The Royal Family of Denmark

House Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg

HM Queen Margrethe II

HRH Prince Henrik

HRH Crown Prince Frederik

HRH Crown Princess Mary

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Sovereigns of Denmark since 1863

HM King Christian IX November 15th, 1863 January 29th, 1906
HM King Frederik VIII January 29th, 1906 May 14th, 1912
HM King Christian X May 14th, 1912 April 20th, 1947
HM King Frederik IX April 20th, 1947 January 14th, 1972
HM Queen Margrethe II January 14th, 1972  

The Genealogy of the Royal Family of Denmark.

The Line of Succession to the Throne

  1. HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (* May 26th, 1968)
  2. HRH Prince Christian of Denmark (* October 15th, 2005)
  3. HRH Princess Isabella of Denmark (* April 21st, 2007)
  4. HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark (* June 7th, 1969)
  5. HH Prince Nikolai of Denmark (* August 28th, 1999)
  6. HH Prince Felix of Denmark (* July 22nd, 2002)
  7. HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark (* April 29th, 1944)
  8. HH Princess Elisabeth of Denmark (* May 8th, 1935)

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