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10 Gladiators (The)
This is a series of classic sixties Gladiator movies. The Ten Gladiators are arrested after being mistaken for the masked riders; a band of out laws. The sentence being death, they are forced to fight each other for the amusement of their Roman captors. Stars: Dan Vadis. Arena action with heaps of Italian muscles!

79 A.D.
Set in the Roman city of Herculaneum just before it was destroyed in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, this action-packed tale follows a young gladiator in his quest to overthrow the evil emperor and his band of corrupt nobles.Stars: Brad Harris. aka: "The Destruction of Herculaneum."

The story of the 300 Spartans is based on Frank Miller and Lynn Varley's graphic novel. A visually stunning epic seamlessly mixes live action with computer animation to present a fantasy-fueled re-imagining of the 5th-century B.C. Battle of Thermopylae.

Amazons and Gladiators
Released in 2000 by Beyond Films/ Paramount. This could be seen as a remake of the film "The Arena".

At best is a similar production to Xeana Warrior Princess. Mainly female cast and female battles. Features one all Male no weapons fist fight about 23 minutes into the film. All up not bad but definitely aimed at the Xeana fans.

The story of "Amazons and Gladiators" is similar to the "The Arena" made in the 1970­s which features more gladiator fights than this title. The remake (2001) is OK and worth a look.

Alone Against Rome
A Roman Tribune, left behind to mind a subdued city, decides to go against orders and ends up becoming a tyrant in order to spread the glory of Rome. The tribune falls in love with a girl who is in turn in love with the leader of the rebellion. This movie is interesting in that the villain isn't really bad, he's just misguided. From his point of view, one that is truly understandable, he's doing the right thing. This gives the movie a nice shade of grey missing from most other epics of this sort.!

Atlantis, The Lost Continent
A great George Pal 1960s classic. Captured Hero does battle in the Arena against Fire and Water. Should be on DVD by now.

Ator - The Fighting Eagle
Ator, the son of Thorn, struggles to put an end to the evil Spider Dynasty. Stars: Miles O'Keefe

Ator II - The Blade Master
Miles O keefe of Bo Derek's TARZAN fame shows his belly button, an outtie, quite a bit. Nice stabbings and lots of bodies falling with groans and moans.

Ator III - Quest for the Mighty Sword
Miles O keefe. Very dark and serious; Ator is more cruel here, smiling wryly as he chops down one villain, then feigns a move of his sword up to the other warrior but stabs that warrior down when he rushes him. Ator also stabs a guy who falls off a horse and stands over him triumphant. Miles is in this one too, perhaps his best performance.

The Barbarians
Stars Peter and David Paul. Campy, action packed and hilarious - a D&D game on steroids! The twin brothers are forced to work in the pit untill they grow up big and strong.. then they are forced to kill each other for the bad guys pleasure.. well almost. Very cool beefcake movie along in the same lines as Connan. Sadly hasn't made it to DVD yet.

BeastMaster (TV)
TV Series based on the popular film series, this syndicated fantasy/adventure program starred Daniel Goddard as Dar, the last surviving Sula warrior.

First in the Film version series. Stars: Marc Singer, Rip Torn, John Amos, Tanya Roberts

In Hong Kong an illegal, brutal and sometime lethal martial arts competition is being staged. Fighters come from all over the globe to compete in the three day 'kumite' with the last man standing being declared the world champion. Stars Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Bruce Lee
An icon of Martial Arts.

Circle of Iron
Features Earl Maynard. A Martial arts story about the quest for enlightenment. Some good death scenes. Earl plays a great muscled fighter, in just his red loin cloth. He ends up sort of gutted by a punch to the groin.

Colussus of the Arena
Several gladiators are called to aid in an attempt to overthrow a queen (Scilla Gabel) who protects the common people from the wrath of the nobles. But Maciste (Mark Forest) comes to the rescue to prevent this. Also features Dan Vadis.

Colossus And The Amazon Queen
A duo of beefy gladiators fresh from the Trojan War are bamboozled into sailing for a secret island, captured by lusty Amazons, and kept as walking sperm banks. Rod Taylor and Ed Fury

Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story
TV drama documentary. Good history of the building and running of the Colosseum and gladiator training.

