual macro programs like Macro Schedule, UOpilot or just any others if you know how to use it)

  3. I've lost my character! or
    I've downloaded xxxxhack (replace xxxx with trade, speed etc) from and It won't work
    Congratulations, you now know another purpose of widely distributed hacks - PASSWORD STEALING. About 80% hacks is just password stealers, 19% is hacks + password stealers, 1% are hacks without password stealers)
    What can you do with this? If you already lost account - nothing (no password recovery here).
    1. Actually you need also try to remove trojan from your computer (use antiviruses like McAfee, NAV, MSAV, DrWeb, AVP or just any else that has database of 50000+ viruses),
    2. put a firewall to prevent future distribution of your password
    3. change password if it's not too late yet
    4. warn others that it's a scam
    5. You can also try to track down the person who tried to collect your passwords but note: computer skills required

  4. I've downloaded Helbreath full download but archive is broken ...
    This can be caused by:
    1. File on server was updated when you was downloading it
    2. Broken file on the server (check official and unofficial forums for messages like: I've downloaded file but it's broken)
    3. Transfer error
    • If you have fast connection you can check forums for such problems and try to redownload file, but if you don't ...
    • Try reinstalling (without uninstall) Helbreath of an older version then updating it. You can try updating automatically or manually (Check this Troubleshooting question for manual updates). Automatical uses Helbreath.exe - just start it. Or another way - find a file called EngPatch2xx.exe on Helbreath official FTP server download it and run.

  5. I've uninstalled Helbreath, how can I get it back without downloading 220Mb again?
    Install older version or a patch (EngPatch2xx.exe) from official FTP server.
    Also you can try manual update.

  6. When I'm trying to login into my char I'm getting connection lost! But other char on same account works OK.
    Server contains multiple subservers (also I've heard that some servers were joint together) anyway, if one separate part of server crashes you get this effect. And yes, you can't get back on your char until server will go online. (Can also be caused by your firewall settings change etc)

  7. It keeps counting and counting seconds when I'm trying to login ... Why can't I login?
    Mostly likely that server is down, you can check that by tracert the login server (you can find IP in login.cfg file in your Helbreath folder) E.g. line will look like this in Start->Run:
    ping -t
    If you can ping servers perfectly, mostly likely that servers are backuping/updating now. This usually can take up to 6 hours.

  8. (or other official) server aren't working
    First, here's a DNS problem with Helbreath hosting company. Try using IP instead, e.g. has this address: also if it works - here you can find out how to fix that problem permanently.
    Second, since Helbreath is very buggy (lots of security holes in servers etc) it can be ACTUALLY DOWN :) Try all links in official links section

  9. After opening Helbreath.exe or Helgame.exe, I receive a error "You cannot play with hacking tool 1028" What must i do?
    Hmm ... That's happening when Helbreath does not match version of NProtect - just disable firewall for a second, let NProtect to update and continue playing.
  10. When I'm trying to login I'm getting connection lost even without reaching the character selection!
    Looks like login server is down or is under the maintainance - check announcements on the www site/notices board.

Also NProtect causes lots of crashes, glitches, memory leaks etc. You think it's just words ? :)

About memory leaks:

(That's win2k task manager, Russian version,
1st number - total allocated memory now,
2nd - max available via swap file,
3rd - peak value of memory usage)

Suddenly HB froze and started lots of swapping (it has not crashed, after 2 minutes it stopped swapping and I'v switched at last to windows then after a minute I'v crashed it and had 185Mb of RAM taken after all). Now what this picture means: it means that when HB froze, it asked to allocate additional 603 MB of memory. By analyzing Filemon logs I'v found that it's NProtect again... And that happends not for the first time today.

Chat system

Global chat messages are sent within subserver (see "Maps" for subserver information). This means, for example, if you will send a global message in Elvine Farm, people on Eldiniel Garden map will be able to hear it. You may also want to know that you can type multiline messages (Not in global chat) using Ctrl+J as a line-end character. E.g. If you will type H(Ctrl+J)I, it be shown on screen as :

Chat colours

Normal chat   Only people on your screen can see this.
Ally chat   Only your allies (your townsmen) can hear this.
Global chat   People from both cities can hear this. (You can use it starting from 12th level)
Guild chat   Your guildmembers can hear this.
Party chat   People from your party can hear this


Only the person you are whispering to can hear this.
GM chat   Sometimes GM's announce something in game. It is broadcasted to every server. Usually GM's chat shown where you see messages like "Your HP recovered by ..." or he's whispering you
Chat commands
  If you type normally and press enter, you talking in local or "normal" chat.
~ Prefix your line with ~ and you are talking in ally chat. Each line you say uses 5 SP. (Only users on same subserver can hear each other)
! Global chat, uses 3 SP. (Only users on same subserver can hear each other, for characters with 11+ level)
@ Guild chat, uses 3 SP.
^ Global guild chat.
$ Party chat, uses 3 SP
# While you're in whisper mode, you can chat normally to people on your screen by prefixing text with this.
/to [name] Initiate whispering with [name]. (Also the way to check if player is online)
/to Leave whispering mode

/ex [name]

Excludes person from all chats. (/exsdfsdf doing same as /ex, all chars except for first 3 are ignored in command)
/who Shows the number of players online. Sadly does not work in latest versions :(
/setpf [text] Set your profile, basically this is a short description, or full name, or whatever you want people to see when they use command /pf. Works!
/pf [name] View profile of player called [name]. (Not useful, only 2% of people around knows about profiles)
/fi [name] Tells you if [name] is connected to Helbreath.
/rep- [name] Gives a bad evaluation to [name]. Do it when someone stolen something from you, killed you or just anything else you don't like. Also good to test how many seconds left till next rep+ or rep- Just type "/rep- test" (no quotes), to see that. If it tells that player test is not connected to the server - you can rep- and rep+. If it tells that you are a not a loyal citizen ... Then you are either traveller or a real criminal - both of them can't rep- or rep+
/rep+ [name] Gives a good evaluation to [name]. For newbies, way to get money, reps are currently 200 GP each, you can rep once an hour - so enjoy. Rep+ gives better damage to current weapon (10 rep+ gives +1 damage). Note, if your rep is negative, you need to suppress negative reps before getting rep damage bonuses. You get -5 rep for killing: Team mate, guard. (I heard -1 for uni, but unconfirmed)
/hold Commands summoned monsters to stop (the monsters have to be attached to you by the summoning spell). They stops doing anything but successful magic attack from enemy releases them. Hold works on currently summoned creatures, means: You can summon and hold until you get best creature and go with it only.
/free Releases /hold mode.
/ban Ban someone from guild (unchecked)
/showframe Shows current FPS in the game
/summon Administrative command ...
/teleport Administrative command ...
/tgt [name] Commands summoned monsters to attack an enemy (not a neutral or teammate) player called [name]. Some names are very hard to type ... bad idea to use that in battle.



Still lots of unconfirmed information, e-mail me if you think something wrong here.

To get a quest you need to be a citizen and have 15 or higher level. After you'll get a citizenship you can come to the City Hall and talk to the officer to get a quest. You can cancel as many quests as you wish - no penalty for that. Try canceling it a few times, maybe you will get an easier quest.

When you have 300 quest points you can start crusaders quest in P2P.
Unconfirmed: In the full version with the actual crusade only the guild master can become a commander during the weekly fatal wars. There is an occupation flag called master flag, perhaps it is only for guild masters.


Required Level
Max Contrib. on these levels
35 slimes, 13 orcs, ? ants
150 GP or EXP, 1 contrib.
Home city
13 skeletons, 15 zombies, 23 orcs
300 GP or EXP, 2 contrib.
Rocky Highland/ Silent Woods
15 stone golems, 15 clay golems, 13 helhounds
3 contrib.
Death Valley/ Eternal Fields
13 cyclops or 15 trolls
up to 700 GP, 4 contrib.
Death Valley/ Eternal Fields
70 to ?
25 ogres
5 contrib.
Death Valley/ Eternal Fields
100 to ?
Kill 9 demons, kill ? liches
100+ contribution
Unlimited (or 300?)
Get to a specified location in enemy city. Note, you can reach some of these locations even not on raiding day (like 179,97 for elvines).
1 contirb each, 30 to 600 EXP
Enemy city

Note: If you are starting to get "get to location" quests it seems that you can't get any other types of quests anymore.

The Crusade

Have ever noticed "The Crusade" in the Helbreath name? It's a global event (like all other events it's introduced by GMs).

Only during the Crusades will special abilities, structures, units as well as strategy will be implemented. Certain objectives will ensure victory again the other town. At this moment, the English server has not yet had a Crusade event.

General Information

The Crusade is organized by Gamemasters once per week. (In Korean servers at the moment). During the Crusade, monster experience gains are greatly diminished, and some areas no long become available. This is to encourage the town to defend its own nation. YOU DO NOT LOSE ITEMS OR EXPERIENCES POINTS WHEN YOU DIE DURING A CRUSADE.
Once the all-out war has started, a victory must be attained to end the event. To win the war, a town must destroy all of the opposite town's principal buildings (All the buildings in town except the Barracks).
Before war breaks out, you can choose your role in the war. You can be either a soldier, a constructor, or a commander. Here are their roles.

Soldier: The Soldier are the backbone of the army. In the battlefield, they receive a 30% damage bonus, allowing them to deal heavier damage. Soldiers can teleport to a location of which their guildsmaster/commander has set. The Guildsmaster of the Soldier can set the warp point to a certain location, so all Soldiers of his guild can teleport to that postion from the town. There are no prerequisites to being a soldier.
Constructor A constructor is essentiel in the face of battle. Constructors can establish buildings and defense points to protect or attack a certain position. Constructors depend on their skill of Construction % to build powerful buildings. Constructors can build Detectors, Mana Collectors, Arrow Towers, and Cannon Towers. (See below tables for description). Experience points are rewards for constructing buildings. There are no prerequisites to being a constructor.
Commander A Commander is needed to organize an army. They are responsible to setting a teleport point, so that troops from the town can get to the front lines faster. Only Soldiers from the Commander's guild can use the teleport point which they have set. A Commander can capture territory as well as rallying troops. To become a Commander you must be a guildsmaster.

Once you have chosen a role, you can join your comrades in battle.

How the Crusades work:
The war begins with the Magic Generator. The Magic Generator will be installed in front of the City Hall. The Magic Generator, proved with enough mana, will shower the enemy town with a storm of meteors directed at one of their principal buildings. To obtain Mana for the Magic Generator to function, the town much set up Mana Collectors near the Mana Stones in the Middlelands (Constructors can build Mana Collectors and Mana Stones are spawned in the map).
The Mana Collectors will transport Mana to the Generator, so be careful that the Mana Collectors are carefully guarded with Arrow Towers and Cannon Towers.
Once enough mana is gathered, the Magic Generator will release meteors at an enemy structure. However, the enemy town can defend their structures with Energy Seal Generators. These are un-buildable, and each town will only receive 2 when they start. If both of these Energy Seal Generators are still standing, the meteors from the Magic Generator will be useless against enemy buildings (But painful against enemy citizens). Destroy one or both of the Energy Seal Generators to render the opposing town vulnerable.

Fighting the Crusade:
During the Crusades, each town receives special units.


  • Temple Knight
  • Battle Golem
  • Mercenary
  • Light War Beetle
  • Catapult


  • God's Hand Knight
  • God's Hand Knight Calvary
  • Mercenary
  • Light War Beetle
  • Catapult

During a battle, all monsters in the Middlelands will not be spawned. You will only be able to type in ally chat (Blue chat).

Slaying an enemy will gain you 1 contribution point. The higher level enemy you kill, the more experience and gold you will gain. At the end of the war, the winner of the war will keep all its newly gained contribution points, and be rewarded according to the amount of the contribution points. The loser of the war will lose ALL of their contribution points gained in battle, and will not be rewarded. (That means the contribution points you had before will stay there, just the ones gained by killing enemies will be lost). If you die during the Crusades, you must wait 5 minutes before you are allowed back on the battlefield.

A most important part to contribution is that it helps your town gain new units. The amount of contribution points gathered in the Crusades determines what your town will get. For example, if you are Aresden, and your town has a total contribution of 100 in battle, (means your town has killed 100 enemies), you will be allowed 1 Battle Golem. (Not certain, just an example).
There seems to be a way, by talking to the City Hall Officer, you can somehow teleport directly into the enemy town if their Magic Generator is destroyed. This is called Invasion, during an invasion, if your own town decides to summon a meteor storm to attack the other town, you will be damaged. The recall time applies when you are in the other town. (So its kind of pointless to invade if the Crusade was on like a Monday since u only get 2 minutes).

Most part of info about crusade were taken from since here's no Crusade in the version I'm playing now - I can only add rummors from the forums.

Mana stone Middlelands, spawned by map. A stone radiating with Mana ready to be harnessed.      
Energy Seal Generator Middlelands, 2 for each Town, Spawned at beginning of Crusade A device which generates a shield around the town's primary buildings, these cannot be built and should be well-protected. Enemy Detector Middlelands, can be built by constructors. A device which warns the townsmen when enemies are near, and detects all invisible enemy units.
Magic Generator In Front of City Hall, Spawned at beginning of Crusade A device which will cast a storm of meteors on an enemy building, destroying it instantly. It requires mana from the Mana Collectors to function. Arrow Tower Middlelands and around City Hall, built by constructors. A guard tower which fires arrows at incoming enemy units.
Mana Collector Middlelands, built by constructors. A device placed near Mana Stones to absorb mana, then transported to the Magic Generator in town. Cannon Tower Middlelands and around City Hall, built by constructors. A guard tower which fires cannonballs at incoming enemy units.


All Skills and Stats


1. STR (Strength) STR points limits maximum load, also some items can not be carried until you get certain level of STR. Greater STR points enable faster attack speed, allows to deal more damage (2% per 10 in STR, STR 100 = +20% damage, calculated from basic damage of the weapon) and affects maximum hit points, affects maximum stamina points and allows faster stamina regeneration.

Full Name
Limits skill
Manufacturing, mining,
hand attack

STR (Strength) STR points limits maximum load, also some items can not be carried until you get certain level of STR. Greater STR points enable faster attack speed, allows to deal more damage (2% per 10 in STR, STR 100 = +20% damage, calculated from basic damage of the weapon) and affects maximum hit points, affects maximum stamina points and allows faster stamina regeneration.

Maximum weight carried = STR*5 + Level*5.

Number of stamina points (SP) = STR*2 + Level*2

Number of hit points (HP) = VIT*3 + Level*2 + STR/2


Poison resistance

Increases HP. Points are directly proportional to HP regeneration. Increases physical absorbtion.

Number of hit points (HP) = VIT*3 + Level*2 + STR/2


short sword,
long sword,
arrow attack,

Increases defensive value and your "to hit" value.
Alchemy, pretend corpse

Required to learn magic spells (see "Magic" section). Limits magic %, Increases success ratio of spell casting, increases chance to hit.

Number of magic points (MP)=
MAG*2 + Level*2 + INT/2

Magic %

Affects max mana, directly propotional to mana regeneration, higher magical attack success, and increases spell damage (+3% each 10 in magic so for example: 100 MAG = +30%, 200 MAG = +60%)

Number of magic points (MP)=
MAG*2 + Level*2 + INT/2

Lowers prices in shops (56 charisma gives 4% discount). 20 Charisma is required to start a guild.


