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My name is Heather. I got my webtv in April of 99'. At first, I really had no idea what could be done with this peice of equipment. But.....after playing around on it for a while, and meeting new people. I figured out, that ALOT can be done on here. If you would like to know more about me and my family and friends....

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After searching pages with all sorts of images and backgrounds, I decided to attempt to create my own pages of all my favorites.

I am very fond of Angels and Flowers, and other pretty things. Most of what you will find here on my pages are kind of "girly" But I will try to add some other pages to suit the needs of the "Man" also.

Feel free to use any one of my graphics or backgrounds in your e-mail or your own web page. As far as I know they are all public domain. If you do happen to find something here that belongs to you, and would like it to be removed, Please E-Mail me and I will remove it immediately.

I have also included some other links at the bottom of this page. Go ahead and take a look .

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