Deadly Prey
Not a Gladiator movie but a good one for mortal combat. A blond dude takin out the trash is kidnapped. Turns out he and the leader of this organization know each other---the leader trained men to be deadly killers, almost like robots. Once there the dude is hunted with only his cut off shorts not even lives. This dude, I can't recall, may have been a one of the elite killers too.

Lots of good scenes early in the hunt. The blond guy trails behind three guys and grabs one and puts him up against a tree, getting questions out of him, telling him if he answers right--he just might let him live. When the guy answers too loudly, the blond dude puts his hand over the guy's mouth. He also has his knife (serrated edge)to the guy's neck. The guy answers all the questions but doesn't know much, telling him, "I just joined today." The blond says, "Bad timing." He moves the knife downward to the guy's belly and sticks in, holding the guy's mouth again, the guy sucks in air and slides down, closing his eyes. The blond breaths heavy as if he is getting excited by this. The knife comes up and is full of blood!

Another shot has the blond hiding in a small cave covered with moss. Troopers go by and the last one looks in. The blond grabs him and pulls him by the shirt front and hauls him in on his back---on the ground. The blond shows his knife point to the guh, "You're dead!" He stabs him deep in the belly and upward to the chest. The guy hardly makes a sound.

More: a big guy calls the blond tough guy and breaks his arm and knocks him down, "Now you're gonna die, tough guy." He raises a knife at him. As the guy comes at him, the blond trips him with his feet, in great pain. The guy falls and the blond grabs up the sharpened tree branch he had been working on and stabs it up at the guy. It goes through the guy's upper abs or chest. The big guy falls onto the blond, pinning him down. Blood oozes out the dude's mouth onto the blond guy's neck and face and chest. Stars: Cameron Mitchell

Death Ring
Tele movie about a guy and his girl friend are kidnapped and transported to an island. Here the guy becomes the prey in a deadly game of hunt the human by four high paying hunters. Stars:Mike Norris, Billy Drago (USA )
Sounds great but actually very bad.

Serious, dark, sensual, good villain and lots of stabbing, the TV version has some added dialog and changed dialog; in an arena battle we see a guy holding his belly. Oghris is a lean hot stud who relishes betrayal and putting his sword into fallen foes--and he fights dirty--lashing a sword into an enemy's calves, then stickin him when he is down--and coming up with a sword that is drippin with blood. In the TV version he says, "Gotcha," to two victims when stabbing them when they are down. He also has a death punch in the gut fight with the loin cloth wearing blond hero. He also was on the torture rack wheel, spread out over the top of it as it spins.

Deathstalker II Pretty good battles, some stabbings, lame comedy stuff too, John Terselsky plays DS, pretty good.

Deathstalker III John Allen Nelson from BAYWATCH plays Death Stalker.

Deathstalker IV Has the original DS (Richard Hill) and more zombies. Kinda boring / -not worth it,even through the original DS returns.

Winners of a contest of strenth (sword fights) mysteriously dissapear one by one. Deathstalker must defend himself and his new found love (Maria Ford) against an invincible army of stone warriors and the wicked queen who created them.

The series is about low budget sword and sorcerer fantasy stuff so don't expect high quality productions, hated by many as boring but enjoyed by many too.

Very old B&W movie with some very big Arena action in the last part of the movie. Rome and Christianity didn't go well together. The film has a complex plot involving back-stabbing treacherous patricians, secret Christians in the army, a teenage bully and killer (Franco Interlenghi), and a gentle saint (Sebastian, played by Massimo Girotti) in an unforgettable scene of martyrdom. Roman "justice" is seen at an impressive trial where all the innocent are implicated and sentenced to execution. The arena scenes are sufficiently grim and will keep viewers attentive until the film's rousing close.

Fury Of Achilles
This is very serious and very macho with some hot scene at the end where Achilles in only a white loin cloth stabs an enemy up close. None really stand out as completely satisfying all the way through. Stars Gordon Mitchel.

