Genealogy of the Royal Family of Serbia and Yugoslavia1

HRH Prince Andrej and his descendants

HRH Andrej Prince of Yugoslavia
* Bled Castle, June 28th, 1929
† (apparant suicide) Irvine, California, May 7th, 1990


  1. (civil) Kronberg im Taunus, August 1st and (religious) Schloß Kronberg, August 2nd, 1956:
    Christina Margarethe Princess von Hesse
    * Schloß Kronberg, January 10th, 1933
    (Divorced: London, May 31st, 1962)
  2. (civil) Langton Green, Kent, September 18th and (religious) Schloß Amorbach, Odenwald, October 12th, 1963:
    Kira Melita Feodora Marie Viktoria Alexandra Princess zu Leiningen
    * Landeskrankenhaus, Coburg, July 18th, 1930
    (Divorced: Frankfurt am Main, July 10th, 1972)
  3. Palm Springs, California, March 30th, 1974:
    Eva Maria Andjelkovich
    * Vrnjacka-Banja, August 26th, 1926

Children from the first marriage:

  1. HRH Maria Tatiana Princess of Yugoslavia
    * King's College Hospital, London, July 18th, 1957


    St. Paul de Vence, June 30th, 1990:
    Gregory Per Edward Anthony Michael Thune-Larsen
    * 30 Devonshire Close, St. Mary-le-Bone, London, August 11th, 1953

    Children from this marriage:

    1. Sonia Tatiana Thune-Larsen
      * Cagnes-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes, October 29th, 1992
    2. Olga Kristin Thune-Larsen
      * Cagnes-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes, October 26th, 1995
  2. HRH Christopher Prince of Yugoslavia
    * London, February 4th, 1960
    † (bicycle accident) near Glenegedale, Isle of Islay, Inner Hebrides, May 14th, 1994

Children from the second marriage:

  1. HRH Lavinia Marie Princess of Yugoslavia
    * 12 Avenue Road, St. John's Wood, London, October 18th, 1961
    (Born out of wedlock and originally registered as Lavinia Maria Lane; adopted by her natural parents, London, November 15th, 1965)


    1. St. Andrew's United Reform Church, Hampstead, London, May 20th, 1989:
      Erastos Dimitrios Sidiropoulos
      * Alexandria, March 31st, 1943
      (Divorced: London, June 14th, 1993)
    2. (civil) London, October 4th, 1998:
      Austin Prichard-Levy
      * Roma, Queensland, January 20th, 1953

    Illegitimate child:

    1. Nadya Marie Sidiropoulos
      * Edgeware General Hospital, Hendon, London, December 11th, 1987
      (Father: Roy Rexford Finnimore; her surname was changed in Sidiropoulos in 1990)

    Child from the first marriage:

    1. Andrej Aristotle Sidiropoulos
      * Humana Wellington Hospital, London, February 22nd, 1990

    Child from the second marriage:

    1. Luca Orlando Christopher Prichard-Levy
      * London, February 14th, 2000
  2. HRH Karl Vladimir Kirill Andrej Prince of Yugoslavia
    * Royal Northern Hospital, Islington, London, March 11th, 1964


    (civil) Register Office, Barnet, London, April 18th, 2000 and (religious) Suite 212, Claridge's Hotel, London, July 2001:
    Brigitte Müller
    * Schöttmar (today: Bad Salzuflen), July 7th, 1956

    Child from this marriage:

    1. Stillborn son
      * July or August 2001
  3. HRH Dimitri Ivan Mihailo Prince of Yugoslavia
    * 12 Avenue Road, St. John's Wood, London, April 21st, 1965


  1. Source: Queen Victoria's Descendants by Marlene A. Eilers. With special thanks to Hein Bruins, Netty Leistra and Paul Theroff.

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