The Common Jay
Graphium doson evemonides (Honrath 1884)
A male Common Jay (Graphium doson evemonides) puddling on damp sand at Pulau Ubin, an offshore island of Singapore. 
Scientific Data and Other Important Notes
Family : Papilionidae
SubFamily : Papilioninae
Genus : Graphium (Scopoli1777)
Common Name : The Common Jay
Wingspan: 80mm
Host Plant:  The caterpillar of this species is believed to feed on Cinnamomum spp., Polyalthia spp. and other species of Annonaceae.

Similar species: Various Graphium spp.

Status in Singapore: Thus far only observed on Pulau Ubin.
Habitat : Being a strong flyer, it has been observed on many occasions on Pulau Ubin, feeding at flowers and puddling along damp dirt footpaths.

Description :  The Common Jay is a fast-flying species and is more often distinguishable only when it stops to rest, feed or puddle.  The wings are black above with a pale bluish macular band.  Both wings have a series of bluish-green submarginal spots.  The hindwing on the underside has a dark red-centred costal bar which is separated from the inner and distal black areas.  This is the primary distinguishing characteristic of the species from the other look-alike Graphiums.

Habitat & habits : This species has only been discovered on the offshore island of Pulau Ubin recently (2005) and has repeatedly been observed on many occasions.  It was not in the original checklist for Singapore, and is believed to have migrated from nearby Johor in Malaysia, and colonised the island of Pulau Ubin.  There have so far been no sightings of this species on mainland Singapore.  Males of the species have often been seen puddling - a favourite activity - along damp footpatths.

Other Observations :   Thus far, only individuals are observed and the species is by no means abundant as is the case in Malaysia.

Early Stages :  The caterpillar is black or smoky brown until the final instar where it becomes dull green to rusty brown.

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