Navy Special Forces
Underwater Demolitions Unit "MYK"

Founded in 1957 and consists of the Special Forces unit of the Hellenic Navy.

it is organised along the guidelines of the Navy Seal unit of the USA and saw action during the Imia crisis.

Its members (sometimes known as "Frogs" are considered some of the most hardened warriors of the Greek Military and are trained to fight in both land and water (both underwater and surface operations).
Monada Ypovrixion Kastrofon (meaning Underwater Destruction Unit) is the Greek Navy's special warfare unit. MYK is divided into four detachments, or OYKs (Omada Ymourhon Katastophan). MYK has four main missions:
Infiltration and sabotage of enemy shipping and bases

Reconnaissance and pre-landing beach clearance an designation

Ordinance disposal

Maritime Counter-Terrorism

Created in 1957, MYK's initial cadre consisted of two naval officers. The men were sent to Little Creek Amphibious Base near Norfolk, Virginia; where both men undertook the US Navy UDT/R training (the forerunner to today's BUD/S course). Upon completion of training, the two men returned home and trained an additional dozen men. This group was assigned to the Greek Navy's amphibious operations command.

In 1959 the unit established its own headquarters and training facilities at Squaramanga Naval Base, but additional training was provided my detachments of USN SEALS and UDT personnel. In 1970 the unit underwent a reorganization and is currently composed of 110 men divided into four operational detachments and a headquarters unit. Each Det is composed of 25 men and specializes in a certain type of mission:

OYK1- unconventional warfare/ intelligence missions OYK2- unconventional warfare/ intelligence missions OYK3- beach recon and hydrographic survey OYK4- conducts EOD operations

There is also a reserve OYK called OYK5 that would be activated during wartime.

The MYK training course lasts approximately seven months. Training is divided into three phases, with the completion of the course consisting of a five day long "hell week". Candidates who successfully complete the course go on to attend the Greek Airborne course before being assigned to their unit.

During the Gulf War, two OYKs tasked with enforcing the UN embargo against Iraq managed to board and search an astounding 217 ships. They are armed with M-16A2 and MP-11 assault rifles, the MP-5 submachine gun, and the MG-3 7.62 light machine gun