Genealogy of the Royal Family of Sweden

Genealogy of the Royal Family of Sweden1

HRH Princess Birgitta and her descendants

HRH Princess Birgitta von Hohenzollern née Princess of SwedenHRH Birgitta Ingeborg Alice Princess of Sweden
* Haga Palace, Stockholm, January 19th, 1937

HSH Prince Johann-Georg von HohenzollernMarried:

(civil) Rikssalet, Royal Palace, Stockholm, May 25th and (religious) Sankt Johann Kirche, Sigmaringen, May 30th, 1961:
HSH Johann-Georg Carol Leopold Eitel-Friedrich Meinrad Maria Hubertus Michael Prince von Hohenzollern ("Hansi")
* Schloß Sigmaringen, Sigmaringen, July 31st, 1932

HSH Prince Carl Christian von Hohenzollern with his wife and sonChildren from this marriage:

  1. HSH Carl Christian Friedrich Johannes Meinrad Maria Hubertus Edmund Prince von Hohenzollern ("Kiki")
    * Munich, April 5th, 1962


    Kreuzpullach, July 8th, 1999:
    Nicole Helene Neschitsch
    * Munich, January 22nd, 1968

    Child from this marriage:

    1. HSH Nikolas Johann Georg Maria Prince von Hohenzollern
      * Munich, November 22nd, 1999
  2. H Ill H Hereditary Count Heinrich zu Ortenburg and HSH Princess Désirée von HohenzollernHSH Désirée Margareta Victoria Louise Sybilla Katharina Maria Princess von Hohenzollern
    * Munich, November 27th, 1963


    (civil) Weitramsdorf near Coburg, September 21st and (religious) Sankt Luzen Kirche, Hechingen, October 6th, 1990:
    H Ill H Heinrich Franz Josef Georg Maria Hereditary Count zu Ortenburg
    * Bamberg, October 11th, 1956
    (Separated: 2000)

    Children from this marriage:

    1. H Ill H Carl Theodor Georg Philipp Maria Count zu Ortenburg
      * Lichtenfels, February 21st, 1992
    2. H Ill H Frederik Hubertus Ferdinand Maria Count zu Ortenburg
      * Lichtenfels, February 7th, 1995
    3. H Ill H Carolina Maria Franziska Christina Stephanie Countess zu Ortenburg
      * Lichtenfels, March 23rd, 1997
  3. Wedding photo of HSH Prince Hubertus von Honhenzollern and Ute KönigHSH Hubertus Gustav Adolf Veit Georg Meinrad Maria Alexander Prince von Hohenzollern ("Miki")
    * Munich, June 10th, 1966


    (civil) Grünwald, Munich, July 10th and (religious) St. Marc Chapel, Bellver Castle, Palma de Mallorca, September 23rd, 2000:
    Ute Maria König
    * Trier, February 25th, 1964

    Child from this marriage:

    1. HSH Lennart Prince von Hohenzollern
      * Munich, January 10th, 2001
      † Munich, January 14th, 2001


  1. Source: Queen Victoria's Descendants by Marlene A. Eilers. With special thanks to Hein Bruins, Verena Denzer, Brigitte Gastel Lloyd, Netty Leistra and Claes Mattsson.

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