To raise a skill you need to use that skill successfully certain amount of times (for example, hit monster, catch a fish etc)

To raise a skill between 20% - 50%
Current Skill% + 2

To raise a skill between 51% - 100%
(Current Skill% + 1)*(Current Skill% + 1) / 10

Examples: To raise a fencing skill from 33 to 34 you need to hit monster successfully 33+2 = 35 times.

To raise a fencing skill from 80 to 81 you need to hit monster successfully (81*81)/10 = 656 times.

Combat skills

Skill Name Max % How to get?
Possible appliances
How to raise?
Hand Attack
Hand attack manual
Hit monsters with your bare hands.
Arrow Attack
Arrow attack manual
Bow + arrows
Shoot monsters with a bow.
Short Sword
Short Sword manual
Dagger or
Short sword or
Main Gauche or
Use a short sword class weapon to hit monsters. Class requirements:
Level (1-10), str (2-8), optimal str (0-26), speed (0-2)
Long Sword
Long Sword manual
Savor or
Long Sword or
Scimitar or
Falchion or
Broad Sword or
Bastard Sword or
Claymore or
Great Sword or
Flamberg or
Giant Sword
Use a long sword class weapon to hit monsters. Class requirements:
Level (1-100), str (12-130), optimal str (65-156), speed (5-12).
Fencing manual
Eesterk or rapier
Use a fencing class weapon to hit monsters. Class requirements:
Level (1-100), str (11-12), optimal str (52-39), speed (3-4). Rapiers are better PvP beacue it requires less str and the extra 13 points can be used elsewhere. Esterks are more like PvM: because you get more damage out of it on Large monsters.
Axe manual
Light Axe or
Tomahawk or
Sexon Axe or
Double Axe or
War Axe or
Battle Axe
Use an axe class weapon to hit monsters.Class requirements:
Level (1-110), str (14-90), optimal str (14-90), speed (3-13)
Shield manual
All shields (Wood, leather, tagi, scooterm, blonde, iron, lagi, knight and tower)
Use shield in the middle of dummy ring in barracks level 2, or if you are a traveller - go to the corner of 2nd room in barracks level 2 and make 2 dummies follow you.
Magic related
Skill Name Max % How to get?
Possible appliances
How to raise?
Magic MAG*2 [auto]
Spells, wands or wizard's staffs
Cast spells.
Magic Resistance (MR) Level*2 [auto]
MR items
To increase this skill, let magical monsters hit you, or ask a mage to hit you with magic (for higher level player or if you have MR armour), hit neutral magic orcs (or stronger magic creatures if you can survive). The best place to train this is garden. If you don't like it: use posion cloud on self and great heal and sometimes cure do it all over agian
Staff attack MAG*2 Staff manual
Wands or wizard's staffs
Use a staff to hit monsters.
Miscellaneous Skills
Skill Name Max % How to get?
Possible appliances
How to raise?
Pretend Corpse INT*2 Pretend Corpse Manual
Open your skill dialog, scroll down to "Pretend Corpse" and click on it. Note, it does not work if someone stays near you (1 square radius). Monsters that havn't seen you before you pretend corpsed will not attack you. Any combat magic cast on you interrupts pretend corpse, as well as critical attack even at 100%. You are completely safe if you pretended in safe zone and here is no summons/enemy monsters that have seen you before your pretend.
Poison Resistance VIT*2 Dilution potion
PR items
For example, let poisoning monsters hit you. There are other ways to get this skill up too, but we'll let you figure them out yourself ;)
Mining STR*2 Mining manual
Equip pick axe to mine in any dungeon (find a rock and then CTRL+attack it). Pick Axe requires 130 STR to swing at full speed
Fishing DEX*2 Fishing manual
Fishing rods
Use the fishing rod on water to fish. If to measure % in exhaused fishing rods, 20 to 32% is 8 fishing rods (4 hours of nonstop fishing, 364 fishies), 20 to 43% is 13 fishing rods. Till 30% it's pain ... 1 fishing rod is for about 200 uses
Alchemy INT*2 Alchemy manual
Alchemy bowl, lots of ingredients
Requires Alchemy Bowl (buy from shop). Double click on the bowl to open alchemy interface.
Manufacturing STR*2 Manuf- acturing manual
Double click on the anvil to open manufacturing interface. Smith as much ores, bars as you can.


Fishing skill

Why Fishing?

Fishing is a skill that allows you to sell your catches for gold. At lower levels, you will mostly catch "normal fish". These normal fish are worth 15 GP and you can also use any of these as food so that you don't starve. Although I would recommend that you sell any fish.

Starting out

The fishing skill is very similar to most other skills. Your maximum skill level is based on your dexterity (dex), however catching fish is not based on your dexterity. Your catching skill is based on your fishing skill percentage, so the higher the percentage the better chances you have at catching fish. If you only have 20 points allocated to dexterity, then your maximum fishing skill can only be 40%. This means that you will never reach 41%, unless you increase your dexterity.

The very first thing you should do when you are starting out is to purchase the "Fishing Manual" from the shopkeeper. This manual will cost around 100 gp (this cost, as all purchasing costs, varies based on your charisma point value). You will also need a "Fishing Rod" which will cost 100 gp. After you purchase the manual, you should read the manual by double-clicking on the manual within your bag screen (F6 or Chest Icon). By reading this manual, you gain an automatic 20% skill level in fishing. However, if your dexterity is not above 10 points then you will never advance this skill level (as stated in previous section).

Where do I fish?

You can fish in any body of water besides the pool of water located near the city hall building. There are bodies of water located through out your town and also in other maps. The chance of catching fish does not depend on location. However you may find your own special fishing spot that provides you with good luck, but technically all bodies of water are the same.

The three types of water to fish are clear water, water with fish, and water with bubbles but no fish. The clear water (no fish present) offers a good place to fish for "normal fish" and this is where new fishermen should start. The water that contains the fish icons is the place to fish for the "big fish". The "big fish" are fish that range in value between 100 GP and 1500 GP and require more skill to catch. The water with bubbles (and without any fish) contains special items, such as swords, that are worth more than the "big fish". The areas of water that contain special item are very rare, but the areas offer the extremely skilled fishermen great opportunities (like 5% chance to get) at making a large profit.

How do I fish?

By reading the manual you are ready to begin fishing. Unfortunately, the manual does not provide you with any instructions on exactly how to fish.

First you should a fishing spot, preferably a safe location away from enemies and distractions, and you have purchased your fishing rod before you begin your fishing trip. Once you arrive at your fishing destination, you must remove any items from your hands such as swords, shields, bow, axes, etc However, certain staves, which allow mages to cast spells and hold in their hands at the same time, can be held in one hand while you fish with your other hand.

Once you free your hands, you will need to open your equipment chest and find your fishing rod. Next, you will double click on the fishing rod and then the game will present a message telling you to select your fishing location. At this point your cursor will change into a "cross hair" icon and you will click on the body of water that you want to attempt your skill in. You will then see a message that says, "You are using a skill", which means that you are fishing.

If you are successful, a fish will appear at your feet and you must bend over and pick it up. You will also hear a sound and see the words "You are successful." If you fail your skill, you will see a message that says "You failed your skill". You can then repeat the same steps and continue to fish until you are ready to leave. As you fish your fishing rod will loose endurance points, same as with other items, so you will need to repair it at the shopkeeper at the appropriate time. If your fishing rod endurance decreases to 0 points, you will see a message that says, "Your item has been exhausted." If you attempt to use an exhausted fishing rod, you will see a message saying, "You cannot use this item."

When you are successful at fishing for "big fish" and special items, you will see a window that provides a picture and information about the item along with your "Fishing Probability". This probability will increase and decrease over time, when this number reaches a number that you feel comfortable with then you will click the "Try Now" link to attempt to catch the fish.

How can I gain skill points?

Every time you are successful, you will see the words "You are successful". If you are successful at your skill attempt of a "normal fish", then you will also catch a fish. However, you can be successful at your skill attempt of a "big fish" or a special item, by just getting a window that shows your fishing probability.

In the skill levels between 20 and 50, you will need to be successful the number of times equal to your skill level to advance to the next level. For example, you need to be successful 26 times to go from 24% to 25%. For levels 50-100, you need to catch ((your next skill level +1) * (your next skill level +1)) / 10. This is explained more clearly in the skills section.

Each fishing rod is for 200 uses which equals half an hour of nonstop fishing small fish.

Fishing skill %
Time required
(1 rod = 200 uses * 9 seconds = half an hour)
0 fishing rods, just use manual
1.5 fishing rods
8 fishing rods
15 fishing rods
21 fishing rods
28 fishing rods
47 fishing rods
56 fishing rods
81 fishing rods
100 fishing rods
115 fishing rods
120 fishing rods
132 fishing rods
164 fishing rods
188 fishing rods
215 fishing rods


What can I catch?

At the beginners skill levels you will have very, very low chances of catching a "big fish" or special items. The "normal fish" will offer you the best opportunities and the faster reward.

Below is a chart of the fishes in the local waters of Helbreath, this chart may not be 100% complete due to the Beta testing and upgrades that will occur after this guide was created, but this web site will attempt to keep this chart as up to date as possible. The exact values of the fish and items may also change with new Beta updates and releases.

Pic Fish/Item Value Easiness
"Normal" Fish 15 1
Crucian Carp 100 2
Gray Mullet 400 3
Salmon 500 5
Red Carp 750 6
Green Carp 900 7
Blue Sea Bream 1000 4
Red Sea Bream 1000 4
Golden Carp 1500 8
Power Green Potion 300  
Super Power Green Potion 600  
Diamond 1500  
Scimitar +2 1600  
Rapier +2 2600  
Flamberg +2 6600  
  War Axe +2    

Note: Maxiumum chance to catch nonfish (even if you will find it) is about 10% when you have 100% fishing (power green is easier - about 20% with 100% fishing)

Use your hotkeys.

You can set your weapons and spells to the F2 and F3 keys; this helps to protect you if something attacks you while your fishing. Because clicking one of those two buttons may be faster than searching through your equipment and finding your weapon or opening the spell menu and selecting a spell. You cannot set your fishing rod as a hotkey option without a macro (check this FAQ question).

Don't go for the big fish until your ready.

At lower skill levels, your fishing probability will not be that high. So instead of being successful and then having a 0-5% chance of catching a big fish, you can catch the "normal fish" and then sell the fish. Depending on your character's level and income, a large catch of 20-30 fish at 15 GP a piece may be extremely profitable especially after a few of these fishing trips in the same day. Your fishing probability will increase with your skill level, but it will increase much slower than your skill level. You can try getting big fish from 60% skill, but only at 75% it becomes a bit easy.

Fishing skill %
Max Chance to catch


However chance of catching depends on fish and changes in time. it's something like
NextFishingChance = PreviousFishingChance+Fishing%/10*(A-rand()) where A varries with fish and skill % (A is in range from 0.2 to 0.8). Fishing % also affects how soon next % change will occure (by the first view 63% and 67% differs about 1.5-2 times)
Unconfirmed: fishing depends on rep 20rep+ = 1 % prob and also depends on rain

Find a good fishing spot early on.

As a low level warrior and a low skilled fisherman, I found that "The Farm" (in Elvine) offered me a safety location from criminals and raiders from Aresden. Also, since there is a shopkeeper located in the farm, this offered me a quick run to sell my fish and a quick return trip to my fishing spot. There is also a "Farm" in Aresden that will offer safety from raiders from Elvine. Unless in future versions of the game the "safe zone" is remove from the farms. Also, Bleeding Island offers lots of water and no monsters, however there are other people there that might attempt to kill you, but you won't lose anything if you die. As a traveller - fish in beginners zone, with 50 dex even 8 slimes will not kill you there.

Evaluate your items wisely.

Bag can contain about 40 items. Most of the time, I do not know when my equipment chest is full until I attempt to place another item in it. At this time, you can be wise about what to leave behind. At the shop, you can sell small strength, stamina, and mana potions for 5 gp, while you can sell your fish for 15 GP. At this time I would drop an item that is worth less than my fish, because when I sell my fish I will make a profit (fish at 15 GP - dropped potion at 5 GP = 10 GP).

You really didn't "Stop fishing" (Beta bug).

There is a bug that others and myself have found while fishing. You will get the "You stopped." message a lot, even if you don't do anything. Even while you get this message, you are still fishing until you see either "you failed" or "you are successful", unless you actually stopped fishing by doing something such as walking, turning around, equipping or removing equipment. If you get attack by anything you will also stop fishing.

Alchemy skill

Alchemy skill is based on INT, that means that maximum % in alchemy you can have is INT*2. To use alchemy skill, you need to buy an alchemy manual from the shopkeeper. Next buy an alchemy bowl. After double clicking on the alchemy bowl, drag the raw materials to the bowl and click the ‘Try Now’ button, if you succeed, a new potion will be made.

Just for fun I'v killed snakes for 2 hours in farm (all 2 hours WITH SUMMONS! :) ), to the end I was alone. And I'v got only 18 snake toungues, 24 snake skin, 28 snake teeth.

Color potions changes color to the NEXT in the pattern. So if you want a certain color you will need to use lots of potions (if you are lucky it will be just 1).

All alchemy parts (will be improved):

Mon ster
Part name
Price in shop
Used in
Red L. Red Mana L. Mana Revi L. Revi Dilut. Invis Hair col. UW col. Hair style Anti Freeze Skin color Sx. chg Ogr sum.
Slime Jelly 5 1 3 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  
Ant Leg 16 1 1                          
Antenna 17     1 1                      
Snake Meat 28         1 2     1   1        
Skin 87     1 1   1                  
Teeth 27             2           1    
Tongue 25 1 1                          
Orc Teeth 28             1 1              
Leather 96                       1      
Meat 25               1              
Scorpion Pincers 25         1 1       1          
Meat 27                 1            
Skin 45                   1          
Sting 27             1     1   1      
Skeleton Bone 25               1           1  
Stone golem Stone golem piece 25                     1        
Clay golem Lump of Clay 47                 1       1 1  
Helhound Tongue 37                     1        
Claw 35                   1          
Tail 35                         1    
Troll Claw 35                           1  
Heart 72                             1
Meat 90   1                          
Cyclops Eye 85                           1  
Leather 300                       1      
Meat 45       1                      
Ogre Heart 170                           1 1
Leather 420                             1
Meat 100                             1
Claw 107                             1
Hair 115                             1
Werewolf Heart 105                       1      
Fish Salmon 500                   1          
Unused in alchemy:
Helhound Heart 45 None
Leather 160 None
Teeth 35 None
Troll Leather 167 None
Cyclops Heart 80 None
Hand Edge 80 None, rummors that will be used to manufacture sharp items
Ogre Teeth 107 None
Werewolf Tail 150 None
Claw 70 None
Meat 105 None
Leather 410 None
Teeth 70 None
Nail 70 None
Demon Meat   None
Heart   None
Eye   None
Unicorn Meat   None
Heart   None
Leather   None
Horn   None



Item name Req.Skill Required materials
Red Potion
20 1 Slime Jelly
1 Ant Leg
1 Snake Tongue
Blue Potion
20 1 Slime Jelly
1 Ant Antenna
1 Snake Skin
Green Potion
20 1 Slime Jelly
1 Scorpion Pincers
1 Snake Meat
Dilution Potion
30 1 Slime Jelly
1 Scorpion Sting
1 Orc teeth
2 Snake Teeth
Big Red Potion
40 3 Slime Jelly
1 Snake Tongue
1 Ant Leg
1 Troll Meat
Big Blue Potion
40 3 Slime Jelly
1 Snake Skin
1 Ant Antenna
1 Cyclops Meat
Big Green Potion
40 2 Slime Jelly
1 Scorpion Pincer
2 Snake Meat
1 Snake Skin
Invisibility Potion
50 1 Slime Jelly
1 Skeleton Bone
1 Orc teeth
1 Orc meat
Hair Color Potion   60 1 Slime Jelly
1 Lump of Clay
1 Scorpion Meat
1 Snake Meat
Underwear Color Potion   60

1 Slime Jelly
1 Scorpion Pincer
1 Scorpion Sting
1 Scorpion Skin
1 Helhound Claw
1 Salmon

Hair Style Potion   70 1 Slime Jelly
1 Stone Piece
1 Snake Meat
1 Helhound Tongue
Anti-Freeze Potion   70

1 Slime Jelly
1 Scorpion Sting
1 Cyclops Leather
1 Orc Leather
1 Werewolf Heart

Skin Color Potion   90 1 Slime Jelly
1 Lump Of Clay
1 Snake Teeth
1 Helhound Tail
Sex Change Potion   95 1 Slime Jelly
1 Ogre Heart
1 Lump of Clay
1 Cyclops Eye
1 Skeleton Bone
1 Troll Claw
Ogre Summon Potion

1 Troll Heart
1 Ogre Heart
1 Ogre Skin
1 Ogre Meat
1 Ogre Claw
1 Ogre Hair


Ok, first things first-you need to do is to make sure that you are a fighter (mages can't grow high in %, aslo they will mine slower) then buy a mining manual, and also a pick axe. Use the manual to get 20% on your mining skill. Then go to the south dungeon, and look for rocks. After a while, you'll know where the rock spawn areas are (usually players are standing there and doing nothing with picks in hands), and can flit between them as needed.
Rocks: Crystal (gems and crystals) and usual (iron, coal, mithril)

To actually mine, first activate attack and safe mode (Home key on your keyboard-not needed to mine, but avoids unpleasant circumstances in case you hit an angry gold knight by mistake). You need to then hold the Ctrl key (either that or the shift key otherwise) and rightclick on the rock. If you haven't got this button pressed down, and you click on the rock, you'll move around the rock and not mine it.

