Devotion: A Shrine to the Gods of the Greeks
Devotion:  A Simple Shrine to the Gods of the Greeks


Welcome to my humble corner of the web, where you'll find a few of my thoughts about the gods. At present it is a bit minimalist; I hope to add to it in the future.

The gods I honor here are those I honor personally, those represented on my altar. (In case you were wondering about my choices. :))

Please note that in About the Gods I give only the briefest, most basic, fact-based and not-particularly-scholarly (i.e. none of my personal thoughts and theories--someday I'll add these to the page as well!) descriptions of the gods' myth and cult; if you would like to know more, there are many texts and websites which will provide much more detailed information on both mythology and worship. Since the main focus of Devotions will be personal--prayers I've written (and, for some reason, feel called to share here) and so forth--I likely won't expand much on this section in the future.

If you'd like to be notified when I add something to this site (it happens occasionally, just not often enough to justify a "What's New" page :)), drop me a line at I hope you find something of use or interest here; if you do, I'd be very pleased to hear about it! :)


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