Giant of the Marathon
Stars Steve Reeves. A sword and sandal epic. Not a gladiator movie. There is a scene at the end, fifteen minutes long or so, with a bunch of stunning Greek athletes in nothing but loincloths taking on a fleet of an invading navy.

Has a mean take-the-boat action with Steve Reeves and his men swimming to take a ship from under it. Guys on board throw spears and shoot arrows down but the men continue. One is hit by a spear in the gut and floats there, blood coming out as he holds the spear. Others are hit with arrows.

Reeves' movies aren't much for stabbing sequences with any detail or overdone blood letting but this one IS! In the end sequences, Reeves, in only a small wrap around leads similarly undressed men, big and muscled, to a ship to rescue the girl and stop it attacking a city. One, tall one is hit by the men on the ship, who are tossing spears into the sea as the men lead by Reeves are swimming under it and to the side. Other men fire arrows into men. We see in clear detail, the men being hit byarrows in their bare bellies; a spear impaling a man's belly in the water--he floats down to his death as do the arrow-hit men---and there is plenty of blood gushing out of the stomach wounds!

Gladiators; Blood Sport of the Colosseum
Documentary by Questar. Hot on the heals of Gladiator (the movie) Questar Inc distributes this documentary produced by Palatine Productions (Rome, Italy).

Features a lot of the history of the Roman games and the people of Rome. Much of the film is montage footage from old Gladiator movies interspersed with some Italian re enactment and stunt men in action. Not a bad production and certainly educational. The narrative becomes very repetitive especially towards the end the documentary.

This doco doesn't show a lot of arena action, and certainly no gory kills. There is plenty of swordplay and hot guys and is well worth a look.

Three-disc collector's set includes "The Giant of Marathon," "Colossus and the Amazon Queen," "Giants of Thessaly," "Duel of Champions," "The Last Glory of Troy," "The Rebel Gladiators," "Gladiators Seven," "Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators," and "Giants of Rome."

Held der Gladiatoren
German language TV movie. Hero Germanus (Stephan Hornung, a dirty-blond hunk a bit like the young Matthew McConaughey) is a gladiator on the Bay of Naples, along with his brother. Germanus is pitted against the rampaging Lagos (nicknamed The Bear), who won't play by the rules; even though the sponsors of the games signal thumbs-up, Lagos savagely kills Germanus's brother and very nearly kills Germanus. There's gotta be payback!


Iron Master
Italian warrior movie about blond ripped caveman who recruits a lean, cute boy and a sexy girl in his fight against an outcast who took over his tribe after finding out about Iron and making the first set of swords. This one is HOT. It has a young teen sneak up on a guard, who is bare chested as they all are and stick a saber tooth like knife into the guard's belly. Then the blond gets his sword and enters a tent of the enemy, sword first into an enemy longhaired blond's belly. He then fights many of the henchmen, stabbing them, one lucky shot from on his back as the henchman rises over him with a sword. He also fights the second in command and slices his belly up and sticks it in the water near a river. Not on DVD yet but lots of good bits.

Kirk Morris

Mark Forest

My Son, the Hero
Stars Serge Nubret, The Greek god Jove, visits Hades, where his children, the Titans, are bound in eternal torment for their transgressions. Like Hercules, the Titans are half-men, half god. Jove directs the youngest of the Titans, Krios (Giuliano Gemma), who is the savviest, but physically weakest of the Titans, to deliver Cadmo to Hades. In return, Jove will free all of the Titans.

Naked Prey
A group of white hunters on safari in Africa manages to insult the members of a native tribe, and the warriors respond by attacking them. After they've tortured and murdered all but one of the hunters, the natives offer this last man a slim chance for survival. In a variation on the classic story, "The Dangerous Game", the white man is set free and given a small lead before the tribesmen set out after him. Only his wits and will-to-survive can save him, as he flees for his life through the foreign jungle terrain.

Quo Vadis
"Where are you going?" referring to the time in Christian tradition when Saint Peter met Jesus on his way to be crucified. Both the original 1951 version and the Polish 2001 version are good, though the polish version only has sub titles. Highlight in both movies is a scene where two wrestlers fight to the death as entertainment during a bouquet. Also a 6-episode TV mini series.

