"Tintin was born from the pencil and pen of Hergé 75 years ago. Today, he belongs to the collective imagination of millions of readers for whom, in the most common or the most unusual circumstances, a reference to one moment of his adventures, or another, is immediate and spontaneous.

The creative process never stopped : Hergé worked on Alph-Art, ignoring "where this story was taking him". He left us more of a project, and less of an adventure. But so many possibilites, so many desires to imagine, so many dreams ..."

- Translated from the introduction of "Tintin et l'Alph-Art", 2004 edition

"Tintin and Alph-Art" was left unfinished at the time of Hergé's death on the 3rd of March, 1983. Several artists have tried their hand at finishing this ultimate adventure of Tintin, the most renowned being Canadian, Yves Rodier. Put into colour by the TintinParodies forum, the book has been translated into English here.

The pages have been watermarked in order to stop them being taken and sold on eBay and other such places. I do not condone such an action, and believe they should be freely available for fans of Hergé to read an interpretation of the final adventure of Tintin.