Ok, once you've actually got to hit a rock for the first time, just hold the left mouse button down on the actual rock. The speed at which you mine is dependant on your str stat (130 str full speed), and your success rate won't be all that high. This is where patience comes in. Keep at it, and you'll eventually find that it gets a lot easier to mine after raising your % for a while (note % is limited with dexterity).

Next, locations. The south dungeon is a good place to start mining, but when you get to above 50%, you'll want to maybe further your income slightly by mining crystals. These can be found in d2 and also the middle land mine (I prefer the latter, since the mining spots are more frequent and are grouped closer together). These crystals are blue coloured, and have a different shape to the normal rocks. They are also harder to mine than a normal rock, and the journey to the middle land mine is long and perilous, if you're a low level chaarcter. This is why I would recommend raising your mining skill first before you go there, as you'll have probably naturally raised your level during this time.

Next, hardness of rocks. Some rocks are easier to mine than others. When you have a low %, all rocks will seem as if they refuse to give any materials out. This will be rectified when you increase your %. You will then start to notice the difference bewtween some rocks. Spawn areas of rocks do not seem to have one set of rocks that are harder of softer than other rock spawn areas. It all seems to be instead, random.

Materials gained, and monetary value-Normal rocks can be mine for coal, iron, silver nuggets, gold nuggets, and mithril. The latter three are rarer than coals and iron ore. The last item, mithril, is especially rare. (Avg speed at 1 mithril per 2700 other ores from different rocks). But again, the process is random, so it's hard to compare how often you get mithril as your % increases. Material becomes easier to mine as you increase your mining %.

From blue rocks (crystals), you can gain rubys, diamonds, saphires, emeralds, and crystals. Crystals are found the easiest, while diamonds are said to be hardest to mine.As for monetary values, iron ores and coals sell for 50 gold each, silver nuggest for 500, gold nuggest for 750, mithrils for 25 (this is deceiving-they are very rare and are needed by high % manufacturers for manufacturing knight armours), crystals for 150, saphires, rubys and emeralds for 1000, and diamonds for 1500. (see manufacturing materials)

Magic information

If you want to use magic, you have to learn magic before use it (skill 20% for all players in the beginning). If you don't have magic skill, you can get it at wizard tower, simply talk to the NPC there.

You can learn new spells at magic tower in the town. But there are some spells you can't learn at the magic tower like 'Ice-Storm', 'Mass-Fire-Strike', 'Bloody-Shock-Wave'. To learn those spells, you must get the spell manual from the high level monsters like Demon or Liche.

Magic points formula: Number of magic points (MP) MAG*2 + Level*2 + INT/2


Press F7 to see the spell list, then press the spell you want to cast and choose a target.

You can also attach spells to hotkeys F2 and F3. F4 casts the last spell you casted. To cancel a spell that is being cast, click right mousebutton when choosing target. Casting probability depends on many factors that are Level, Int, Magic Skill. And the power of magic depends on level, Mag, Magic skill.

Casting probability

(NOTICE: This section has a lot of unconfirmed data, so don't blame me if they are wrong)

Perfectly wrong calculation :P Working on it. Some test data:

int 93, mag 129, mag% 100, level 71: 6 circle 100, 7 circle - 91
int 99, mag 129, mag% 100, level 73: 7 circle - 94

If you have 100% skill the casting success ratios are:
Circle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Success ratio 300 250 200 150 100 80 70 60 50 40

If you don't have 100% skill success ratio will be calculated like this:
(Circle success ratio * Magic skill) / 100

If your INT is more than 52, you'll recive INT-50/2 bonus to success ratio. (INT 60: (60-50)/2 = 5, so +5 to success ratio)

Penalty for casting magic that is higher than your level are:
Circle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
penalty 5 5 8 8 10 14 28 32 36 40

Bonus for casting lower level magic is 5 per difference.

Penalty/bonus is calculated like this:

If your level / 10 (rounded down, ie 69/10=6) is under the circle you are casting:
Success penalty = (Circle - (Your level (rounded down) / 10)) * Circle Penalty

If your level / 10 (rounded down) is over the circle you are casting:
Success bonus = (Circle - (Your level (rounded down) / 10)) * 5

If your level / 10 (rounded down) is the same as the circle you are casting, there will be no bonus/penalty.

Few examples so you'll get it:
Level 42 player casting Energy Strike (circle 7): (7-(42/10))*28 = 84 (-84 penalty)
Level 67 player casting Lightning Strike (circle 8): (8-(67/10))*32 = -64 penalty
Level 95 player casting Energy Strike (circle 7): (7-(95/10))*5 = -10 (+10 bonus)

Rain will decrease your success ratio, depending on power of the rain (-8, -22, -33)

If the success at this point is over 100, it will be reduced to 100.

Now you cast the spell, if the spell doesn't fail.

Confused? You should be... let's have a few examples.

Example 1:

Player (Level 42, INT 60, MAG 90, Skill 75%) casting berserk (circle 6)
Circle success: (80 (circle success ratio) * 75 (magic skill)) / 100 = 60
INT bonus: (60-50)/2 = 5
Level penalty: (6 (circle 6 spell) - (42 (level) /10)) * 14 (Circle 6 penalty value) = 28
Success rate: (60+5-28) = 37

Example 2:

Player (Level 71, INT 89, MAG 128, Skill 97%) casting energy strike (circle 7)
Circle success: (70*97)/100=67
INT bonus: (89-50)/2=19
Level bonus/penalty: own level spell, no bonus/penalty
Success rate: 86

Example 3:

PLayer (Level 85, INT 130, MAG 150, Skill 100%) casting berserk (circle 6)
Circle success: (80*100)/100=80
INT bonus: (130-50)/2=40
Level bonus: (6-(85/10))*5 = 10
Success rate: 130

Finally, if you're starving or your stamina is 0 you have a 10% chance of failing the spell.

These formulas may be not accurate, but they will give you some guidance while creating your mage.

Hit ratio

Magical attack hit ratio: (casters hit ratio / targets magic resistance) * 50
If your MAG is over 50 then you'll get MAG-50 bonus to hit
Targets magic resistance = Magic resistance skill + (If targets MAG is over 50 it'll get MAG-50 bonus)

If hit ratio is over 90% it'll be reduced to 90%
if hit ratio is under 10% it'll be increased to 10%

So, let's continue Example 2 (player casting energy strike, success rate 86))
MAG 128 gives you +78 to hit

You throw your spell at area with Ogre (magic res 70), Troll (magic res 60) and a 3 players (player a: magic res 100, mag 80, player b: magic res 100, mag 10, player c: magic res 100, mag 120)

Your chances to hit are:
Casters hit ratio: 164 (86+78)

Ogre: (Res 70, no mag bonus), 164/70*50 = 117% chance to hit (rounded down to 90%)
Troll: (Res 60, no mag bonus), 164/60*50 = 136% chance to hit (rounded down to 90%)
Player A: (Res 100 + MAG Bonus 30 (80-50) = 130), 164/130*50 = 63% chance to hit
Player B: (Res 100, no mag bonus), 164/100*50 = 82% chance to hit
Player C: (Res 100 + MAG Bonus 70 (120-50) = 170), 164/170*50 = 48% chance to hit


What and how much you can summon depends on your magic skill.

Skill Creature
10% Slime
20% Giant Ant
30% Snake
40% Orc
50% Skeleton
60% Clay Golem
70% Stone Golem
80% Magic Orc
90% Helhound
100% Cyclops

Skill # of monsters
20-39% 1
40-59% 2
60-79% 3
80-99% 4
100% 5

Wizard items

Pic Name Weight Price Requirements Other info
Magic wand (ms0) 10 1000 Level 30 Just for staff training
Magic wand (ms10) 10 2500 Level 40 Spells will cost 10% less mana to cast
Magic wand (ms20) 10 5000 Level 50 Spells will cost 20% less mana to cast
Wizard magic staff (ms10) 10 5500 Level 90 Spells will cost 10% less mana to cast
Wizard Staff gives additional +10 defence
Wizard magic staff (ms20) 10 6000 Level 95 Spells will cost 20% less mana to cast
Wizard Staff gives additional +10 defence
Robe 2 2000 MAG 100 AC 1
Wizard Robe 2 3000 MAG 100, Level 80 (70??) AC 1
Wizard Hauberk 12 2400 MAG 100, Level 90, 12 STR AC 12
Wizard Cap 15 1500 Level 90, 110 MAG, 15 STR Endurance 500, 5 AC
Wizard Hat 15 3000 Level 120, 130 MAG, 15 STR Endurance 800, 10 AC


  1. Faster casting speed.
    You can even get occused in speed hacking
  2. Faster casting recovery speed (means you can cast consecutive spells faster)
  3. Higher damage
  4. Mana Recovery.
    Mana regenerates at a faster rate than normal, but the amount of mana regenerated is unaffected.

See also unique items for MS30 etc


1st Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Magic Missile 18 8 1D8 3 100
Create Food 18 18 Creates Food 3 100
Heal 20 15 HP Recovery 2D5+10 3 100
2nd Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Recall 20 15 Return to your city Self 120
Stamina Drain 22 14 SP Reduced 2D6+10 3 200
Energy Bolt 24 15 2D4 2 200
Celebrating Light 25 20 A small magical orange explosion,looks like a fire cracker. - 400
Defence shield 26 19 Protects from Physical Attacks 1 Minute 200
3rd Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Stamina Recovery 20 20 SP Recovery 2D6+5 3 300
Protection from N.M. 20 22 Protects from Normal Missile attacks 1 Minute 300
Fireball 26 27 2D6+2 2 500
Hold Person 26 24 Hold the target for 1 Minute, travellers can't hold anyone 3 500
Possession 26 25 Take Items from a distance - 500
Great Heal 28 28 HP Recovery 4D10 +20 2 500
Poison 29 28 Poison the target, note - poison only decreases health it can't kill anyone, you will need to make final hit anyway, travellers can't poison self. 3 700
Great Stamina Recovery 30 28 SP Recovery 4D6+5 3 800
4th Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Invisibility 30 31 1 minute invisibility, travellers can't invis self target 800
Detect Invisibility 30 33 Detect Invisible players once 700
Protection from Magic 32 35 Protects from all the magical attacks except from Fire Wall, Fire Field and Poison Cloud. 1 Minute 850
Tremor 33 34 3D4 3 x 3 1000
Fire Strike 34 36 2D8+3 2 1000
Cure 35 32 Cure the effects of Poison target 700
Paralyze 36 35 Paralyze the target for 15 seconds (different time for monsters - from 1 to 15 seconds), travellers can't paralize anyone target 1000
Summon Creature 38 35 Summon a monster, summoned creatures are friendly towards friendly and neutral units, and follow the person they were bound on. target 1000
Lightning Arrow 38 32 4D5+10 - 1100
5th Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Confuse Language 42 40 Target cannot communicate normally, words are scrambled. Duration 1 minute. target 1300
Firewall 45 42 Create a Wall of fire that does continuous fire damage while the target remains in it 40 secs 1200
Triple Energy Bolt 45 40 Cast a more powerful Energy bolt 3 1700
Great Defence Shield 46 45 Physical Defense raised by 100 40 secs 1500
Lightning 47 48 4D7+12 - 1700
Fire Field 48 48 Create a field of fire that does continuous fire damage while the target remains in it 3 x 3 1400
Poison Cloud 49 48 Create an area of poison clouds that do continuous poison damage to creatures in the spell area. 3 x 3 1800
Chill Wind 50 45 Makes instant damage and freezes object (same effect as ice strike) 40 secs 2000
6th Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Mass Poison 52 52 1D4/unit per sec (equal to weapon with 40PD), note - poison only decreases health it can't kill anyone, you will need to make final hit anyway. - 2100
Mass Lightning Arrow 53 55 Cast a more powerful lightning arrow - 3000
Spike Field 56 56 Damages targets for 5 hits when they move in the area of effect, no damage while standing still, pfm does not save from this, also drains 5 stamina. 4 x 4 2300
Lightning Bolt 58 58 4D5+18 (+ 4D2+6 additional damage) - 2500
Berserk 59 57 Enables Berserk Mode giving double damage physical attacks 40 secs 2200
Ice Strike 60 59 Calls a falling Ice to freeze and damage your enemies.  If freezing succeeds, target will move 50% slower. Freezing for 5 seconds. 4 x 4 4200
Ice Storm 59 58 ... ?   Rare
7th Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Energy Strike 67 65 Call forth a burst of Energy Magic. 4 x 4 5000
Confusion 75 78 Target cannot see who is friendly unit and who is enemy. 3 x 3 7500
Mass Chill Wind 93 90 Casts a more damaging chill wind. Freezing time 10 seconds. 4 x 4 9800
Mass Fire Strike 85 80 ... ?   Rare
Earthworm Strike 97 80 Calls a worm from the underworld to eat flesh and bones, damages a bit better than ES, drains about 39 stamina. 4 x 4 12000
Armor Break 97 90 Hits like ES but also breaks armor a bit if it deals damage (means no armor breaking in farm, city or safe zone) 3 x 3 20000
Absolute Magic Protection 112   Absolute protection from magic   12500
8th Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Cloud Kill 120 130 Create an area of Deadly clouds that do continuous damage while the targets remains in it 5 x 5 20000
Lightning Strike 123 90 Call forth the powers of Lightning to smite ones enemies 4 x 4 35000
Mass Confusion 130 136 *See Confusion 4 x 4 15000
Bloody Shock Wave 105 120 Combination Attack of Lightning Bolt & Energy Strike. When cast, Bloody Shockwave will have the golden pentagram. 4 x 4


Mass Ice Strike 133 120 *See Ice Strike, (freezes for longer time?) 4 x 4 21000
9th Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Illusion 150 143 Unable to recognize either the characters/their equipment or names for a time (20 seconds) 3 x 3
20 secs
Meteor Strike 169 120 Call forth the power of a flaming meteor to smash your opponents target 40000
10th Circle
Name INT Mana Effect Range Price
Mass Illusion 180 200 Unable to recognize either the characters/their equipment or names for a time (60 seconds) 4 x 4
60 secs
Blizzard 195   Damages 80, 80, 60, 30 at once + freeze, can kill stone golem in 1 hit.   43000


Melee attack information

Highest hit

Sharp gives (?+1?) to max dice hits

Ancient gives + 2 to max dice hits (e.g. weapon's 2d8 becomes 2d10)

Combo gives +1 to max hit for each consecutive combo hit:
short sword - 1st combo hit +1, 2nd +2, 3rd +3
long sword - 1st +0, 2nd +1 3rd +2
axe - 1st +1 2nd +2 3rd + 3
fencing - 1st +2 2nd +4 3rd +6
arrow - 1st +0 2nd +1 3rd +2
hand -1st +0 2nd +2 3rd +3

STR bonus + (2% from basic weapon damage per each 10 levels in STR)

Attack Speed

Your attack speed increases gradually until you reach optimal strength for a weapon. Optimal strength is 13 * Weapon Speed, see weapons section, "opt.str" column for optimal strenghts for each weapon. It is not recommended to use a weapon until you reach this STR. After you reach optimal strength, you hit at maximum speed, the speed will not increase anymore even if you put more points to STR. (STR also adds 2% damage for each 10 strenght, see damage calculation).

