Takip Kuhol


Family Umbeliferae

Scientific name:  Centella asiatica

 Other names:

            Hahanghalo (C. Bis.)                Tagadtak (Lv.)

            Indian Hydrocotyle (Engl.)     Takip suso (Tag.)

            Panggaga (Sub.)                      Tapi˝gan daga (Tag.)

            Pispising (Bon.)                           Yahong yahong (P. B., S.L. Bis.)


            Takip kuhol is a prostrate herb, with horizontal stems rooting at the nodes.  The leaves are 2 to 5 cm wide, horizontal, more or less cupped, rounded at the tip and kidney or heart shaped.  The margins are scalloped.

            It is found in open, damp grasslands and on rice paddy banks throughout the country.

            It cab be propagated by runners.