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                                                       What is Bee Propolis?        


                Propolis is one of the great products the bees produce that science can't. It is a resinous substance

                that the bees gather from tree leaves and bark, and combine it with nectar, wax, pollen and bee bread

                to make a glue type substance which is used to seal cracks and holes. This sterilized the beehives &

                bees from infection. Beehives are more sterile than most hospitals. Propolis is also used for lining the

                birthing chamber where the queen lays eggs.

                Propolis consists of between 50% and 70% resins, 10% essential oils from trees along with 10%

                pollen. It is a chemically it is a richly complex substance, containing all known vitamins and apart from

                sulphur, all 14 minerals the body needs for its proper functioning. In addition, at least 16 amino acids

as well as bioflavonoids, which are great interest to researchers. Propolis has been found to be nature's pennicilin on account of i

ts abtibacterial, antiviral, antifungal but it also boosts and stimulates the immune system besides being an antioxidant and anti

inflamantory. Propolis has known no side effects. It boosts the immune system while fighting the invaders, something

prescription antibiotics can't do. It also demonstrates a remarkable ability to disable viruses, strengthening the body, and

drastically reducing recovery times, killing viruses and bacterial invaders without harming the beneficial bacteria needed by he

body to function properly.

Hezzel Farm Bee Propolis contains 100% pure bee propolis from high quality material resources.

Processed with high technology, it has got an approval statement of GMP( Good Manufacturing Pracices ) from Canada's Department of Health.

Hezzel Farm Bee Propolis is a safe food suplement without any side effects, artificial preservative and addiction.

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