Critical Attacks


Once you get your weapon skill to 100%, you will be able to use critical attacks. You will get 1 critical attack for each 10 levels, so for example at levels 80-89, you will have 8 critical attacks available. When you use critical attacks, so that you have less than maximum number of critical attacks available, you start to regenerate them, they regenerate each 40 seconds.

Critical attack damage is: Damage + Damage * (Level / 100)

Distance of critical attacks

Attack kind Distance
Free hand, Short sword Only physical contact.
Long sword, two handed sword 3 squares
Fencing 4 squares
Axe 2 squares
Staff ?

Dash Attack

This ability becomes available also when your weapon skill reaches 100%. When monster starts to retreat, hold CTRL+SHIFT and attack, this way you jump over one square between you and the monster and attack.

Hit probability calculation.


To hit value is calculated from your DEX and weapon skill, if you have under 50 DEX, you don't get any bonuses to your to hit value.

< 50 DEX: To hit value = Weapon Skill
> 50 DEX: To hit value = Weapon Skill + (DEX - 50)

Your defense is your DEX * 2 + any armor bonuses you get. For example Knight Plate Mail has 40 AC, and therefore adds 40 to defense value.

Maximum hit probability is 90%, no matter how much DEX and how high weapon skills you have.
Minimum hit probability is 10%. Hit probability is calculated as follows

Hit probability = (To hit Value / Defensive Value) * 50.


A=attacker, T= Target, B=filler(empty space) C, D, E=possible directions for T to run

Starting situation:


If Target T were to run to either of the D spots adjacent to him, he will almost definitely be hit by the dash attack(due to HB having this thing about hitting something as long as it's still adjacent to attacker)

However, if T were to run into any of the C squares, T will not be hit since he will be out of range of the attack(unless the attacker uses alt/Critical, but that's something else) If T were to run into square E, he will hear the "Ugh" sound(tried to enter occupied square), and be bumped back into his T square. He will also of course be hit.

Example 1:

If your dex is 75 and weapon skill is 90%, your to hit value is 90 + (75 - 50) = 90 + 25 = 115
If your opponent has dex 75 and is wearing Shoes (AC 1), Hauberk (AC 8), Scale Mail (AC 20), Helm (AC 8), Plate Leggings (AC 12), Iron Shield (AC 22) and a Cape (AC 1), his basic defense value is 75 * 2 = 150, and he gets 72 defense points from his armor (1 + 8 + 20 + 8 + 12 + 22 + 1), now his total defense value is 150 + 72 = 222

In this case your hit probability would be:
(115 / 222) * 50 = 25%

Example 2:

Your dex is 100 and weapon skill is 100%, your to hit value is 100 + (100 - 50) = 150
If your opponent has 50 DEX and no armor, his defense value is 50*2 + 0 = 100

In this case your hit probability would be:
(150 / 100) * 50 = 75%

Example 3:

Your dex is 200 and weapon skill is 100%, your to hit value is 100 + (200 - 50) = 250
If your opponent has 50 dex and a tunic (AC 3) no armor, his defense value is 50*2 + 3 = 103

In this case your hit probability would be:
(250 / 103) * 50 = 121% = 90% (90% is the maximum hit probability)

Example 4:

Your dex is 10 and weapon skill is 20%, your to hit value is 20 (dex under 50 does not give a bonus)
If your opponent has 200 dex and no armor, his defense value is 200*2 + 0 = 400

In this case your hit probability would be:
(20 / 400) * 50 = 2% = 10% (10% is the minimum hit probability)

NOTE: Enemy's defense value is reduced to half if you attack from the back.



Manufacturing is second best (by gold) way to make money for fighters or battlemages, but starts giving profit only at very high % (check manufacturing table ...) and VERY hard to get. Maximum skill % is limited with STR*2, so just forget about getting it on mage. First of all, buy manufacturing manual (100 gold) and anvil (1500 gold) in blacksmith (find in city using your map). Now you need to get materials somehow, so get, here's 3 ways: mine (500 gold for pickaxe, check also mining section), buy (40-50 gold each) or trade for ready items (high manufacturing skill players only).

Now, doubleclick on anvil to open manufactuing interface, drag ores you have mined (or bought) into empty spaces and choose what to manufacture, good luck :) .

Skill = Skill required to manufacture the item. Max Skill = How high you can raise your manufacturing % by creating this item.

The completion % of anything you create depens on the quality of the raw material you use. Therefore, to maximize your result, you need high quality stuff (this can be hard to find and can be expensive)

Basic max completion % is 115% and thereafter you add 1% for every 1% you increase your manufacturing skill. So for 150% hauberk 75% skill is required (you can start making haubs when your skill is 40%).

Merien stones can increase item completition.

Materials for skill % estimation table:

Here was lots of questions about its correctness, so I'v decided to detalize it.

1b = 1 bar, 1s = 1 super coal, 1u = 1 ultra coal, op numr = Number of operations you need to make on anvil that goes to %

Skill %
Item to manufacture
Total amount of materials required (ores * times to succed / op number)
% Range
Times to succed
Iron ores
Op number
Iron ores
0% to 20%
Manual + Anvil from blacksmith
20% to 30%
Super coals and
Iron bars
30% to 40%
1b 1s+1 3 7 1
40% to 50%
Tomahawk (90gp), short sword (25gp)
2b 1s+1 6 10 1
50% to 60%
Main gauche
2b 1s+1 6 10 1
60% to 70%
2b 1s+1 6 10 1
70% to 80%
3b 1s+2 9 15 1
80% to 90%
Ultra coal
0 3s 0 9
90% to 100%
Flamberges or plates
4b 2s 12 18 1
Total to 100%:

Armory for the whole city :)
<--- that's a bit more than a number of items

406617 coal
iron ores

I assumed minimal use of materials, not the best product cost/profit in the table above.


Manufacturing Materials

Name Price How to Get
Mineable (Rock)
Iron Ore
Mineable (Rock)
Silver Nugget
Mineable (Rock)
Gold Nugget
Mineable (Rock)
sell to players
Mineable (Rock) (very rare but 25 GP in shop ...)
Mineable (Blue Crystal)
Mineable (Blue Crystal)
Mineable (Blue Crystal)
Mineable (Blue Crystal)
Mineable (Blue Crystal)
Super Coal
Manufacturing (20 Skill, 3 Coal)
Iron Bar
Manufacturing (20 Skill, 3 Iron, 1 Super Coal)
Ultra Coal
Manufacturing (80 Skill, 3 Super Coal)
Mithril Bar
Manufacturing (85 Skill, 3 Mithril, 1 Ultra Coal)

Manufacturing table

Name Skill Elements Max Skill Price
Iron Bar 20 3 Iron Ore, 1 Super Coal (3/3/-) 30  
Super Coal 20 3 Coal (-/3/-) 30  
Ultra Coal 80 3 Super Coal (9 Coal) (-/9/-) 90  
Mithril Bar 85 3 Mithril, 1 Ultra Coal (-/9/3) 95  
Name Skill Elements (iron/coal/mith ores) Max Skill Price
Dagger 30 1 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 1 Coal (3/7/-) 40 25
Light Axe 30 2 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 1 Coal (6/10/-) 40 100
Esterk 40 3 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 2 Coal (9/14/-) 50 200
Light Axe+1 40 2 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 1 Coal (6/16/-) 60 350
Long Sword 40 3 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 2 Coal (9/14/-) 50 150
Short Sword 40 2 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 1 Coal (6/10/-) 50 50
Tomahawk 40 2 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 1 Coal (6/10/-) 50 180
Esterk+1 45 3 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (9/20/-) 65 800
Long Sword+1 45 3 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (9/20/-) 80 650
Tomahawk+1 45 2 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 1 Coal (6/16/-) 70 700
Broad Sword 50 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 60 250
Light Axe+2 50 2 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 1 Coal (-/22/6) 75  
Main Gauche 50 2 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 1 Coal (6/10/-) 60 50
Rapier 50 3 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 2 Coal (9/14/-) 60 300
Savor 50 3 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 2 Coal (9/14/-) 60  
Sexon Axe 50 2 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 1 Coal (6/10/-) 60 200
Broad Sword+1 55 3 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (9/27/-) 90 1100
Esterk+2 55 3 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (-/38/9) 65  
Long Sword+2 55 3 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (-/38/9) 80  
Rapier+1 55 3 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (9/20/-) 75 1300
Savor+1 55 3 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (9/20/-) 85  
Sexon Axe+1 55 2 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 1 Coal (6/16/-) 2nd best in 70 to 80 80 800
Tomahawk+2 55 2 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 1 Coal (-/22/6) 80  
Bastard Sword 60 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 70 250
Double Axe 60 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 70 560
Gradius 60 2 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 1 Coal (6/10/-) best in 60 to 70 70 90
Scimitar 60 3 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 2 Coal (9/14/-) 70 200
Bastard Sword+1 65 3 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (9/18/-) 95 1200
Broad Sword+2 65 3 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/45/9) 80  
Double Axe+1 65 3 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (9/18/-) 90 1200
Rapier+2 65 3 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (-/38/9) 75 2600
Savor+2 65 3 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (-/38/9) 85  
Scimitar+1 65 3 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (9/20/-) 90 800
Sexon Axe+2 65 2 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 1 Coal (-/28/6) 85  
Claymore 70 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 80 400
Falchion 70 3 Iron Bar, 1 Super Coal, 2 Coal (9/14/-) 70 to 80, best 80 250
War Axe 70 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 80 700
Bastard Sword+2 75 3 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/45/9) 85  
Claymore+1 75 4 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (12/30/-) 96 1800
Double Axe+2 75 3 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/45/9) 90  
Falchion+1 75 3 Iron Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (9/20/-) 95 1000
Scimitar+2 75 3 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (-/38/9) 90 1600
Great Sword 80 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 90 500
War Axe+1 80 3 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (9/27/-) 94 2000
Great Sword+1 84 4 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (12/30/-) 97 2300
Claymore+2 85 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 90  
Falchion+2 85 3 Mithril Bar, 1 Ultra Coal, 2 Coal (-/38/9) 95  
Battle Axe 90 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 100 3500
Flamberge 90 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 90 to 100 also armor 100 700
War Axe+2 90 3 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/45/9) 95  
Flamberge+1 93 4 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (12/30/-) 100 3300
Great Sword+2 94 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 95  
Battle Axe+1 95 4 Iron Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (12/30/-) 100 6000
Flamberge+2 97 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 100 6600
Battle Axe+2 99 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 100  
Giant Sword 99 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal? (-/54/12) 100 8000
Name Skill Elements Max Skill Price
Hauberk(M) 40 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 50 400
Hauberk(W) 40 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 50 400
Chain Hose(M) 50 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 60 400
Chain Hose(W) 50 3 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (9/15/-) 60 400
Scale Mail(M) 60 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 70 900
Scale Mail(W) 60 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 70 900
Chain Mail(M) 70 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 80 1200
Chain Mail(W) 70 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 80 1200
Plate Leggings(M) 80 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 90 1000
Plate Leggings(W) 80 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 90 1000
Plate Mail(M) 90 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 100 4500
Plate Mail(W) 90 4 Iron Bar, 2 Super Coal (12/18/-) 100 4500
Wizards Hauberk(W) 95 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 100 2400
Wizard Hauberk(M) 95 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 100 2400
Knight Plate Mail(M) 99 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 100 6000
Knight Plate Mail(W) 99 4 Mithril Bar, 2 Ultra Coal (-/54/12) 100 6000



In international version of HB level cap is set to 140 (you can't get any higher, instead you are getting upgrade points), in korean (japaneese) it's 180.
Till 15 level it grows using square function.

