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About This Site
This site aims to explore mortal combat / gladiator fantasy fights and similar scenarios.

In talking with other gay men I have found that a few share an interest in mortal combat fantasy fights. Given the amount of web space devoted to gay wrestling, S&M etc. it seems there is a need for this kind of web site.

I would like to stress that the images and stories and movie lists included in this web site are of a fantasy nature and it is not intended to add to the real violence of the world.

From my own experiences with gay wrestling I have gained an appreciation for how exciting aggressive behaviour can be. Any gay guys who are familiar with the mainstream gay wrestling video companies will know that watching two guys fighting can be a big turn on.

It is also true to say that football, boxing and main stream wrestling is also exciting to a largely "straight" audience.

For me this turn on by fighting started as a very young boy (maybe three or four years old) watching Tarzan and Gladiator movies on TV. Latter as an early teen I found that some school mate would wresting with each other. These wrestling matches would end with the winner finishing the looser off, who would then have to play dead.

Latter in life I found myself playing these wrestling games again, only this time there was lot of sexual energy in the fights. A friend's younger brother made a great regular opponent.

If you've ever played cowboys and Indians then you'll know what this site is all about. There are a number of reenactment and combat groups on the Internet but nothing quite like this site.


Since starting this site in 1997 I've had some feedback Your experiences, comments, stories and pictures. Contributions are very welcome although the site has reached the 5Mbyte limit and extending the site maybe sometime in the future. You can e-mail me at


Here is one of my favorite comments from a visitor

Comments: . I have had fantasy thoughts since young when playing BATMAN. A girl acted out CATWOMAN and used her "claws" to scratch me, ROBIN, across the chest, arms, belly. Then I saw DEMETRIUS AND THE GLADIATORS which did something to me I think or stirred something that was already there. Anyway, the arena scenes made me leap in more ways than one. I also liked any scenes with two males fighting each other. I had a wet dream, my first, about being stabbed by a young prince. First, before he came in, I was held by two muscled Egygtian dudes with black hair and wearing very little, a thong or loin cloth as I was. I had a washboard stomach even then and in my dream. They held and forced me to my knees. The young prince, wearing a loin cloth and crown came forward with a sword and slowly stuck me in the belly button. He made the two guys let me go soon after I groaned enough times. He was smiling. He was having fun. I was arching my back and then my back fell over my legs, as I was still kneeling. He pressed it in until it popped out my back. And I felt the pain in the dream and came for the first time. Since that, gladiator movies and Hercules movies,, or any movie that had two guys battling with swords, spears, knives, or other pointed weapons has had the effect of turning me on. It is just a fantasy as i am really the most peaceful, pacifist ever. I would never harm a fly. American Indian, pirate, jungle boy, barbarian, gang scenarios filled my imagination. It was a quite struggle accepting this strange side of my self but it is only one side. And now that I know I am not alone, it is not so bad anymore.
Thanks to all those who have contributed their talents over the last few years. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

*Original Script for Airplane. The Movie


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