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This chronicle is a spin-off of the extensive Meridian High School chronicle brought to us East Wing RP'ers by the wonderful Lai-Lai, Katie, Pascalle, and others.

Lately, though, I've watched a great RP turn to total shit. Freshman and sophomore chars pulling guns in the middle of a room full of teachers and cops. I've also watched people not react to this. It's sorta...not cool to say the least.

Needless to say, I pulled my chars from the actual school it's self and mixed up their storylines to try to avoid that kind of crap. It didn't really work. So now, we [Kimmy and Colleen] are making our own high school chronicle.

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This RP consists of a high school and a hangout for it's students. Sessions may be set elsewhere in the town, but the bulk should appear in one of those two spots, mainly the hangout.

The setting is still in Meridian, CA, which is located 90 miles north of San Francisco and is also a mere 30 miles from the beach and Pacific Ocean.

Henderson High School is a public school located in the heart of the usually quiet town of Meridian. Less then five miles from the school is the popular teen hangout 'Addicition'.

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The rules of this RP are as follows:

  1. Supernatural beings: No vampires during the day or breaking the masquerage, Mages breaking the veil or showing off their skills and admitting being mage, Were-creatures breaking the litany or in Crinos form in public, etc.
  2. No weapons, at all, in Addiction or Henderson's school.
  3. All fights are to be freestyled, unless both parties involved play a system and agree on it before hand.
  4. All ooc bitching is to be taken to PM.
  5. The hangout is NOT to be blown up or set on fire by anyone. This is not a circus RP. If you want that, stay in Meridian.
  6. No character can be killed without the player having knowledge. [You gotta tell 'em...and they HAVE to agree, but no one should be killing anyone else, so it's not that big a deal. -lmao-]
  7. The club is a sort of underground hangout for the school people. Though it will have security, drugs and crap like that will more then likely be prominent...But don't go around pickin' fights with the cop characters, if there are any.
  8. Extreme storylines, such as murders, rapes, drug overdoes, or pregnancies, must be cleared by either Colleen and/or me. This RP will not turn into a repeat of MHS.
  9. No player is to admit new characters to the chronicle, without the approval of Colleen and/or me.

Breaking any of these rules could result in the dismissal of your character from the RP, depending on the decision Colleen and I come to. In other words, WE REIGN SUPREME AND YOU ANSWER TO US!

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To join the chronicle, you have several choices:

  • E-mail either Colleen or Kimmy. Be sure to include your name, your char's name, a brief history, and picture, if available.
  • You can see one of us in person and ask. [DUH!]
  • Or you can leave a message on the message board. [A link is provided below.] Be sure to include the same information as you would in the e-mail.
Note: Any non-registered characters will more then likely be ignored. So, unless you WANT your char ignored, make sure you do contact either Colleen or I.

Note: Not all characters may be admitted into the RP. Random troublemaker characters, for example, have less chance of getting in then Student Body President.

Note: There may be a set number of characters each class [Freshman, sophomore, etc..] can have. I do not want 20 juniors running around, and then one lonley little freshman. We need an even distribution of grades.

Note: The same is true of teachers. There cannot be 12 characters teaching junior Biology. Please do keep this fact in mind if you plan to make a teacher character.

A list of Registered Characters is now available.

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