Level Experience To next level     Level Experience To next level
1 50 100     91 3 811 682 216 200
2 150 150     92 4 027 882 220 875
3 300 200     93 4 248 757 225 600
4 500 250     94 4 474 357 230 375
5 750 300     95 4 704 732 235 200
6 1 050 350     96 4 939 932 240 075
7 1 400 400     97 5 180 007 245 000
8 1 800 450     98 5 425 007 249 975
9 2 250 500     99 5 674 982 255 000
10 2 750 550     100 5 929 982 260 075
11 3 300 600     101 6 190 057 379 644
12 3 900 650     102 6 569 701 387 074
13 4 550 700     103 6 956 775 394 576
14 5 250 750     104 7 351 351 402 150
15 6 000 800     105 7 753 501 409 796
16 6 800 1 139     106 8 163 297 417 514
17 7 939 1 224     107 8 580 811 425 304
18 9 163 1 311     108 9 006 115 433 166
19 10 474 1 400     109 9 439 281 441 100
20 11 874 1 491     110 9 880 381 449 106
21 13 365 1 584     111 10 329 487 457 184
22 14 949 1 679     112 10 786 671 465 334
23 16 628 1 776     113 11 252 005 473 556
24 18 404 1 875     114 11 725 561 481 850
25 20 279 1 976     115 12 207 411 490 216
26 22 255 2 079     116 12 697 627 498 654
27 24 334 2 184     117 13 196 281 507 164
28 26 518 2 291     118 13 703 445 699 839
29 28 809 2 400     119 14 403 284 711 600
30 31 209 2 511     120 15 114 884 723 459
31 33 720 2 624     121 15 838 343 735 416
32 36 344 2 739     122 16 573 759 747 471
33 39 083 6 324     123 17 321 230 759 624
34 45 407 6 650     124 18 080 854 771 875
35 52 057 6 984     125 18 852 729 784 224
36 59 041 7 326     126 19 636 953 796 671
37 66 367 7 676     127 20 433 624 809 216
38 74 043 8 034     128 21 242 840 821 859
39 82 077 8 400     129 22 064 699 834 600
40 90 477 8 774     130 22 899 299 847 439
41 99 251 9 156     131 23 746 738 860 376
42 108 407 9 546     132 24 607 114 873 411
43 117 953 9 944     133 25 480 525 886 544
44 127 897 10 350     134 26 367 069 899 775
45 138 247 10 764     135 27 266 844 1 190 544
46 149 011 11 186     136 28 457 388 1 208 066
47 160 197 11 616     137 29 665 454 1 225 716
48 171 813 12 054     138 30 891 170 1 243 494
49 183 867 12 500     139 32 134 664 1 261 400
50 196 367 25 959     140 33 396 064 1 279 434
51 222 326 26 936     141 34 675 498 1 297 596
52 249 262 27 931     142 35 973 094 1 315 886
53 277 193 28 944     143 37 288 980 1 334 304
54 306 137 29 975     144 38 623 284 1 352 850
55 336 112 31 024     145 39 976 134 1 371 524
56 367 136 32 091     146 41 347 658 1 390 326
57 399 227 33 176     147 42 737 984 1 409 256
58 432 403 34 279     148 44 147 240 1 428 314
59 466 682 35 400     149 45 575 554 1 447 500
60 502 082 36 539     150 47 023 054 1 466 814
61 538 621 37 696     151 48 489 868 1 486 256
62 576 317 38 871     152 49 976 124 1 903 779
63 615 188 40 064     153 51 879 903 1 928 696
64 655 252 41 275     154 53 808 599 1 953 775
65 696 527 42 504     155 55 762 374 1 979 016
66 739 031 43 751     156 57 741 390 2 004 419
67 782 782 77 384     157 59 745 809 2 029 984
68 860 166 79 626     158 61 775 793 2 055 711
69 939 792 81 900     159 63 831 504 2 081 600
70 1 021 692 84 206     160 65 913 104 2 107 651
71 1 105 898 86 544     161 68 020 755 2 133 864
72 1 192 442 88 914     162 70 154 619 2 160 239
73 1 281 356 91 316     163 72 314 858 2 186 776
74 1 372 672 93 750     164 74 501 634 2 213 475
75 1 466 422 96 216     165 76 715 109 2 240 336
76 1 562 638 98 714     166 78 955 445 2 267 359
77 1 661 352 101 244     167 81 222 804 2 294 544
78 1 762 596 103 806     168 83 517 348 2 321 891
79 1 866 402 106 400     169 85 839 239 2 898 500
80 1 972 802 109 026     170 88 737 739 2 932 650
81 2 081 828 111 684     171 91 670 389 2 967 000
82 2 193 512 114 374     172 94 637 389 3 001 550
83 2 307 886 117 096     173 97 638 939 3 036 300
84 2 424 982 184 875     174 100 675 239 3 071 250
85 2 609 857 189 200     175 103 746 489 3 106 400
86 2 799 057 193 575     176 106 852 889 3 141 750
87 2 992 632 198 000     177 109 994 639 3 177 300
88 3 190 632 202 475     178 113 171 939 3 213 050
89 3 393 107 207 000     179 116 384 989 3 249 000
90 3 600 107 211 575     180 119 633 989  




Strenght required to wear a piece of armor is same as it's weight. When you're buying armor, please note that there are different versions for male and female, those are not marked on this chart because the item attributes are identical.

Name AC Durability Weight Price Requirements
Shoes 1 300 2 20
Long Boots 1 300 5 100
Shirt 1 300 1 20
Tunic 3 300 5 350 Male
Knee Trouserss 1 300 1 20
Trousers 1 300 1 80
Chemise 1 300 1 200 Female
Bodice 1 400 2 150 Female
Long Bodice 1 400 2 180 Female
Skirt 1 300 1 200 Female
Cape 1 300 2 1000
Robe 12 3000 2 2000 MAG 100
Wizard Robe 12 3000 2 3000 MAG 100, Level 80
Santa costume 1 3000   18000  
Body Armor
Name AC Durability Weight Price Requirements
Hauberk 8 200 12 400 12 STR
Wizard Hauberk 12 500 12 2400 MAG 100, Level 90
Knight Hauberk 12 1000 12 2400 DEX 100, Level 70
Leather Armor 10 400 15 500 15 STR
Scale Mail 20 600 20 900 20 STR
Chain Mail 30 1000 30 1200 30 STR
Plate Mail 37 3000 100 4500 100 STR
Knight Plate Mail 40 3500 100 6000 Level 85, 100 STR
Name AC Durability Weight Price Requirements
Helm 8 1000 52 1000 52 STR
Full Helm 10 1400 85 1500 85 STR
Knight Full Helm 12 2000 85 3500 Level 80, 85 STR
Wing Helm 15 2500 130 5000 Level 100, 130 STR
Horned Helm 17 3500 160 4000 Level 120, 160 STR
Wizard Cap 5 500 15 1500 Level 90, 110 MAG, 15 STR
Wizard Hat 10 800 15 3000 Level 120, 130 MAG, 15 STR
Name AC Durability Weight Price Requirements
Chain Hose 6 500 10 400
Plate Leggings 12 1000 20 1000 20 STR
Knight Plate Leggings 14 1100 20 3000 Level 80, 20 STR
Name AC Durability Weight Price Requirements
Wood Shield 8 300 8 100
Leather Shield 10 300 10 150
Targe Shield 13 500 18 250 18 STR
Scooterm Shield 16 500 20 300 20 STR
Bronze Shield 18 500 20 450 20 STR
Iron Shield 22 500 25 700 25 STR
Large Shield 26 800 30 1300 30 STR
Knight Shield 30 800 32 1500 32 STR
Tower Shield 35 800 40 1800 40 STR

Misc. items

Name Price Description
Health Potion (red) 10 Minor HP recovery potion (+15?)
Big Health Potion (red) 65 Greater HP recovery potion (+60)
  Red candy 2000 HP recovery +200
Mana Potion (blue) 10 Minor MP recovery potion
Big Mana Potion (blue) 65 Greater MP recovery potion (+60)
  Blue candy 500 Mana recovery +200
Revitalizing Potion (green) 10 Minor SP recovery potion + cure poison
Big Revitalizing Potion (green) 65 Greater SP recovery potion + cure poison
  Green candy 500 SP recovery +200
Power Green Potion 300? Greater SP Recovery, allows you to run 15 minutes without SP loss
Super Power Green Potion 600? Greater SP Recovery, allows you to run 30 minutes without SP loss
Dilution Potion 200 Gives the User +20% Poison Resistance once
Silver Necklace 500 A Silver Necklace useless without special stats
Silver Ring 350 A Silver Ring useless without special stats
Gold Necklace 1000 A Gold Necklace useless without special stats
Gold Ring 700 A Gold Ring useless without special stats
Sapphire ring ? Does nothing till P2p. See also Rings section
Endurance: 5000
Ruby ring ? See also Rings section
Endurance: 5000
Emerald ring ? See also Rings section
Endurance: 9000
Platinum ring ? Does nothing till P2p.
Zemstone of sacrifice 10000-15000 You have 100% chance to drop it, and only it, when you die
Bouquette 1000 A Bouquet of Flowers
Flower Basket 1500 A Basket of Flowers
Flower Pot 500 A Pot of Flowers
Dye potions 100 Used to dye (change colour of the) clothes
Decoloration Pot 100 Decoloring clothing (makes it white)
Baguette 5 Remove hunger, increased regeneration once
Meat 10 Remove hunger, increased regeneration once
Fishing Manual 100 Used to learn fishing skill
Fishing Rod 100 Used for fishing, 200 uses each
Alchemy Manual 100 Used to learn alchemy skill
Alchemy Bowl 1000 Used for mixing ingredients (alchemy)
Manufacturing Manual 100 Used to learn manufacturing skill
Smith's Anvil 1500 Used for manufacturing
Mining Manual 100 Used to learn Mining skill
Pick Axe 500 Used for extracting minerals from rocks
Recall Scroll 120 Casts recall on reader (see magic for details) If you have learned recall already, it's for 5 uses, otherwise - for 1. Also if you are under 80 level, it recalls from any other map except for farm without getting used.
Invisibility Scroll 560 Casts invisibility on reader (see magic for details)
Detect Invisibility Scroll 330 Casts detect invisibility (see magic for details)
Map 30 Location map (if available)
Bleeding Isle Ticket 100 Teleports the user to Bleeding Isle
Hand Attack Manual 100 Used to learn Hand Attack skill
Short Sword Manual 100 Used to learn Short Sword skill
Pretend Corpse Manual 100 Used to learn Pretend Corpse skill
Long Sword Manual 100 Used to learn Long Sword skill
Fencing Manual 100 Used to learn Fencing skill
Axe Manual 100 Used to learn Axe skill
Arrow Attack Manual 100 Used to learn Arrow Attack skill
Arrows 1 Used to shoot using arrow attack skill
Shield Manual 100 Used to learn Shield skill
Staff Attack Manual 100 Used to learn Staff Attack skill


To be able to swing a weapon at its full speed you need 13*speed strength (for example Battle Axe (speed 13) 13*13 = 169 str)

Supposed Best rate for claymore -> speed 7 *13 Str = 91, but if you doubles this Str to 182, you'll get the next speed ratio (you can try with a short sword with 104 str ).

Short Swords
Name level req.str opt.str Price speed S-M L type
Dagger 1 2 0 25 0 d4 d3 1 handed
Dagger +1 10 2 0 100 0 d4+1 d3+1 1 handed
Short Sword 1 8 26 50 2 d6 d4 1 handed
Short Sword +1 10 8 26 200 2 d6+1 d4+1 1 handed
Main Gauche 1 8 26 50 2 d6 d4 1 handed
Main Gauche +1 15 8 26 200 2 d6+1 d4+1 1 handed
Gradius 1 8 26 90 2 d6 d6 1 handed
Gradius +1 20 8 26 350 2 d6+1 d6+1 1 handed
Name level req.str opt.str   speed S-M L type
Esterk 1 12 52 200 4 d7 d10 1 handed
Esterk +1 20 12 52 800 4 d7+1 d10+1 1 handed
Rapier 1 11 39 300 3 d7 d7 1 handed
Rapier +1 30 11 39 1300 3 d7+1 d7+1 1 handed
Knight Rapier 100 11 39 3200 3 d7+2 d7+2 1 handed
Long Swords
Name level req.str opt.str   speed S-M L type
Sabre 1 12 65 150 5 d8 d8 1 handed
Sabre +1 20 12 65 600 5 d8+1 d8+1 1 handed
Long Sword 1 14 78 150 6 d8 d10 1 handed
Long Sword +1 40 14 78 650 6 d8+1 d10+1 1 handed
Scimitar 1 18 78 200 6 d8 d12 1 handed
Scimitar +1 30 18 78 800 6 d8+1 d12+1 1 handed
Falchion 1 22 78 250 6 d8 2d6 1 handed
Falchion +1 35 22 78 1000 6 d8+1 2d6+1 1 handed
Broad Sword 1 28 78 250 6 d10 2d6 2 handed
(use falchion instead)
Broad Sword +1 30 28 78 1100 6 d10+1 2d6+1 2 handed
(use falchion+1 instead)
Bastard 1 33 78 300 6 2d5 2d7 2 handed
Bastard +1 35 33 78 1200 6 2d5+1 2d7+1 2 handed
Claymore 1 40 91 400 7 2d6 2d8 2 handed
Claymore +1 40 40 91 1800 7 2d6+1 2d8+1 2 handed
Great Sword 1 52 104 500 8 2d8 2d10 2 handed
Great Sword +1 50 52 104 2300 8 2d8+1 2d10+1 2 handed
Knight Great Sword 85 52 104 3500 8 2d8+2 2d10+2 2 handed
Flamberg 1 60 130 700 10 2d10 2d12 2 handed
Flamberg +1 60 60 130 3300 10 2d10+1 2d12+1 2 handed
Knight Flamberg 95 60 130 3700 10 2d10+2 2d12+2 2 handed
Giant Sword 100 130 156 8000 12 2d10+3 2d12+3 2 handed
Name level req.str opt.str   speed S-M L type
Light Axe 1 14 39 100 3 d6 d5 1 handed
Light Axe +1 10 14 39 350 3 d6+1 d5+1 1 handed
Tomahawk 1 17 52 180 4 2d3 d5 1 handed
Tomahawk +1 20 17 52 700 4 2d3+1 d5+1 1 handed
Sexon Axe 1 20 52 200 4 d6 d6 1 handed
Sexon Axe +1 30 20 52 800 4 d6+1 d6+1 1 handed
Double Axe 1 33 65 560 5 3d3 2d4 1 handed
Double Axe +1 40 33 65 1200 5 3d3+1 2d4+1 1 handed
War Axe 1 44 104 700 8 2d6 2d8 1 handed
War Axe +1 60 44 104 2000 8 2d6+1 2d8+1 1 handed
Knight War Axe 85 44 104 3000 8 2d6+2 2d8+2 1 handed
Battle Axe 1 90 169 3500 13 3d8 3d9 2 handed
Battle Axe +1 110 90 169 6000 13 3d8+1 3d9+1 2 handed


Name level req.str opt.str Price speed S-M L type
Hammer 90 90 156 6000 12 3d7 3d9 2 handed, Weight: 90 Price: 500
Battle hammer 110 120 182 9000 14 3d7+2 3d9+2 2 handed, Weight: 120 Price: 500


Name level req.str opt.str Price speed S-M L type
Short bow
Weight : 8 Stone Price : 100 Gold Durability : 500
Long bow
Weight : 12 Stone Price : 200 Gold Durability : 800
Composite bow
Weight: 40 stone

Unique items

*Some objects needs to press PAGE UP for activation, like Xelima´s Blade

Armors and Weapons




Merien's Shield

Total protetion from physicall attacks from players (from monsters only 50% attacks) for 1 minute every 20 minutes. Dropped by Werewolfs *

Merien's Plate Mail

Destroys enemys weapon .Golems y Ciclops

Xelima's Blade

First hit takes 20% of opponents life. Second takes 20% of opp. life. It continues...

Xelima's Axe

First hit takes 20% of opponents life. Second takes 20% of opp. life. It continues...

Xelima's Rapier

First hit takes 20% of opponents life. Second takes 20% of opp. life. It continues...

Sword of Medusa

Paralyze target on hit. (works only on players), works for 1 minute every 20 minutes.

Sword of Ice Elemental

Freeze target on hit (works only on players), works for 1 minute every 20 minutes.

