To prepare for the coming 30th anniversary of Monchhichi in 2004, Sekiguchi has produced this 2002 limited edition Mohair Monchhichi to celebrate her 28th birthday. This is the very first time of production that is coming along with vintage-looking wooden box. Each mohair monchhichi is tagged with numbered label with her own certificate. 2002 individual bodies are produced to symbolize the glory in the year 2002.
The 2002 limited edition Mohair monchhichis (left and right) look very different from the fan club edition monchhichi in the middle.
The 2002 edition is blue-eyed while the fan club edition is brown-eyed.
What a beautiful designed wooden box coming with each Mohair monchhichi!
This Mohair monchhichi has a very special feature different from an ordinary monchhichi. Their arms can be positioned with their movable joints! A very interesting and innovative design!

Thanks Sekiguchi company for their unlimited time of devotion on designing and improving monchhichi.

We are expecting the next memorial monchhichi in 2003. What could it be?