Monette's Trip to Washington DC
May 2003

Monette was asked to speak at this years' March on Washington. She was honored to do so and was finally able to give Kevin the eulogy he never received when he passed away. Kevin's best friend Eugene, who he knew from the 2nd grade, attended as well. Eugene and his friend Pat were also part of the Rolling Thunder organization and were there to also honor our Veterans. Eugene was Kevin's closest friend throughout his lifetime so it was wonderful that he was able to be there to help Monette give her speech and make sure she made it through what was a very emotional trip. She asked that I post the pictures, so here they are!

Dinner Group Night Before Vigil

Bruce, Dawn, Eugene & Pat

Eugene & Monette

Monette, Bruce & Dawn

A Friend, Ron & Monette

Eugene, Pat & "Kevin's" Quilt

Eugene & Monette at the Vigil

Eugene, Monette & "Kevin's" Quilt

Eugene & Monette On The Harley!

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