Here's your FREE PhoneHog Calling Card.
To use your PhoneHog Calling Card:

   1. Dial the Toll-Free Access Number from any phone. Itís a free call.
   2. At the prompt, enter your PIN.
   3. Dial the area code and phone number you wish to call.

Your PhoneHog Calling Card includes the following features:

    * No cost or fee to you of any kind. It's totally free.
    * Calls can be placed from anywhere in the United States or Canada.
    * Calls can be placed to any country in the world. Your calling card will be debited one minute for each minute of calling time within the continental United States. For calls to other countries, your calling card will be debited one or more minutes for each minute of calling time. The number of minutes varies by country. If you want to know how many minutes will be debited for a particular country, check out our International Rate Chart, or click on the International Rates link on your Personal Page on the PhoneHog web site.
    * Your account will be debited in one-minute increments, with partial minutes of usage rounded up to the next full minute
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