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Sekiguchi Japan

The official page of the monchhichi producer. If you know Japanese, you will find a lot of useful information about monchhichi in their BBS section.


It is my Japanese friend, Hiromi's page of monchhichi. She is so dedicated to monchhichi and we have shared so much of monchhichi information!

My friend, Heikes, in Germany has composed a wonderful HP of Monchhichis. I cannot find any other of my friend who is so dedicated to monchhichi.
This page has numerous beautiful photos of monchhichi. If you like monchhichi in costume, you must not miss this page.

History of monchhichi can be found here. All monchhichis there are invaluable and historical. You will find there your childhood memory!


A well-designed monchhichi page with a lot of description and introduction. Be there if you feel you want to know more about monchhichi.


A Japanese online-shop. Monchhichis are available there but you have to know Japanese.