Huntington H.S. (WV) Souvenirs
Various Souvenirs for HHS Alumni
HHS Platter
The 13" diameter glass platter pictured above is being sold
to help with the restoration costs of the old HHS auditorium.
They are $30 each ($24 goes to that project. They were made
here at Pilgrim Glass. If anyone would like to order one,
contact ARTS (located in the old HHS) at (304) 733-ARTS.

HHS Wood Painting
HHS back

The 3" x 9" x 3/4" wooden block above is being sold at the
new HHS for $15. The front was created by Mrs. Leona Mackey
a retired HHS Art instructor. You may order this through
Mrs. Linda Beaty (HHS bookkeeper) at (304) 528-6407.
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