Magic Wand (MS30) Mana points save +30%
Magic Staff (Magic shield) Adds constant magic shield spell when you wear it. Dropped by Liche and Werewolf
Excalibur ???
Dark Elf's Bow  S-M: +2d4 L: +2d4. Dropped by Dark Elf
Armours bellow were mentioned in history, so you maybe would like to know that such is (was) possible, armours named by the player who owned them.
  Brigendin Armor +91% Defense Bonus
  Stewdid Armor Gives you the special ability to make spell: Berserk *
  Fedid Armor Gives you the special ability to teletransportate *
  Hide Armor Gives you the special ability to make spell:Invisibility *





Damage S-M

Damage L



Four Bladed Golden Axe ? 2d8 2d8 10 Dropped by Werewolf
Gold Axe (LLS) 60 2d10+3 2d10+3 10 Same damage as Flamberge +3. Werewolf
Flamberg+3 60 2d10+3 2d12+3 10 Same damage as Giant Sword. You need less level and less strenght to wear it.
Blood Sword 131 4d7 4d7 11 Dropped by demons.
Blood Axe 61 3d6 3d6 8 Dropped by demons.
Blood Rapiers 11 2d6 2d6 3 Dropped by demons.
  Gold Magic Staff 10 1d6 0 3 Increased magical damage and save MP.
Excalibur/Excalibur+1 ? 2d10 2d12 ? Dropped by TigerWorms
  Templar Sword ? ? ? ? Unknown
Demon Slayer ? 3d10+1 3d12+1 ? Drops by Demons.Most powerfull sword ingame

Rings and Necklaces




Necklace of Poison Protection
+50% poison resistance
Necklace of Serphant
Poison inmunity
Necklace of Medusa
Poison and paralyze inmunity
Necklace of Lightning Protection
+25% lightning protection
NeckLace of Air Elemental
+50% lightning protection
Necklace of Ice Protection
+25 % ice protection
Necklace of Ice Elemental
+50%  ice protection. inmunity of freeze
Necklace of Fire Protection
+25% fire protection
Necklace of Efreet
+50% fire protection
Necklace of Stone golem
+25 Defense. Drop by Golems
Magic Necklace(MR10)
+10% magic resistance(MR) .Drops Ciclop
Magic Necklace(MS10)
Reduce a 10% in mana spended
Magic Necklace(DM+1)
+1 physicall damage
Magic Necklace (DF+10)
+10 Defense physical attacks.Drop Ciclop
Ring of Ogre Power
+2 physicall damage.
Ring of Demon Power
+4  physicall damage.

Ring of Dragon Power

+5  physicall damage. Gargoyle
Sapphire Ring
+10%  physicall damage.
Ring of Wizard
+1 magical damage
Ring of Mage
+2 magical damage
Endurance: 300
Ring of Grand Mage
+3 magical damage
Ring of Archmage
+4 magical damage
Ring of Xelima
+7 magical damage
Ring of Abaddon
+10 magical damage
Necklace of Beholder
You can see invisible people. Drop by Beholder
Lucky Gold Ring
10% of avoid death. (means 10% chance that when your health will go to 0 it will recover to full again. Drop by Trolls.
Ruby Ring
Reduces 10% of magical damage done to you.
Emerald Ring
Reduces 20% of magical damage done to you.







You drop this item every time you die(used to protect valuable objects)

Hero's Cape

To get this u have to a) kill 300 enemys. b)get 300 contribution points (not confirmed)
You can wear only your own Hero's cape.
Also, on every attempt of wearing Hero's cape that does not belong to you (other civilian or enemy city citizen cape) you lose from 0 to 80 HP. So you can now die in warehouse :)
If you wear hero cape then you can't drop it when you die. If it's in your bag then you can drop it when you die.

Bloody Shockwave Manual INT: 105 MP: 120. Dropped by Demons
Ice Storm Manual INT: 59 MP: 58. Dropped by Demons, Unicorns and Liches
Mass Fire Strike maual INT: 85 MP: 80. Dropped by Demons, Unicorns and Liches
Cloud Kill Manual  INT: 120 MP: 130. It can be bought in wiz. tower.


  Weapon Atributtes / Armor Atributtes



Agile Weapons speed -1 (blue color), 0 speed is fastest, lowers the strenght for max swing speed of weapon by 13 str
Ancient Add 2 to damage (2d6 --->2d8), pink colour
Critical Increases critical attacks damage (bright orange color)
Light reduce weight (4%~ 52%)
Poisoning Add poison damage
Righteous Increased damage when you hit enemies (official manual: As the target reputation is worse it hits more).
Sharp Add 1 to damage (2d6 ---> 2d7)
Strong increased endurance
Experience more experience when killing monsters
Gold more gold dropped when killing monsters
Hitting probability increased chance to hit probability
Repeat damage / consecutive increased combo damage




Strong increased endurance
Light reduce weight
Anti-Magic increase magic resistance
Anti-Poison increase poison resistance
Anti-Physical increase physical damage defense
HP Recovery increase hit points regeneration
MP Recovery increase mana  regeneration
SP Recovery increase stamina  regeneration
Physical Absorption Reduce physicall damage
Magical Absorption Reduce magical damage

Special items prices

Frequent question ... Whats the price of the item with xx% of xx? Here I'll try answer this, exceptions listed bellow too.

First of all, here is NOT a shop prices, it's player prices. Next, it will varry if drop rates will be changed from current state (like Zems was 50k each then went down to 15k due to increased drop rates)

Item attribute Estimated cost bonus
0 - 10 up to +500 gold to item price
10 - 20 +1k ~ +2k
20 - 30 +2k ~ +3k
30 - 40 +3k ~ +10k
40 - 50 +10k ~ +30k
50 - 60 +20k ~ +40k
60 - 70 +40k ~ +100k
70 - 80 +70k ~ +200k
80 - 90 +100k ~ +500k
90 - 100 +300k ~ +2mil

What mostly affects price?

  • If its part of armour add 20k to starting price and multiply Estimated cost bonus by about 5
  • If its exp %, over 40% - multiply listed bonus by 3
  • Rep+7 adds about 10-20k to the price
  • If weapon/shield is of an unused type (dagger etc) you will have almost no chances to sell it
  • If you have low-grade item with high % - price will stop growing at about 50k (like 80% PR wood shield is only useful to get PR skill, not usable in combat)
  • If its one of top weapons (Giant sword, battle axe, flamberge, MS20 wand), for 20%+, multiply bonus by 10
  • Level limit free top weapons: starting price is 100k
  • Use (critical hit or consecutive damage)*5 as attribute to get estimated cost bonus for it



Comments on these items appreciated

None ... yet ...


See also creatures section

Blacksmith owner

As a retired warrior he is working on fabrication of weapon. Not only weapon but he is also selling books of how to use the weapons. He repairs damaged weapons too.

City hall Official

There is an official that works in the city hall. In case that the inhabitant wants to make his identification you can come here. Or in case that you catch any criminal he gives you the recompense. And also the official gives you the flag to obtain a territory.
When the character has more than 300 ‘Enemy kill’ the official gives you the hero cloak.

Head official of the guild association

He administers the city guild. If the player wants to make a guild you got to apply here.
And also you can buy necessary application to join in another guild.

Shop owner

She is a kind woman that sells clothes, shoes, liquid medicine, food, etc It’s a very important woman to beginner players.


This soldier doesn’t exhaust and has got the ability of warrior and magician. He is quite strong to combat normal monsters or enemies, and he is the only one that can use the magic with armed weapon. Sometimes this guardian gives damage to beginners because he can use magic power to kill monsters while you are combating.

If you want to fight one ... :) Get PFM first. With PFM even level 30 can fight guard (well, guard has lots of health and you get rep- for killing him, so better choose other target). They are hard to freeze so better just para it instead. If you hit guard, it starts hitting back with probability of about 20% after hit. If you are not criminal and thats allied guard - just make yourself invis for a second - guard will stop attacking you after that.

Warehouse Owner

The man who you can trust to let him keep your items in safety place

Magician Guild Captain

He teaches magic in a tower inside the city. They say the magician leaves the religion and the city to live by his self-alone, but that’s not correct. The inhabitants there are learning all witchcraft from him, causing a tragic blood war.
Most of people are curious why the magician guild is amounting so much gold.



Attribute Effect
Anti-Physical Creature has higher defense value, damage done to it is reduced (Physical absorbtion).
Anti-Magic Creature has higher magic absorbtion.
Poisonous Creature's attacks are poisonous.
Critical Poisonous Same as above, just a stronger poison, up to 40 PD.
Explosive Explodes when it dies. Explosion hurts with MAGIC damage, means MR and MA can save from that.
Critical Explosive Same as above, again, stronger explosion.
Clairvoyant Can attack invisible players.
Destruction of Magic Protection Creature destroys effects of Magic Shield and Protection from Magic.


Notes about monsters

You can see that high monsters have 0 MR. Yes, thats true, just they have very high magic absorbtion instead.

Monster drops gold and parts with constant frequency (whoever kills them), monsters does not drop items when summons kill them (havn't checked poison cloud yet). Chances to drop an item varries from update to update so it's meanless to put them in here.

About mass spawns - they happends ONLY near people, the more people, the more chances of a mass spawns. If its about 20 people - about hour, 100 people - about 20 minutes. So during all wars here happends lots of mass spawns.

Monsters can appear by 2 or 3 - then all will follow 1st if they can't see enemy. If you will paralize first - whole chain will stop.

All small and medium monsters drops pots: Revit, Mana, Health, Big Revit, Big Mana, Big Health, Power green, super power green

Exp is for kill only, not counting Exp for hitting monster, gold drops has values I'v seem myself don't get surprized with preciese values :)

Hitpoints 4 - 17 Damage 1D3
To Hit % 30 Defense 20
Magic Resistance 5 Experience Gain 8 - 20
Special Note: The weakest enemy that can attack
Drops: Body Parts: Jelly
Items: Gold (2 to 10), Dagger, Short Swod, Light Axe, Wood Shield, Targe Shield
Item modifiers: Critical (weapons +5-7, shields +2%), righteous (cons+2), PR (23), HP (21), sharp, poisonous (+20-25)
Hitpoints 8 - 20 Damage 2D3
To Hit % 50 Defense 60
Magic Resistance 20 Experience Gain 16 - 40
Special Note:  

Body Parts: Skin, Tongue, Teeth, Meat
Items: Gold (7-15), Dagger, Short Sword, Light Axe, Tomahawk, Wood Shield (up to 49 MP rec), Targe Shield
Rare Items: Medusa Sword, Necklace of Serpent, Necklace of Poison Protection, Necklace of Medusa

Hitpoints 10-31 Damage 1D5
To Hit % 30 Defense 15
Magic Resistance 5 Experience Gain 10-20
Special Note: Always neutral, can be AP, AM

Items: Gold (5-12), short swords, light axes, wood shields, tower shields (only usual), candies (havn't got any myself yet)
Item modifiers: Strong (to 21%), PA, Hitting probability (to 22), sharp

Hitpoints 15-25 Damage 1D7
To Hit % 30 Defense ?
Magic Resistance 10 Experience Gain 15-25
Special Note: Always neutral , can be AP, AM, poisonous
Drops: Items: Gold (8-17)
Giant Ant
Hitpoints 6 - 15 Damage 2D2
To Hit % 40 Defense 30
Magic Resistance 10 Experience Gain 12 - 30 (+up to 18 for hitting)
Special Note:  
Drops: Body Parts: Antenna, Leg
Items: Gold (6-11), Dagger, Wood Shield, Targe Shield, Light Axe
Item modifiers: strong (Shields + 42% end)
Hitpoints 40-60 Damage 1
To Hit % 100 Defense ? low
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 32 - 80
Special Note: Can be found in barracks, best thing to train on till 41 level.
Drops: Body Parts: none
Items: none
Hitpoints 8 - 20 Damage 3D2
To Hit % 70 Defense 75
Magic Resistance 25 Experience Gain 28 - 70
Special Note:  

Body Parts: Meat, Leather, Teeth
Items: Gold (18-22), Short Sword, Maingauche, Gradius, Tomahawk, Sexon Axe, Esterk, Sabre, Wood Shield, Targe Shield, Special Magic Wand MS0
Rare Items: Platinum Ring

Hitpoints 31 - 36 Damage 5D2
To Hit % 80 Defense 70
Magic Resistance 30 Experience Gain 32 - 80
Special Note:  

Body Parts: Pincers, Meat, Sting, Skin
Items: Gold (41), Gradius, Light Axe, Tomahawk, Sexon Axe, Esterk, Sabre, Maingauche, Wood Shield, Targe Shield, Hauberk, Gold Ring, Special Magic Wand MS0 (up to CP 21, also sometimes has HP stat).
Rare items: Lucky Gold Ring, Ring of Wizard

Magic Orc
Hitpoints 61 - 72 Damage 4D3
To Hit % 100 Defense 70
Magic Resistance 25 Experience Gain 56 - 140
Special Note: Fireball, (when almost out of mana - Energy Bolt)

Body Parts: Meat, Leather, Teeth
Items: Gold(66) Short Sword, Maingauche, Gradius, Tomahawk, Sexon Axe, Esterk, Sabre, Wood Shield, Targe Shield, Special Magic Wand MS0
Modifiers: Strong (14%)

Hitpoints 51 - 61 Damage 4D3
To Hit % 90 Defense 80
Magic Resistance 30 Experience Gain 32 - 80
Special Note:  
Drops: Body Parts: none
Items: Gold (22-90), Gradius, Sexon Axe, Esterk, Sabre, Tomahawk, Wood Shield, Targe Shield, Special Magic Wand MS0
Modifiers: Critical (+5)
Hitpoints 41 - 48 Damage 5D3
To Hit % 100 Defense 100
Magic Resistance 40 Experience Gain 40 - 100
Special Note: 2 squares melee attack
Drops: Body Parts: Bones
Items: Gold (36-45), Tomahawk, Esterk, Targe Shield (21 PR), Long Sword, Falchion, Emerald Ring, MS0 wand
Rare Items: Emerald Ring, Ruby Ring, Sapphire Ring, Platinum Ring
Modifiers: CP 12, HP 21
Stone Golem
Hitpoints 126 - 150 Damage 7D3
To Hit % 150 Defense 110
Magic Resistance 50 Experience Gain 100 - 250
Special Note:  
Drops: Body Parts: Stone Golem Piece
Items: Gold (94-101), Esterk, Long Sword, Chain Hose, Targe Shield, Special Magic Wand MS0
Rare Items: Merien's Plate Mail, Necklace of Stone Golem
Clay Golem
Hitpoints 151 - 180 Damage 7D3
To Hit % 150 Defense 100
Magic Resistance 50 Experience Gain 100 - 250
Special Note:  
Drops: Body Parts: Lump of Clay
Items: Esterk, Long Sword, Sabre, Hauberk, Chain Hose, Targe Shield, Special Magic Wand MS0
Vice Rudolph
Hitpoints   Damage 23
To Hit %   Defense  
Magic Resistance   Experience Gain 193
Special Note:  
Drops: Gold (175), Green Candy, Blue Candy, Red Candy
Giant Frog
Hitpoints   Damage  
To Hit %   Defense  
Magic Resistance   Experience Gain 320-360
Special Note: 2 squares melee attack
Drops: Gold (142-184)
Hitpoints 176 - 210 Damage 7D4
To Hit % 170 Defense 90
Magic Resistance 60 Experience Gain 140 - 350
Special Note: Lightning (when almost out of mana - fireball)
Drops: Body Parts: Heart, Leather, Tail, Teeth, Claw, Nail, Tongue
Items: Scimitar, Sabre, Falchion, Esterk, Rapier, Leather Armor, Hauberk, Chain Hose, Blonde Shield, Special Magic Wand MS10
Rare Items: MR10 Necklace
Hitpoints 276 - 330 Damage 8D4
To Hit % 200 Defense 85
Magic Resistance 60 Experience Gain 200 - 500
Special Note:  
Drops: Body Parts: Heart, Meat, Leather, Claw
Items: Gold(247), War Axe, Esterk, Rapier, Hauberk, Leather Armor, Wood Shield, Targe Shield, Iron Shield, Blonde Shield, Chain Hose, Special Magic Wand MS10, Ruby Ring, Lucky Gold Ring
Rare Items: Ruby Ring, Lucky Gold Ring
Hitpoints 301 - 360 Damage 8D3
To Hit % 180 Defense 100
Magic Resistance 70 Experience Gain 220 - 550
Special Note: Lightning, Long range melee attack.
Drops: Body Parts: Eye, Hand Edge, Heart, Meat, Leather
Items: War Axe, Rapier, Esterk, Hauberk, Chain Hose, Iron Shield, Special Magic Wand MS10
Cannibal plant
Hitpoints   Damage 46
To Hit %   Defense  
Magic Resistance   Experience Gain  
Special Note: Lightning, Long range melee attack.
Hitpoints 576 - 690 Damage 8D5
To Hit % 230 Defense 150
Magic Resistance 70 Experience Gain 400 - 1000
Special Note: 3 squares melee attack
Drops: Body Parts: Hair, Meat, Teeth, Leather, Claw, Heart
Items: Claymore, Great Sword, Flamberge, Chain Mail, Plate Leggings, Chain Hose, Iron Shield, Lagi Shield, Magic Necklace, Special Magic Wand MS10
Rare Items: Ring of Ogre Power
Hitpoints 701 - 840 Damage 8D8
To Hit % 300 Defense 180
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 500 - 1250
Special Note:  
Drops: Body Parts: Heart, Nail, Meat, Tail, Teeth, Leather, Claw
Items: Claymore, War Axe, Great Sword, Flamberge, Leather Armor, Chain Hose, Lagi Shield, Hauberk,War Axe, MS0 wand, Composite bow
Rare Items: Merien's Shield, Golden Axe
Mountain giant
Hitpoints   Damage  
To Hit %   Defense  
Magic Resistance   Experience Gain  
Special Note: Long range melee attack
Hitpoints 651 - 780 Damage 8D9
To Hit % 300 Defense 200
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 500 - 1250
Special Note: Long range magic attack
Drops: Body Parts: none
Items: Battle Axe, Flamberge
Rare Items: Flamberge+3, Golden Axe
Hitpoints 501 - 600 Damage 8D8
To Hit % 450 Defense 100
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 280 - 700
Special Note:  
Drops: Body Parts: none
Items: Esterk, Falmberge
Rare Items: Necklace of Beholder
Dark Elf
Hitpoints 701 - 840 Damage 8D4
To Hit % 450 Defense 200
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 560 - 1400
Special Note: Long range attack (bow) about 20 per hit.
Drops: Body Parts: none
Items: Dark Elf's Bow, Great Sword, Flamberge, Target Shield
Hitpoints   Damage 43
To Hit %   Defense  
Magic Resistance   Experience Gain  
Special Note: Long range melee attack
Hitpoints 651 - 780 Damage 8D4
To Hit % 230 Defense 300
Magic Resistance 75 Experience Gain 420 - 1050
Special Note: Powerful lightning, drops only when corpse disappears (even money).
Drops: Body Parts: none
Items: Magic Necklace, Ice Storm, Flamberge, Special Magic Wand MS20, Ring of Archmage
Rare Items: Cloud Kill Scroll, Ice Storm Scroll, Ice Elemental Sword, Ring of Mage, Ring of Archmage, Magic Wand MS30
Hitpoints 1701 - 2040 Damage 10D10
To Hit % 500 Defense 450
Magic Resistance 500 Experience Gain 1320 - 3300
Special Note: Shoots fireballs like from machinegun (hits about 40 each), Bloody Shock Wave

