MetroWest Vocal Arts
MetroWest Vocal Arts is a resource for vocal music instruction, foreign and domestic language coaching, stage deportment assistance, children's theater production, experiential education for toddlers and children, ensemble voice coaching, choral conducting, and (liturgical, oratorio, opera, event, and concert) soloists.  MetroWest Vocal Arts features the voice and teaching talents of Susan Benner-Bonito (soprano), Marco Bonito (baritone), and their associates.

"Quality music is readily available in the metropolitan area. Our goal," says Marco Bonito, "is to provide music enrichment to those who reside around the Route 495 beltway."  Newly relocated to south-central Massachusetts, Susan and Marco are already engaged in singing, conducting, producing, and teaching activities in various locations in the suburbs.

MetroWest Vocal Arts has been conceived to foster musical fellowship, develop the talents of youth and adults, provide quality vocal entertainment, and  promote music appreciation and education in the metrowest suburbs.  "We are now pursuing a vision of assembling a cadre of vocalists, instrumentalists, actors, and dancers to perform at Renaissance Faires, Historically-Themed Banquets, and other Special Events," says Marco.  For the summer of 2009, MetroWest Vocal Arts will be partnering with Byron McGilvray to form a European Tour Chorale to sing American Music at concert venues in Europe.  "If you are interested in joining us, please call (508) 634-8873."

Susan and Marco can also be e-mailed at: and

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