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Arigatou Gozaimasu..^^

Last Updated : 2 May 2002

Hello.., now.., I updated nothing but CSS and a bit more picture of METEOR GARDEN...^^ dya like it..? Hmm.. now, I was trying to create my own CSS, but I think orange and gray weren't match with my site.., otherwise I like it.. hee hee..^^


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If one day u feel like crying
Call me
I donít promise to make u laugh
But I can cry with you

If one day u want to run away
Donít be afraid to call me
I donít promise to ask you to stop
But I can run with you 

If one day you donít want to listen to anyone
Call me
I promise to be there for you
And I promise to be very quiet

If one day you call
And there is no answer
Come fast to see me
Perhaps I need you
And may be I am not around anymore

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I already add tiz' with add-on from geocities.. 'k then, plz sign my Gust Book plz., dun' forget 2 give ur opinion and comments 'bout my little site.. :)

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Meteor Garden [NEW]

Hey!! Meteor Garden.. I already upadted tiz' site.., it's cool.., but.. still under construction.. :(, I'm sorry 4 that.., but.. I'm working really hard 4 tiz' one.. :)

Hey.., dun' forget 2 give comments bout tiz' pages too.. :), I hope u really like tiz' one.. :). Wait! Later.., I will add more.., so just wait 4 it, k?

Mm.. Just click da' pic for da' larger pic.., k?


Message Boardz [NEW]

Hey, it's like what I say!! I promised 2 u 2 make tiz' boardz.. 'n then.. I have it!! :), plz.. join tiz' boardz..., let'z talk!! Go 2 Message Boardz..? Just Click Here!!

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