Kevin Drue Donnelly-6mo anniversary
This photograph was sent by Kevin's sister
for us to remember him. He left us six months ago.
He is gone...but not forgotten.


I would like to share with each of you this
'white light moment, frozen in time.'

My hopes are that it will assist people who are grieving with their own illness or dealing with the illness of someone close to them; to comfort those who have loved ones who are now gone forever; and I desire to motivate people and to share facts through education that many people do care for each of you.

As the sister of someone who died with HCV, I am affected forever. I am not ashamed of my brother's illness with Heptatis C, HCV, or  how my brother died. I will honor my word that I gave to Kevin.  This message is part of my honor, integrity, his sincerity.

A year ago tonight, Kevin was typing, researching, sharing phone calls and emails with many of you. Six months ago tonight, he looked skyward and left us forever. Tonight he watches as you read this note.

The picture of Kevin's 'resting spot' reflects a bright white light, over the American flag.
My hope is that this will be viewed as a 'sign' to ensure that people should not forget; should remember that when individuals work together, everything ... even bright white lights on a tombstone ... are possible.

The rank in the photo, sadly, is incorrect, but will accurately reflect Kevin's correct rank, Captain Kevin Drue Donnelly, sometime next year. Until then, may we all move forward together, united in fighting for those with HCV and for a future that Kevin advocated and worked so hard to assist, including educating veterans, politicians, professionals and family members.

Thank you for all your prayers and notes that continue to arrive.We will make a difference together. I would like this picture to be a witness of a special gift to us from
Kevin 'himself'. The 'white light' that looks down from that photograph is a testament to
my brother's strength in life and even in death."

M. Monette

Proud sister of a Veteran who fought the good fight, died with HCV, and
one who is still grieving for the lost friendship with her brother.

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