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How I Paint My Beastman Warband

Author: The Beastlord of the Herdstone (

Intro: I write this article because I find the amount of articles related to the painting of Beastmen armies to be non-existent. Painting an army is sometimes a time consuming prospect and can be discouraging at times, but sticking with it pays off in the end. The colour schemes that I use in this article are the ones I used on my warband. Try out your own colour combinations. Pictures of different warbands can be seen at The Herdstone.

Paints: The paint colours that I refer to in this article are all from Games Workshop's Citadel Colour.

Undercoat: For my Beastmen army I undercoated everything black. Most of the units in a Beastman army are dark colours so this can vastly speed up the paining process. Citadel Colour does make a black undercoat spray can.

General: Before painting any regiment be sure that you have a colour scheme in mind and paint just one prototype fig from beginning to end. This will give you a good idea of what the regiment will look like when completed and will also save you from going back over 20 or so troops to fix something that you now don't like. Instead you need only change the one if necessary.

Bases: I like to paint these first... call me crazy. I find that it's best to use a non-citadel brush (save 'em for later). Something cheap with a flat wide head. Paint on goblin green until most of the base is covered (except around the fingers). Then set it down and while it's drying start to paint the next base this way. When you gone through all of the bases you wanted to do, go back to the first one (which should be dry buy now) and paint the spot where your fingers were. Repeat this for the rest of them.

Ungors,Gors, & Beastigors:
Skin: snakebite leather
Eyes: blood red
Hair (head & body): vermin brown
Loincloth: rotting flesh
Horns, hooves, & teeth: bleached bone
Shields: bestial brown (back), chainmail (rim), skull white (for ungor skirmishers) or rotting flesh (for everyone else) (front), vermin brown (symbols)
Weapons: chainmail (head), codex gray or chaos black (shaft), chaos black (handle)
Armour: drybrushed chainmail
Standard Pole: chaos black
Musician Horn: rotting flesh