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The choice of a financial planner is a very significant decision. Who will that you make confidence to handle your saving of the life and project your in the long term financial contract? The fact that somebody claims to be a financial planner does not qualify it to handle your money. They must have suitable certification, experience and knowledge.

The Four Cs of choosing a financial planner

  1. Credentials

    • Which certifications, degrees of university/university and experiment he/she does it have?

    • How many customers or how much money he/she it handles?

    • You ensure that the planner is registered with the association of merchants of investment in your sector or is certified by a body of government

  2. Compensation

    • How are you compensated? Flat fees, wages or commission? (Take guard of those which gain large commissions to place you in funds of large risk)

    • Are there underwriting fees hidden with my funds of investment of investments?

    • Will you explain all the implied cost of each investment?

    • Which is the cost to liquidate or countermand my account with your company? (To know good, if you decide to commutate funds or companies investment)

  3. Characteristics

    • Which is your philosophy of investment?

    • Do you concentrate on the domestic markets, the foreign market or both? (The answer should be both)

    • Which is your specialty? Your stronger sector? (The total management of wallet of wallet, investment funds without expenses of acquisition, stocks, adhesive etc.)

    • How seen risk you and how your philosophy it adapts my tolerance of risk?

  4. Customer service

    • Which services your firm offer?

    • How accessible (the agent) will be you?

    • Will you pass in review the funds for last time 5 to the execution 10 year in the leaflet?

    • Which was your year execution by year of investment?

    • What were you the worst year? The best year? And why? (Seek the defensively or humility after having raised this question, it indicates the type of personality)

    • Do you offer financial planning, the management of fortunes or both?

In conclusion, a financial planner works for you, and should be compatible with your personality, tolerance of risk and goals financial. You ensure that your hard earns money are in good hands. Interview the potential planners; ask the references and the call at least 3 of these references.

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