Body Parts: Eye, Heart, Meat, Leather
Items: Helm, Cape, Battle Axe, Giant Sword
Rare Items: Scroll of Mass Fire Strike, Scroll of Bloody Shock Wave, Scroll of Mass Fire Strike, Blood Sword, Blood Axe, Blood Rapier, Helm, Tower Shield, Demon Slayer, Necklace of Efreet, Ring of Mage, Ring of Demon Power

Hitpoints 1701 - 2040 Damage 10D10
To Hit % 500 Defense 450
Magic Resistance 500 Experience Gain 1320 - 3300
Special Note: Neutral Creature, if it is attacked, it attacks back with Energy Strike and Paralizes you. 6 squares melee attack. Attacker gets rep-. Drops something with about 4/5 chance, drop appears after 20 second delay with random position in zone with 1 square radius from body.
Rummor: the higher your rep is - the better drop, after some unis you will get only money drops :)
Drops: Body Parts: Heart, Horn, Meat, Leather
Items: Giant sword, Battle Axe, Flamberge +1
Hitpoints 2001 - 2400 Damage 13D10
To Hit % 500 Defense 450
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 1600 - 4000
Special Note: Long range critical hits and Bloody Shock Wave
Drops: Rare Items: Xelima Axe, Xelima Blade, Xelima Rapier, Ring of Dragon Power
Hitpoints 5001 - 6000 Damage 15D14
To Hit % 1000 Defense 450
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 2800 - 7000
Special Note: Long range attack.
Drops: Rare Items: RM10 Necklace, M.Shield Staff, MS10 Necklace
Hitpoints 7501 - 9000 Damage 18D17
To Hit % 550 Defense 1200
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 6000 - 15000
Special Note:  Shoots lightnings, strongest monster so far ...
Drops: Rare Items: Excalibur, Excalibur+1
Battle Golem
Hitpoints 4100 - 4800 Damage 13D12
To Hit % 1000 Defense 450
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 0
Special Note: Long range attack.
Light War Beetle
Hitpoints 1251 - 1500 Damage 10D5
To Hit % 500 Defense 450
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 0
Special Note: Summoned by GMs and guild masters in crusades
Hitpoints   Damage  
To Hit %   Defense  
Magic Resistance   Experience Gain  
Special Note: Summoned by GMs and guild masters in crusades
Temple Knight
Hitpoints 1751 - 2100 Damage 10D9
To Hit % 500 Defense 50
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 0
Special Note: Summoned by GMs and guildmasters in crusades
God's Hand Knight
Hitpoints 1751 - 2100 Damage 10D9
To Hit % 500 Defense 50
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 0
Special Note: Summoned by GMs to eradicate top monsters like HC, Tigerworm and by Guildmasters in crusades.
God's Hand Cavalry
Hitpoints 4100 - 4800 Damage 13D12
To Hit % 1000 Defense 450
Magic Resistance 0 Experience Gain 0
Special Note: Summoned by GMs to eradicate top monsters like HC, Tigerworm, can also be summoned by Guildmasters in crusades
Abbadon's Battle Steed
Hitpoints 4100 - 4800 Damage  
To Hit %   Defense  
Magic Resistance   Experience Gain  
Special Note:  



… Once upon a time in the depths of HELBREATH, there were two Absolute Gods: Eldiniel and Aresien. These two Gods had contact with humankind through the Erisnommire Temple at Mt. Asgarde, located in the western region of HELBREATH. Eldiniel and Aresien ruled the world of 12 primary Gods. When the 'Descent of Gods' occurred, the Gods came down and lived in harmony with humankind, making the land fertile and productive. There they released the 'Divine Power' among all people . . .

In HELBREATH, during the year of 2192 the 'Prime Event' took place. The world of HELBREATH fell into deep confusion due to strife between the two Absolute Gods. This event caused a rift between the Gods and humanity. As time passed, the story of the Descent of Gods faded away as legend . . .

Equilibrium - the center of HELBREATH - is a peaceful area with the protection and blessing of the Gods. After the detachment of Divine Power, humankind became spiteful of the nature of HELBREATH. Animals became cruel and attacked humans indiscriminately; the abundant landscape became desolate; man's spirit transformed into something too ruthless to uphold. As the people longed once more for the aid of the Absolute Ones, Equilibrium divided into two sects: those who worshiped Eldiniel and those who worshiped Aresien. As a result, two regions - Elvine and Aresden - emerged, polarizing the landscape . . .

Without the guidance of the Gods, the absolute evil - Abaddon - once restricted to the eastern region of HELBREATH, started to recover it's power. By this process, the forces of evil grew. The deceitful creatures that once lived in the darkness of hell emerged and assailed the villages of HELBREATH. Some say that Abaddon, the land of destruction, is the source of the monsters. Stories arose of missing warriors and magicians who went to Abaddon, not returning. Abaddon became a place feared by the people of HELBREATH . . .

As legend of Abaddon is myth, no one knows of the true state of darkness. The one truth is that the forces of evil rise day by day, while humanity busies itself over petty conflict. These chaotic days require real heroes. Heroes who will unite the separated people of HELBREATH and contain the dark powers…
Perhaps you are one of these heroes.


Structure: Helbreath has 2 servers: Abbadon and Apocalypse (some time ago it was Efreet and Undine- or it's just in Korean version?). Each server has some "subservers". Still don't know the whole structure of subservers... (known so far: Eternal Fields <-> Silent Woods, Eldiniel Garden <-> Elvine Farm, Revival zone <-> Beginners zone). Also note, raiding time counts on all maps that teleports you to the jail for killing ally or for getting killed in enemy zone. Neutral lands never teleports you for killing anyone.

Note: big maps format is 300x300 - same as map in the game. So when I'll finish all maps I want I'll put a PAK files (minimap and bag maps) that will allow you to see them in the game. Sadly Elvine and Aresden are down right now so I can't finish checking stretching of these maps in PAK files. Sorry, expect them in the next update.

Elvine maps
City of Elvine Pits: slime (320,120)(75,125)(60,110)(170,55), snakes (90,265), scorps (350,250)
Impossible to kill ally or traveller but teleports to jail if you do. If you are aresden and got killed here - you will get into the jail. If you are aresden - you can't get any EK here.
Elvine Farm Pits: snake (80,40) (220,210), slime (140,130), scorpions (130,210)(150,210)(210,100), ants (57,169)
Since 2.151 version at farm, characters over 80 level earn only 2/3 of Exp and characters over 100 level earn 1/2 of Exp.
Impossible to kill ally or traveller but teleports to jail if you do. Chat linked with Elvine garden. Aresden will get autorecalled from it.
Death Valley Monsters: werewolves, ogres, cyclops, helhounds, trolls, golems, magic orcs, zombies, usual orcs, skeletons, scorpions
Impossible to kill ally but DOES NOT teleport to jail if you do. Travellers can't enter it.
Rocky Highland Monsters: golems, skeletons, zombies, snakes, ants, slimes.
Impossible to kill ally but teleports to jail if you do. Travellers can't enter it.
Eldiniel garden Monsters: unicorns, trolls, magic orcs, usual orcs, snakes, ants, slimes.
Impossible to kill ally but teleports to jail if you do. Travellers can't enter it.
Elvine dungeon 1st floor Monsters: cyclops, helhounds, golems, skeletons, orcs, zombies, scorpions, ants, slimes
Mining areas: (170,50), (90,155), (130,115), (25,132), (27,54), (56,31), (165,165)
It DOES NOT teleport to jail if you kill someone on this map, but recalls enemies when their raiding time passes..
  Elvine Barracks Entrance (30,40), ladder to next/previous level (70,70), entrance to 2nd room (105,40)
Pits: dummies (90,90)(100,40)(70,40)(100,100)
Level limit: recalls you away when you reach 41 level
Impossible to kill ally or traveller but teleports to jail if you do.
  other Elvine buildings    
  Elvine jail After 5 minutes you get recalled from there, You can manually recall after 3 minutes. Aresdens can get here by getting killed in Elvine city, Elvine - by becoming criminal in city or farm.  
Neutral lands
Beginner Zone (travellers only) Safest place to get small fish.
Elvine portal (127,78)
Pits: slime (95,95)(120,120)(70,70)
Bleeding island You can buy ticket in blacksmith. You can kill anyone there without any penalty, also you don't drop there anything.  
Middle Land Pits:
Elvine: cyclops (430,180), Ogre (150,80) and one bellow elv ww pit, Scorp (460,50), skeletons (210,180), werewolves (500,100)
Aresden: werewolves pit (450,550), cyclops (385,455)
Promise Lands You can enter this map from the Garden.
Level limit: bellow 120 (sometimes?), recalls you when you reach 80 level (but you can enter again)
North dungeon Entrant through the north dungeon entrance in the city. In game it also has name of MiddleLand dungeon, level limit: bellow 81 (80 can enter but can't get EKs from lower level people)  
Middle Land dungeon Note: It has 2 parts, 1 is entrant only through ML
Rocks: 162,54

Dungeon Level 2

Monsters: same as D1 + unicorns (hard to find)
Elvine mining areas: (138,150) (other not known yet)
Aresden mining areas: (not known yet)
Dungeon Level 3 (level 50 required, aka D3)

D4 entrance (59,246)

Monsters: zombies, berserked zombies, skeletons, berserked skeletons, berserked helhounds, berserked cyclops, berserked ogres, ogres, Liches

Dungeon Level 4 (level 60 required, aka D4)

Exit to the D3 (63,241)
Monsters: D3 monsters+Demons, berserked liches.
(200,200) Infinite skeletons spawn - pretty cool for training.

Tower of Hell 1 (aka TOH1)

Monsters: Dark elves, berserked ogres, berserked helhounds, berserked cyclops, beware of mass spawns, very rarely berserked demons.

Entrance to TOH2: (30,220)

Tower of Hell 2 (aka TOH2) Monsters: liches, dark elves ... (unfinished)
Entrance to TOH3: (100 270) and (250,240)
Tower of Hell 3 (aka TOH3) Entrance to D4: (340,195) - unchecked  
  Revival Zone (dead only :), safe zone) Hmm ... Since 2.156 update only 80+ players can enter here  
  Arena maps ?  
Aresden lands
City of Aresden Recall points (201,54)(225,185)
Pits: Snakes (180,55), slimes (70,200)(315,90)(180,290)(325,260), scorps (320,320)
Impossible to kill ally or traveller but teleports to jail if you do. If you are Elvine and got killed here - you will get into the jail. If you are Elvine then you can't get any EK here.
Aresden Farm Pits: Scorps (70,200)(150,210), snakes (180,210), slimes (120,90), ant (160,100)
Since 2.151 version at farm, characters over 80 level earn only 2/3 of Exp and characters over 100 level earn 1/2 of Exp. Impossible to kill ally or traveller but teleports to jail if you do. Elvine will get autorecalled from it.
Aresden Silent Woods Impossible to kill ally but DOES NOT teleport to jail if you do. Travellers can't enter it.  
Aresden Eternal Field Impossible to kill ally but teleports to jail if you do. Travellers can't enter it.
Monsters: golems, skeletons, zombies, snakes, ants, slimes.
Aresien garden Monsters: unicorns, trolls, magic orcs, usual orcs, snakes, ants, slimes.
Impossible to kill ally but teleports to jail if you do. Travellers can't enter it.
Aresden Dungeon 1st floor (aka ares D1)

Rocks: (26,132)
It DOES NOT teleport to jail if you kill someone on this map, but recalls enemies when their raiding time passes.

  Aresden Barracks

Entrance (30,40), ladder to next/previous level (70,70), entrance to 2nd room (105,40)
Pits: dummies (90,90)(100,40)(70,40)(100,100)
Level limit: recalls you away when you reach 41 level
Impossible to kill ally or traveller but teleports to jail if you do.

  other Aresden buildings    
  Aresden jail After 5 minutes you get recalled from there, You can manually recall after 3 minutes. Elvine can get here by getting killed in Aresden city, Aresden - by becoming criminal in city or farm.  

Note: Ares Dungeon lvl 2 is on same map as Elvine Dungeon lvl 2, but you can go to other part only through Dungeon lvl3, not so legal but a fast way (relogin with blocked old location) or through external ways.

Not going to post maps which you will get via Ctrl-M (if you want - look in links section for such), soon will try to post normal maps ...

You can see server name in left-bottom corner when you choose character.