Revenge Of The Gladiators
Is pretty good too but it is only in Italian. It has a team vs. team arena fight where one team is killed off and a major fort storming later on as well as a rescue of a more than half naked guy off a cross with major stabbing in the fights. Real cool opening arena sequence!

In 73 B. C., a slave revolt led by Spartacus is quelled by Roman sentries. After all of his cohorts have been crucified, a rumor spreads that Spartacus has been freed by Marcellus. The ambitious senator Lucius Trasone is then sent from Rome to crush the rebels. Marcellus' younger brother Valerius, an ex-soldier and legionary from Spain, returns home to find that his family has been brutally murdered by Roman troops. To avenge their death, Valerius, with the assistance of his sweetheart Cynthia, joins a band of escaped gladiators led by Arminius. It becomes evident that a traitor is in their ranks, however, when Trasone's belligerent son Fulvius is captured by the slaves and mysteriously escapes. In pursuit, Valerius stumbles upon the fatally wounded Marcellus, who explains that Spartacus is dead, that Trasone planted the rumor to become more powerful, and that he has been betrayed by Arminius. His ruse discovered, Arminius plots the freedom fighters' slaughter, but Valerius orders the survivors to hide among the dead. After Trasone, Fulvius, and Arminius arrive to oversee the massacre, the slaves arise and kill the villains.


Steve Reeves


Thor the Conqueror
Italian warrior / sword fight film. Stars Pietro Torrisi (also billed as Peter McCoy)

Time Barbarians
A sword-and-sorcery tale about a barbarian king searching for the thief who killed his princess and stole a magic amulet. With wizards, raiders, thugs, time-travel, magic swords, automatic weapons, and kindred spirits, this feature offers a bit of everything. Stars: Deron McBee

The Tenth Victim
Another movie that has a radical gladiator scene is THE TENTH VICTIM. Basically set in the near future, this Italian movie, has people playing games with other people that result in death. In one scene set in a night club, there are two pairs of gladiators fighting. Two have swords. Another has a trident and helmet. This one seems to be overcoming the smaller, bare chested, curly haired guy who has a short sword. He knocks the wind out of him several times and then raises his trident over the guy. The guy holds the trident's pole and rams his sword into the trident holder's belly. The guy lets out a satisfying yell and drops his trident, holds his belly, and falls to the floor. Everyone claps. The trident guy's body is dragged away as the hero watches and the one who killed him passes the hero. We do not find out the outcome of the other fight.

Throne Of Fire
Stars: Peter McCcoy. Italian movie with lots of good stuff. Some stock footage but hot also with bloodthirsty raids on a town..a town that defends itself to no avail. Also has a blond barbarian girl captured and in a cell room. She lures the bare chested guard in, a muscled guy with stubble. She entices him to get his sword belt off. Then she jumps on a table, takes the fool's own sword out, and rips across his belly. The guy falls, clutching his belly, moaning and groaning. She steps past him or over him and out the door as we still hear him breathing heavy, "ohhhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh." Lots more action at the end too.

Van Dadis

Vengeance of the Gladiator
A Roman Tribune, left behind to mind a subdued city, decides to go against orders and ends up becoming a tyrant in order to spread the glory of Rome. The tribune falls in love with a girl who is in turn in love with the leader of the rebellion.

This movie is interesting in that the villain isn't really bad, he's just misguided. From his point of view, one that is truly understandable, he's doing the right thing. This gives the movie a nice shade of gray missing from most other epics of this sort.!

Warlord of Crete
(Teseo contro il minotauro )This one tells the story of the Minotaur but the hero is ruthless. He tries to find the girl by stabbing many guards. One in particular won't leave him alone so he kicks off a wall, sending the man, who has him gripped around the waist into the other wall, gets down and turns and jabs his sword right into the guy's belly. Another guy comes and the hero gets him against a wall, his sword poised at the guy's stomach, "Tell me where the princess is or I'll open your stomach." The guy tells after a bit and then is hit down. Too bad. The hero should have gutted him anyway! A wild movie with some mythological "goddesses" and a monster in a maze.
aka: "Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete (USA)", "The Minotaur", "The Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete (USA)"

The Warrior And The Sorceress
The mightiest blade! The most beautiful slave! The boldest conqueror of them all! David Carradine is the Herculean warrior battling frightening monsters, flexing his mighty muscles and going head-to-head with a four-breasted sorceress!

