Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Virus is the leading cause of Liver Transplantation in the US today. According to the CDC 1.8% of the US population is infected with HCV. This comes to 4.9 million Americans. Nearly 85%, approximately 4.1 million Americans, of those infected will go on to chronic HCV.

A national tracking system analyzed 95,000 hepatitis C tests conducted at 173 VA facilities and 600 associated clinics in 1998. Researchers found that:

A recent study found nearly 8% of 26,000 patients in Department of VA facilities tested positive for HCV. A six week survey at the VA Medical Center on Washington, DC found 20% of inpatients tested positive for the virus. An investigation at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco found that 10% of inpatients tested positive.

In 1991, 6,600 cases of Hepatitis C were reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The number of new cases has risen each year and 22,000 cases were reported in 1998.

Most HCV infected Veterans may remain unaware of their condition!

If you can lay claim to ANY ONE of the risk factors below, you need to get tested immediately for HCV.

 What is HCV?
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