Frequently used acronyms

Acronym or slang word
AC Armor class (used in hit probability calculation)
acc Account
AP Anti Physical (E.g. shield AP 50, used in hit probability calculation)
Ares Aresden (Name of one of cities)
AM Anti Magic (E.g. Shield AM 88, used in magic hit probability calculation)
AMP Absolute Magic Protection (spell)
APFM Same as AMP - Absolute Magic Protection (spell)
body Body armour
BS BlackSmith (building)
BSB Blue Sea Bream (fish)
CHR Charisma (Stat, used to create guilds and reduces prices, see stats section)
CP Casting Probability (E.g. Staff MS10 CP+21%, increases chance to cast spell in all levels by CP)
Cyc Cyclops (See creatures section, also can be summoned at 100% magic)
D1, D2, D3, D4 Dungeon level 1, 2, 3, 4 (map)
detect Detect Invisibility (Spell or command to mages) Fighters usually tells that to mages when they suspect here's someone invisible around. Command to cast detect invisibility spell.
DEX Dexterity (stat, see skills and stats section for details)
DV Death Valley (elvine map)
EB Energy Bolt (spell)
EF Eternal Fields (aresden map)
ES Energy Strike (spell)
EXP Experience, allows you to gain levels
FBS Farm Blacksmith (building on farm map)
FWH Farm Warehouse (building on farm map)
GiS Giant Sword (weapon)
GM Game Master (Player with administrative rights) or, much more rarely Guild Master <GM = Gray Mullet>
GP Gold Pieces (money)
GS Great Sword (weapon)
goldie Gold carp (the most expensive fish) or golden knight with rare things (like golden axe etc)
HB HelBreath
HC Helclaw (2nd strongest monster in the game)
HH Helhound (monster, can be summoned)
HP Hitpoints (your life) or Hitting Probability (item stat, see probability calculation for details)
INT Inteligence (stat, see skills and stats section for details)
Invis Invisibility (spell or command to mage), Fighters usually tells that to mages when they want to commit sudden attack and therefore needs invisibility (e.g. "PFM, Zerk and inivis me")
legs Leg armour
LLF Level Limit Free (everyone can wear that thing)
LMLE Left Middle Land Entrance (location on city map)
LS Long sword (weapon) or Lighnting strike (spell)
Lvl Level (see levels section)
MAG Magic (stat, see skills and stats section for details)
ML Middle lands (map)
MM Magic Missile (weakest attack spell, best for magic % training)
MP Mana Points (your mana)
MR Magic Resistance (skill or item stat, affects chance to get hit by magic)
MS Meteor strike (spell) or mana saving if about staffs (% of mana saving)
ND North dungeon in city (Also known as Middleland dungeon)
NPC Non Player Character (e.g. guard, monster etc)
NWH North WareHouse (building in a city)
P2P Pay to Play (paid version)
Para paralyze (spell or command to mage), Fighters usually tells that to mages when they want to kill/finish enemy (PC or NPC) therefore needs you to help them with (e.g. "Zerk and get para ready")
PC Player Character (character, controlled by Player) or Pretend Corpse (skill)
PD Poison Damage (weapon stat, poison of this weapon damages up to it's PD stat)
peace People asking someone (maybe you) to set peace mode e.g. to join a party or items exchange
PFM Protection From Magic (spell or command to mage) Fighters usually tells that to mages when they want to commit sudden attack and therefore needs it (e.g. "PFM, Zerk and inivis me")
PFNM Protection From Non Magic (spell, protection from arrows, used to prevent PFM)
PK Player Kill
PK penalty Player Killing penalty. The player that have killed a character that doesn't appear as Enemy, receives the PK penalty showing the players Id as Criminal.
PKer Player Killer (Player who kills other players)
PR Poison Resistance (skill or armor stat, affects chance to get poisoned after getting hit with poisonous weapon)
PvP Person vs Person (in-game situation)
PvM Person vs Monster (in-game situation)
Rec Recovery (E.g. MP rec = Mana recovery)
Rep Reputation (see FAQ about reputation)
RH Rocky Highland (elvine map)
RM Resist Magic necklances, almost same as MR just it's item name (armor)
RMLE Right MiddleLand Entrance (location on city map)
RSB Red Sea Bream (fish)
SD South Dungeon (aka Dungeon level 1)
SS Short sword (weapon)
Stat VIT, STR, DEX, MAG, INT, CHR are stats - see stats and skills section
STR Strength (Stat, see skills and stats section for details)
SW Silent Woods (aresden map)
SWH South warehouse (building in city, used to store items)
TNL To Next Level (amount of EXP required to get next level)
TOH1, TOH2, TOH3 Tower Of Hel (maps, hardest dungeons in game)
TW Tigerworm (strongest monster)
VIT Vitality, (Stat, see skills and stats section for details)
WH Warehouse (building in city, used to store items)
WW WereWolf (monster, see monsters section)
Zem Zemstone (stone that gets dropped when you die, you drop ONLY zemstone when you die, if you have it)
Zerk Bersek (spell that doubles damage or command to mage), Fighters usually tells that to mages when they want to kill/finish enemy (PC or NPC) therefore needs you to help them with (e.g. "Zerk and get para ready")

Also you may want to know common chat acronyms:

Acronym or slang word
AFK Away from keyboard
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BBL Be Back Later
BRB Be Right Back
DC Disconnect (e.g. "got DC")
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
GL Good Luck
OIC Oh ... I see
OMG Oh My God
L8r Later
LOL Laughting Out Loud
CYa See you

And rude ones:

Also "ares at s-e slimes" means Aresden at south-eastern slimes pit on current map (marked on map with sword)

So I wished to mention all Russian people I'v met in game:
Elvine: CMEPTb, Fubu, GRIVAS, BOBuk, MakcuM ([MAKC]), eVm, _Vadim_, GADzik, mjaso, Patriot, Tarnum, -FDV- (FDV-, Gugimagon [50+ alchemy], XpeH), KPECT, Parasha (Parashamag, ~Unre[aL]~, ~UnreaL~), KOHuK (^KOHuK^), vovka (noob escho tot), PavlushaII, Killer_Xyu, Dyusik2, RENJA (MAPAT), UdI3, zaz, HAKER, Alcoholik (from Riga), [LorD]MaG (tankistka), vadya, T{}XA (TOXA,Taureans, Kovi, Fish74), zverj, BuHHu_TIyx, MagGirl[] (girl[]), XZCCCCCCCC, BlueElite, 2can, Miokas, Desiam (85+ bad knowldge of russian), @BARIK@, -Ingvar-, Tumyp (monya v runescape), Sallokas (iz estonii), UkraineKGB (hotsuma), Fatum (Aleksey), Zearon, [StaS], Craizy, 1)evil~~, Format_ALL
Aresden: BOUH, Zana_d_Ark, Don_Capone, Lollipop, Mr_bubble, DemonFire, NukeFire, El'Rate, RU$$IAN, Stanpid.
Here's following Russians-only guilds: GRIVAS guild (elvine), Brotherhood of Steel (elvine), ~CMEPTb & XAOC ~ (aresden)

Helbreath Internals

First of all, here's 2 groups of servers: 1 hosted in USA (Elkridge maryland), other is hosted in Korea. USA servers are planned to start working on 20th of jan, 2003. links to the Korean servers group (even though it's hosting international servers as well in Korea) links to the USA servers group (you can create account here) .

Tuning Helbreath

Tuning sounds

In your Helbreath folder you can find folder named Sounds, let's see what it contains:

c1 swing
c18 swing
c2 swing
c10 run step
c11 monster step (ant?)
c12 Kick Back
c13 Kick Back W
c14 Death
c15 Death W
c16 Cast
c17 *Failed*
c19 drink
c20 drink
c21 Success fishing
c22 ? Ouch - good for item drop
c23 Critical hit
c24 Critical hit W
c3 Bow
c4 ?
c5 kick
c6 hit
c7 slime
c9 monster walk (orc?)

m - monster sounds

e1 EB
e10 exhausted
e13 strange drink
e14 menu click
e15 bloody shock wave
e16 ? wind
e17 falling into the water
e18 rabbit/cat move
e19 ? exhausted
e2 fire ball
e20 get item
e21 SP/HP/MP recover
e22 ? bell
e23 Skill up
e24 failed fishing
e25 server going down
e26 official announcement - bells
e27 official announcement - bells
e28 equip
e29 unequip
e3 spell echo
e30 map start sound
e31 Day to night change (grasshoppers)
e32 birds
e33 water ...
e34 Item with sp. ability equiped(chore)
e35 Ability turned on (chore)
e36 ? metal vs metal hit
e37 ? metal vs metal hit
e38 ? rain
e39 thunder
e4 fire strike
e40 lighning strike
e41 ? boiling water
e42 celebrating light
e43 ? swing in silence
e44 ? hammer vs nails
e45 freeze
e46 falling (e.g. ice strike)
e47 smash ice (e.g. ice strike)
e48 applouds
e5 stamina recover/heal etc
e6 ?
e7 ?
e8 ?
e9 fire field

The most interesting for us are:
e12 money drop, replace it with e13 (select e13 then copy and paste it, then delete e12 and rename copy of e13 into 12)
e11 Items drop - replace with something more loud, e13 is ok too.
c8 walk step - replace with something more loud e.g. e18

Many people asked how to change background music

It's quite easy:

  1. Convert your music into the following format:PCM 8,810 kHz; 8 Bit; Stereo
    Here you may encounter some problems if source file has MP3 extension.
  2. Backup MUSIC folder in Helbreath (autoupdate likes to download it again and again if you put your music there)
  3. Put file you got after converting into the Helbreath/MUSIC folder under the one of the following filenames:

Indeed, if you don't have tools like soundforge or just too lazy to convert music from one format into another... Then you can replace any of the files above with a 0 bytes file and just use external player like winamp to add music to the game.

Tuning graphics

Here's a lots of ready skins (just check sites in links section for skins). If you have time and wish to make Helbreath look like YOU want to be - just get a PAK browsing tool , picture editor like PSP or Photoshop and :)

Hmm some people were having problems downloading PAK browser from the main mirror - therefore I'm providing direct links for PAK browser on other mirrors:
2nd Mirror (traffic-limited)
3rd Mirror

PAK browsing tool is really easy to use:

  1. Backup your PAK files you want to mess with
  2. Open HBPak
  3. Click on "Open PAK file" button
  4. Export picture you need into the BMP
  5. Edit it the way you like
  6. Then replace image in PAK with your own BMP file of the same size (it should have 256 colors - 8 bits) using HBPak

Note: color of leftmost-upper pixel will be transparent in the game

Pak files index

PAK file name
ABS.pak Amp.pak Ant.pak Beholder.pak BG.pak Bunny.pak CanPlant.pak Cat.pak Catapult.pak Cla.pak Cyc.pak DarkElf.pak Demon.pak Detector.pak dummy.pak Ettin.pak gagoyle.pak GHK.pak GHKABS.pak GiantFrog.pak GMG.pak GOL.PAK Guard.pak Helb.pak Hellclaw.pak Liche.pak LWB.pak ManaStone.pak monster.pak MTGiant.pak Orc.pak Orge.pak Rudolph.pak Scp.pak SKE.PAK SLM.PAK Stalker.pak Tigerworm.pak TK.pak Troll.pak Unicorn.pak WereWolf.pak Ww.pak Zom.pak
BM.pak Bw.pak Mhr.pak Whr.pak Wm.pak Ym.pak Yw.pak
Player models
CruEffect1.pak EFFECT.PAK EFFECT2.PAK EFFECT3.PAK effect4.pak
effect5.pak effect6.pak Effect7.pak Effect8.pak
Magic effects
DialogText.pak GameDialog.pak interface.pak interface2.pak LoginDialog.pak New-Dialog.pak newiconp.pak Oldinterface2.pak SPRFONTS.PAK
Gandlf.pak Howard.pak Kennedy.pak SHOPKPR.PAK Tom.pak William.pak
Peaceful NPCs
Rocks, fishies, flags
item-equipM.pak item-equipW.pak MAxe1.pak MAxe2.pak MAxe3.pak MAxe4.pak MAxe5.pak MAxe6.pak MBHammer.pak Mbo.pak MCHoses.pak MCMail.pak MHammer.pak MHauberk.pak MHelm1.pak MHelm2.pak MHelm3.pak MHelm4.pak MHelm5.pak MHTrouser.pak MLarmor.pak MLBoots.pak MLeggings.pak Mmantle01.pak Mmantle02.pak Mmantle03.pak MPickAxe1.pak MPMail.pak Mpt.pak MPTWK.PAK Mrobe1.pak MSanta.pak Msh.pak MShirt.pak MShoes.pak MSMail.pak MStaff1.pak MStaff2.pak Msw.pak Msw2.pak Mswx.pak MTrouser.pak MTunic.pak NMHelm1.pak NMHelm2.pak NMHelm3.pak NMHelm4.pak NWHelm1.pak NWHelm2.pak NWHelm3.pak NWHelm4.pak WAxe1.pak WAxe2.pak WAxe3.pak WAxe4.pak WAxe5.pak WAxe6.pak WBHammer.pak Wbo.pak WBodice1.pak WBodice2.pak WChemiss.pak WCHoses.pak WCMail.pak WHammer.pak WHauberk.pak WHelm1.pak WHelm2.pak WHelm3.pak WHelm4.pak WHelm5.pak WHTrouser.pak WLarmor.pak WLBoots.pak WLeggings.pak Wmantle01.pak Wmantle02.pak Wmantle03.pak WPickAxe1.pak WPMail.pak Wpt.pak Wrobe1.pak WSanta.pak Wsh.pak WShirt.pak WShoes.pak WSkirt.pak WSMail.pak WStaff1.pak WStaff2.pak Wsw.pak Wsw2.pak Wswx.pak WTrouser.pak
Weared items
Items on the ground
Items in the bag
maptiles1.pak maptiles2.pak maptiles3.pak maptiles353-361.pak maptiles5.pak maptiles6.pak MdfyObjects.pak mdfytiles.pak Objects1.pak Objects2.pak Objects3.pak objects4.pak Tile226-229.pak Tile363-366.pak Tile444-444.pak TREES1.PAK TreeShadows.pak
Map tiles and map objects which you can't interact with
CruObj1.pak ESG.pak GT-Arrow.pak GT-Cannon.pak ManaCollector.pak maptiles4.pak Structures1.pak structures2.pak Tile223-225.pak Tile370-381.pak Tile382-387.pak Tile388-402.pak Tile403-405.pak Tile422-429.pak Tile430-443.pak (TOH)
Map tiles - Buildings
Sinside1.pak Tile406-421.pak
Map tiles - buildings inside
newmaps.pak Telescope.pak

Files which are advised to be tweaked marked with bold. It's also advised to remove monster corpses to see items more clearly (not advised on unicorns or other monsters which does not drop items immediately or if you are hunting parts) .

Badword fix

Backup old Curse.txt and badword.txt from the Helbreath\Contents folder (in case in later updates it will not work). Put this file in Helbreath\Contents folder. Actually it's quite safe to import text and PAK files.
Links to Curse.Txt: First mirror Second mirror Third Mirror
Links to badword.txt: First mirror Second mirror Third Mirror

Also here is a way to change messages text e.g. "Protection from magic has vanished" to something like "PFM VAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNIIIISSSHHHHEEEEDDD!!!!" :) Just make a search for this string in Helbreath folder.


If you want your site to be added here contact me by e-mail (look at the top of the page) or in game: Tricker aka LtSummon aka Breakfast

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Informational sites: ML Pit maps and tools Character simulator Looks like an old version of my manual in spanish Spanish Night elves clan

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Forums: Russian Brotherhood of Steel forum Something in italian

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rare weapons, alchemy, screenshots, maps of TOH1, TOH2, TOH3.


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Bynnetown guild site
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