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There are many opportunities for making  money on the Internet. Almost anything we can think of which is profitable "offline" could probably be translated to an online business if we do it right.  But most of these opportunities require that we be an extraordinary entrepreneur and that we dare go into an unknown territory.   Most require that we have great skill in marketing-especially marketing on the Internet.


But here, we are presented with all the groundwork which have already been done by a Multi-Million Dollar Establishment, offering us a solid business and a fantastic "Business Ownership Support System"!  Everything is already set up for us and all we have to do is to Go For It!

Why don't we all give it a try, as we have nothing to lose but to gain, in term of "Making Money While We Spend".  This sounds exciting for a regular shopper like I am and I'm sure for all of the shoppers out there too!

For a start, all we have to do is to make a list of our monthly household products, health & beauty products, apparel & accessories, home & garden, automobile accessories, eyewear, magazines and others.  As we have all done in the past, we shop at places wherever we go to, but now all we have to do is to shop at our "Own Business Center".  By doing this, we are rewarded with a Value Point for every item that we purchased at retail price 'online',  and the opportunity to bid on items in the Amazing One Dollar Auction with our Value Points and of course, profits and incentives too!


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