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Name origin: Ancient English family; the name is a corruption of British Ap Lake from Ap signifying from or son, and Lake--the son of Lake. The name also has its origin in descriptive adjective of color, and was applied to one whose complexion was of dark color. The family went to Ireland with strongbow. Ap Lake was one of the Knights of Arthur's Round Table. It is recorded in its present form in the Hundred Rolls of 1273, in which appears Hans le Blake. The name is also mentioned in the rolls of subsiders, 1286, in Wiltshire. Robert de Blake was resident of Calne, adjoining the family estates in Blakeland, in the reign of Edward III. The American family traced their lineage from Robert de Blakeland, 1286.--From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes.

  • Giles Blake (1568-1593)
  • William Blake (1594-1663)
  • George Blake (1611-1698)

    Giles Blake at Little Baddow, England; parents ukn at Little Baddow, England
    m.abt.1593 at Little Baddow, Essex, England Dorothy Tweedy she m.(2) William Blam Blake

    CHILDREN included:

    1. William Blake b.1594

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    William Blake

    b.July 10, 1594 at Pitminster, Somerset, England; s/o Giles Blake and Dorthy Tweedy
    d.Oct. 25, 1663 at Dorcheser, MA
    m.(1)abt.1610 ukn at St. Columb Majer, Cornwall, England
    m.(2)Sept. 27, 1617 at Pitminster, England Agnes (Bond or Band)Thorn

    CHILDREN included:

    1. George Blake b.1611

    From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: William, son of Giles of Little Braddow, Essex, England, and 11th generation from Robert de Blakeland, bapt. at Pitminster, Engl., 1594, settled at Dorchester, Mass., 1630.

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    George Blake

    b.1611 of Gloucester, MA; s/o William Blake and ukn first wife
    d.Feb. 17, 1698 at Boxford, MA
    m.1640 Gloucester, MA Dorothy ______
    b.abt.1615 at Gloucester, MA
    d.Dec. 12, 1702 at Boxford, MA

    CHILDREN included:

    1. Rebecca Blake b.Feb. 1641 at Gloucester, MA d. May 8, 1721 at Boxford, MA m.(1)ca.1661 at Andover, MA Robert Eames
    2. Deborah Blake b.Nov. 10, 1644 d.March 6, 1680-1689
    3. Dorothy Blake b.Dec. 10, 1644 [twins??]
    4. Prudence Blake b.April 15, 1647 Gloucester, MA d.March 9, 1688 m.Moses Tyler
    5. Elizabeth Blake b.May 31, 1650 d.Boxford, MA
    6. Mary Blake b.Feb. 14, 1652 d.Aug. 23, 1745 Topsfield, MA
    7. Thomas Blake b.June 9, 1658 d.June 25, 1658
    8. Ruth Blake b.Sept. 3, 1659

    George was selectman at Gloucester, Mass., 1644, where he had resided since 1640.

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