Warrior 50
50 Movie box set. Some film and sound quality issues, screen is 4:3 aspect ratio not widescreen, but still great value. Movies included: Ali Baba and the Seven Saracens, Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops, Caesar the Conqueror, Cleopatra s Daughter, Colossus and the Amazon Queen, Colossus and the Headhunters, Conqueror of the Orient, Damon and Pythias, Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules, Duel of Champions, Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules, Fury of Achilles, Fury of Hercules, Giant of Marathon, Giants of Thessaly ,Gladiators of Rome, Gladiators Seven, Goliath and the Dragon, Goliath and the Sins of Babylon ,Hercules against the Barbarians, Hercules against the Mongols, Hercules against the Moon Men, Hercules and the Captive Women, Hercules and the Masked Rider, Hercules and the Princess of Troy, Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon, Hercules in the Haunted World, Hercules Unchained, Hero of Rome, Herod the Great, Kindar the Invulnerable, Last of the Vikings, Lion of Thebes, Maciste in King Solomon s Mines, Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules, Romulus and the Sabines, Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World, Sandokan Pirate of Malaysia, Son of Samson, Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators, Ten Gladiators, Thor and the Amazon Women, Triumph of the Son of Hercules, Two Gladiators, Ulysses against the Son of Hercules, Ursus in the Land of Fire, Ursus in the Valley of the Lions, Vengeance of Ursus, Vulcan Son of Jupiter and White Warrior.

Blade Warrior
A policeman well-versed in the martial arts must put his deadly skills to the test when the criminal he put away for attacking his family's store and terrorizing the community is released from prison, scarred and ready for revenge. Jino Kang, Kirk Fong

1990: The Bronx Warriors
New York's toughest borough has become a "No Man's Land" where gangs of marauding warriors battle each other and corrupt businessmen exploit the violence. Vic Morrow, Fred Williamson, Stefania Girolami, and Mark Gregory as gang leader Trash star.

Once Were Warriors
Powerful drama from New Zealand depicting a Maori woman's struggle against the domestic violence inflicted upon her by her alcoholic husband. How his behavior affects her and their children is the focus of this acclaimed film that takes an intimate look at Maori ghetto life. With Rena Owen and Temuera Morrison.

The Warriors
The Warriors are a street gang from Coney Island, trapped in the Bronx when a city-wide truce explodes. What follows is non-stop suspense and violent action as they try to get through 28 miles of "enemy territory" with 100,000 gang members after them! Michael Beck, Dorsey Wright, James Remar star; directed by Walter Hill.

The White Warrior
A story by Leo Tolstoy. Hadji Murad leads his mountain warriors against the army of Russian ruler Nicholas the First while battling a rival for his girlfriend's hand. Stars: Steve Reeves

Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom / Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom II
Two kid movies.. interesting. While kid's movies they are fun and have some erotic stabbings. The boy, Vidal is the actor's last name, is chased in the woods by an imaginary or mist made warrior who has a two piece outfit on, his stomach bare. The boy is cornered by a tree. He raises a pathetic little knife-sword of his father's--who was killed by a warlordwho took over and used magic to pursue the kid--and to make this shadow warrior. The shadow warrior, however, looks real. The kid closes his eyes as he is about to get stabbed as the warrior raises his sword high. The knife transforms into a sword and rises to stick the warrior in the chest or stomach. He vanishes. The second movie has David Carradine and lots of stock footage from another of his movies as well as other movies. Despite this, it gives lots of stabbings by all involved. It is a comedy basically but Carradine stabs a guard who has already fallen and the guard's back is against a rock, sitting he is stabbed. Carradine gets two guards who hold spears to stab themselves across each other, then stabs another. Even the boy, a new boy, one of the Jacoby brothers, gets to stab a chasing guard dead. Quite violent. Bad movie overall though.