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Hey,me llama es Jaymin. My name is Jaymin. Maru nam Jaymin chhe. Mera nam Jaymin hai. Mamah namah Jayminah. Well, these are the five languages i know, Spanish, English, Gujarati, Hindi and Sanskrit, respectively. I love to learn more and more language and thus making friends with people form different countires.

nyway, I am 12th grader and planning to go to college. Well, i wanna do my b.s in biochem, m.s. in genetics and PhD. in genetics. (Sounds like huge planning thought w/o consequences.) Nyway, I am an Indian but m livin in Cali, USA.

I like to play mind games with people, kind of making them sick with the questions and weird answers to their question or finding a flaw in their theory. Many times, i succeed tooo. Sounds like, I hould be lawyer, but that's off the chart for me right now.

Well, I am kind of introvert, but people who KNOW me and people whom I KNOW, would be surprised to KNOW it, 'coz once i get to KNOW someone, i aint introvert for them at least. I always try to talk to me, sometimes I succeed but sometimes, i just blow off myself.

Nyway, people who read the whole thing, congrats...n people who didnt...u no wat...there r lots of imp things than reading this page in ur life...give ur priority to 'em...
Hey this isnt me n i don wanna be one........have fun...?????
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My Info:
Name: Jaymin Kathiriya
Email: hi_200032002@yahoo.com