MONCHHICHI is a cute little monkey found by Mr. Sekiguchi in 1974 who owns one of the biggest doll companies in Japan, SEKIGUCHI Co. Ltd. today. As Mr. Sekiguchi explained, the aim of introducing Monchhichi is to bring a message to children about the beauty of love. In 1970s, Monchhichi was very popular in Japan as well as in some European countries, like in Belgium and France. Only in France, it is named KIKI, whereas in England, it is named as Chic-a-boo. Monchhichi's face, hands and feet are made of plastic, and the body is made of a piece of soft brown fur.








About 20 years ago, when Mr. Sekiguchi saw a cute little girl doll in a market in Germany. He talked to himself that this would be the style of Monchhichi. After he returned, the development of Monchhichi began. The ideas included that Monchhichi must be made of plastic as her face, hands, and feet. The body must be soft with fur. And they must be as some kind of baby animals. After periods of hard working, Monchhichi was born finally in 1974 as Twins monchhichis, a boy and a girl.







After the introduction of Monchhichi in 1974, She became more and more popular, and her naked body fur could no longer satisfied the public. That's the reason why the "Boutique Monchhichi" was first introduced in 1976. This series included hundreds of clothes for monchhichi with great variations and styles, which could suit for different favorites of monchhichi lovers. After a period of gold rushing, more different kinds of monchhichi items were continuously introduced. Some of those famous items included Monchhichi furnitures, T-shirts, watches, and stationery. Unfortunately, they are all very difficult to find nowadays...