Kevin's Quilt Patch

On the second anniversary of Kevin's passing, it is fitting that we honor him with a patch for the HCV quilt. Kevin's mother created this patch and I sent it off to Marie Stern to add to the quilt. I know Kevin would be proud to have this patch on the quilt that moves around the nation.


Kevin's family chose the flag motif because it meant so much to him to be in the military. He was very proud of his service to his country, as he was to the service of every veteran he came across. The medical insignia, given by his brother, represents Kevin's field of expertise while on active duty, as well as in the Reserves.

A lot has been done for Veterans with Hepatitis since Kevin's passing, and a lot more needs to be done. I believe that many of the things that have taken place within the VA are things that Kevin had a hand in. He had contacts in some very high places and I see his hand in several of the new programs the VA is using.


The Fellow on the left is Kevin's best friend, Eugene, since the 2nd grade. he made the trek to DC in May 2003, along with Rolling Thunder. On the right is Eugene's friend Pat. This was the first time Eugene had seen the quilt.

Kevin may be gone from this world, but his work continues on....

in the hands of the people he chose to teach, and help.


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