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Where the assorted scribblings and rantings of crazed Irish schoolteachers go to die...

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West Wing Fanfiction
The best show on television! Aaron Sorkin's show about the trials and tribulations of the White House Senior Staff has won every award going, and I just can't leave the characters behind when the show stops!
Last updated February 15th 2002

Stargate SG1 Fanfiction
The spin-off from the film...Sam and Daniel shippiness abounds when you follow this link. If that sends you screaming into the hills, be warned!
Last updated December 4th 2001

Fame Fanfiction
The first television obsession of my youth that has never gone away

Other Fanfiction
21 Jump Street, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel

Figure Skating
A collection of my stream-of-consciousness, sitting in front of the tv and computer at the one time, typing blind and sending as emails, figure skating reviews. Peggy Fleming it ain't.
Updated February 23rd 2002, Olympic Gala

Do you have any idea how much noise Air Force One makes when it lands in Eau Claire, Wisconsin? Weíre going to have a party, Congressman. You should come, itís gonna be great. And when the watermelonís done, right in town square, right in the band gazebo... You guys got a band gazebo?Doesnít matter, weíll build one. Right in the band gazebo, thatís where the President is going to drape his arm around the shoulder of some assistant DA we like. And you should have your camera with you. You should get a picture of that. ĎCause thatís gonna be the moment youíre finished in Democratic politics. President Bartletís a good man. Heís got a good heart. He doesnít hold a grudge. Thatís what he pays me for.

Josh Lyman, The West Wing, "Five Votes Down"

The shows mentioned above are the property of their respective creators and networks. I own none of the characters, I'm just having a little fun.
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