Featured Monchhichi

I have collected many special monchhichis. Do you have your own collection to share with us? Please email me.

They are the two limited edition of the 1977 replica only found in a toy show in Tokyo, Japan. At that toy show, the organizer restricted only 100 pairs sold per day. They come with two nicely painted boxes and numbered certificates. The quality is outstanding! Only 1200 copies were issued. If you are interested, try your best to get a pair. It worths!

These two are the golden abc baby boy and girl of monchhichi. They were produced in the time together with Grandpa and Grandma in 1980's. They were issued by Sekiguchi and were sold only in Europe. Their golden hair is so impressed. However, their body design can allow them only staying at sitting position. You will find that they are looking much more beautiful than an ordinary monchhichi because the skin color is comparatively paler and pinker. The body hair has also been orderly cut. Check and see if you agree!

These are the two very rare 8" monchhichi Grandpa and Grandma produced in 1980's (European version). They are made in Japan and were originally sold only in a few European countries including Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany.

This is the vintage monchhichi produced in 1978 in Japan. She came with a nicely designed box with colorful graphics on the surface. She is one of the earliest monchhichi in history that came with original clothings!

Here is another vintage monchhichi item only sold in England many years ago. As many of you may know that Monchhichi is called "Chic-a-boo" in England. That is the reason why the box is labelled "Baby Chic-a-boo".


Back to the topic, this little kitty is only 5" tall and she is not a typical monchhichi which could be distinguished by its white baby fur. You could call it the friends of monchhichi! Or simply monchhichi cat! I love the design of this box!!

I wonder why there is not any nicely designed box coming with new monchhichi nowaday?