Hero Text

A Dedication
To A Hero and 4 Angels

Dedicated to all those who have passed on and left loved ones still here.

This candle is here
for all the angels
who have gone to heaven.

Beyond The Gate

There's an open gate at the end of the road,
Through which each must go alone,
And there in a light we cannot see
Our Father claims His own ~
Beyond the gae, your loved one
Finds happiness and rest,
And there is comfort in the thought,
That a loving God knows best.

Author Unknown

A Hero and Four Angels is a Dedication to my family who were all killed in a house fire.

This site contains the story and information about my hero and all my angels that have gone to heaven.

There are as well, various poems regarding the loss of a loved one - parents, a child, etc. These poems are dedicated to the special people in our lives who have passed on.

This memorial site is dedicated to all those who has passed on and left loved ones behind. This site is to let them know that they are not forgotten and will always be remembered.

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