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Welcome to the corner of the web dedicated to a strange and rarely seen phenomenon.  
The pregnant man!

I am currently trying to track down art that illustrates the idea of a man getting pregnant.  I already have some pictures which are waiting to be scanned in.  If you can add to this collection, then please email me...     hespregnant@yahoo.co.uk


Click to see Mike
The contractions had started, it was just a matter of time now, Mike thought.
Click to see Bob
At eight months, Bob was having trouble keeping his trousers up.
Click to see Bradon
Bradon was beginning to think this was more than just a freshman 15.

Picture from Michael Pogo

Click to see Max
Max could no longer control the urge to push.
Picture from Michael Pogo

Click to see Bill
Bill loved checking out his growing baby belly.

Click to see Tony
It was three months now and Tony wondered for how much longer he would be able to keep surfing.


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